Is Your Self Expression Waiting to Get Out?


One Sunday when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I was sitting with my dad in church. As a kid I always had a stuffy nose and my nose was kind of running while I was sitting there. I didn’t have a kleenex  and I didn’t know what to do.

I know this is kinda of gross, but I was a little kid, so I wiped my nose with the inside of my hand and wiped it on my pants. Then I became really uncomfortable and my nose was still running. I started to get more and more miserable  by the second as I wiped my nose again with my hand and wiped it on my pants. I was beside myself with shame and embarrassment and I wanted to cry. I guess I spoke up or my dad noticed and he offered my a hanky, which I accepted with relief and gratitude. “Why didn’t you say something?” he asked me. I didn’t answer because I really didn’t know why.

Now I know. Read more

How to Memorize and Present in Public Powerfully and Effectively.

At some point most people will be asked to speak in public, whether it’s a wedding toast, funeral eulogy, or for business. Then there are those of us who actively seek out opportunities to speak for the purpose of communicating a message that we feel needs to be heard or that is necessary for our livelihood.

As a hypnotherapist and success performance coach, I’ve worked successfully with presenters to help them deliver their message much more powerfully and effectively. One such person is Libbe Halevy. (Libbe has graciously given me her permission to use her story and feature her video presentation.)

Libbe HaLevy is a Communications and Creativity expert, and dedicated anti-nuclear activist. She recently had the opportunity to speak at the recent TEDxPasadena conference. TEDx is a locally organized event licensed by TED that brings people together to share a TED-like experience. TED stands for Technology, Education and Development and is an internationally renowned platform for “Ideas Worth Spreading.” (Although Ms. HaLevy had a Ted hypnotherapy experience, neither TED nor TEDx is associated with Ted A. Moreno–aka, me.)

Libbe came to me with the goal of giving a top notch professional presentation that was dynamic, interesting and informative. She had compelling information, the speech was well written and she is an experience public speaker.  However, she needed to have the nearly 20-minute speech completely memorized, could not use notes, and had to deliver it within an allotted time frame. I worked with Libbe for one session. Watch the video to see the results.

One of the qualities of a top notch presenter is the ability to speak without notes. Memorization can be a daunting task to many, but it gets easier with practice. Here are some tips: Read more

How I Changed My Life, In Four Lines

HaarFager at en.wikipedia

HaarFager at en.wikipedia


(As a hypnotherapist interested in transformation, one of my favorite bloggers is guest author Leo Babauta. He writes about simplicity, getting things done and how to be happier, among other things. Today’s post is by Leo.)

Changing your life can seem an incredibly tough and complicated thing, especially if you’ve failed a great number of times (like I did), found it too hard, and resigned yourself to not changing.

But I found a way to change.

And I’m not any better than anyone else, not more disciplined, not more motivated. I just learned a few simple principles that changed my life.

I’ve written about them many times, but realized they’re spread out all over the site.

Here is how I changed my life, in a nutshell. Read more

Pulling the Weeds Out of Your Mind

There are beautiful rosebushes in front of my house, and when they bloom, we get a lot of compliments about the purple, red, orange, white and yellow roses. I try to make sure they get watered, trimmed and fertilized regularly.

However, the weeds get watered regularly as well.Since I’m too cheap to hire someone to pull them, I’m out there regularly with gloves, hand trowel and ipod trying to control them. It is amazing how quickly they can overtake the roses if I let the weeding go for just a few weeks. Then I have to start all over again.  We don’t get compliments when the weeds are as high as the roses. In fact, the roses don’t do as well when they are crowded by weeds.

In the same way, the mind is a garden, and we can plant whatever we want in there, depending on what we want to have, be or do.  However, the weeds will always threaten to overtake our careful planting, and there are weed seeds floating around everywhere.

When we are not paying attention to our mental gardening, some negative thought or idea can come floating along on the airwaves or in a conversation and settle into our minds, to take root and wreak havoc. We can find our desires strangled by thoughts, ideas and obsessions that divert our energy and focus away from creating something magnificent in our life. That’s why we need to do mental weeding on a regular basis.

For some, there can be the unfortunate situation of having a mind that has never been planted with intention or care. It’s always open to whatever nasty seed is out there floating around.  Consequently, their minds are always a tangle of thorny thistles; worries, fears, anger, resentment, regret and guilt. Instead of producing something worthy of admiration, what grows there are complaints, negativity, pessimism and cynicism. The very air around them is filled with negativity looking for another untended mind to infect. That is why we must always be planting with intention and clarity about what we want to harvest.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Planting and weeding can be back breaking work. I don’t know anyone who is not in a constant struggle with some particular type of noxious weed. As amazing as it sounds, what could be a much more fertile and productive mind overgrown and choked by weeds can become the norm, or “the way it is.” (example: “What do you mean I’m negative? It’s a fact that people will try to rip you off!”)

This metaphor of comparing the mind to a garden is age-old but bears repeating. Mind control done by ourselves on ourselves is simply being a conscientious gardener. We can tend to our own minds, as well as to our souls, providing each with the proper combination of what ever is needed to grow them into our highest vision of who we want to be. Of course, planting is more fun than weeding, but there’s no point planting in a garden filled with weeds. So if we are going to produce something different we must weed first.

You may be at the point in your life where you are wondering  why you are getting what you are getting. Here are some ways to start the weeding and reseeding process of your mind.

  • Develop an awareness of your language. If you listen to your patterns of language, you may get a glimpse of what’s growing up there. Language patterns such as “I always (fill in the negative blank)” or sweeping generalizations such as “If something can go wrong it will” indicate hidden beliefs that may be shaping your worldview. Grab ’em with both hands and yank them out.
  • What are you letting into your mind?I was speaking to someone recently about the current political situation and they started getting so angry I thought they were going to explode. “Wow,” I said, “this really affects you. I can see lots of veins popping out of your head.” “Well” they replied, “I was listening to (a popular talk show radio host know for his rants) and I was just getting angrier and angrier!” The thought occurred to me to tell him that if he didn’t like getting angry he shouldn’t listen to that show but I thought he might beat me up so I didn’t. (No room for roses there or even some cherry tomatoes.) Listen to things that are motivational and inspiring.
  • What were the messages from your earliest influencers? Do you really believe them or were they planted long ago and it’s all you have because you haven’t planted anything else? It takes a lot of guts to realize “I really don’t subscribe to that negative viewpoint anymore” and to consider alternative viewpoints.
  • Decide who you want be and how you want to live your life.If you want to be peaceful, plant and nurture peaceful beliefs. If you want to see yourself as strong, then look for evidence that that is true to fertilize your strength. If you want to be successful, yank out all the reasons why you can’t be and replace with reasons why you can. Decide what you want, then plant accordingly.
  • Realize, as Ringo Starr once sang “It don’t come easy.” You may need to get down on hands and knees and wade into that mess. There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in your own briar patch, and you may find a lot of people you know in there that want you to stay in there. Your mind likes the way it’s alway been as well and will sabotage your efforts to change. Persist.

William James said “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter thier lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” That’s just another way of saying weeding and reseeding, baby. If you need help, give me a call, I’ve got my gardening gloves on.

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Ted A. Moreno
Personal/Small Business Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist

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Ted A. Moreno is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Success Performance Coach. Ted empowers his clients to transform their lives by helping them reach their goals of success, abundance, personal development, health and happiness. To learn more, visit

Radio Interview with Ted: How to Develop Other Powerful Leaders Like Yourself


I invite you to listen to my interview by Dr. Ulwyn Pierre on her radio talk show “Leadership – Success – and You.” Here is the link to that interview.

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre is the Principal and CEO of Pierre & Associates, Inc., an international management consulting and executive coaching company. She’s an internationally recognized leader and an authority in the areas of Human Capital Development and Optimization, Organizational Development, and Change Management.

The topic  is: Key Strategies to Position Leaders to Develop Other Powerful Leaders .”

From Dr. Pierre:  Join host Dr. Ulwyn, The Leadership Success  DoctorTM, and guest Ted A. Moreno who will share how to meet one of the most important requirements of any leader – developing other powerful leaders. Ted believes this intent is fueled by leadership understanding the importance of creating a legacy.  You’ll discover the secrets to achieve this goal as well as discover how to first be an outstanding leader yourself.  You will also learn key steps to guide others in developing the tools, skills and knowledge they need to effectively and powerfully lead themselves and others to success. 

Ted is a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner and a Leading Success Performance Coach. With more than fifteen years of mastery in the art of motivating people to take action, he brings a lifetime of expertise in the fields of personal development and human potential. Ted teaches his proven techniques to business professionals so they excel as outstanding leaders. He’s a sought-after speaker and educator, teaching classes on hypnosis, self hypnosis, motivation, and goal achievement. You can get Dr. Ulwyn’s Success Guide for the show at

Hope you enjoy the interview, I got a lot out of doing it.

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Your companion on the journey to transformation,


Ted A. Moreno
Personal/Small Business Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist

FEEL FREE TO — USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE, WEB SITE OR BLOG. Just let me know that you are, and include the following with it:

Ted A. Moreno is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Success Performance Coach. Ted empowers his clients to transform their lives by helping them reach their goals of success, abundance, personal development, health and happiness. To learn more, visit


The Ultimate Freedom: Choosing Your Thoughts


When I was 11 years old I watched a TV movie that made a profound impression on me. I’ll never forget sitting down with my family in 1971 to watch the ABC Movie of the Week,  The Birdmen.

The Birdmen is based on the true story of British officers captured by Germany during World War II and imprisoned in the infamous Read more

How to Stay Calm and Effective When Chaos is Swirling Around You.


There’s a photo on the wall in a restaurant near the Grand Canyon. It shows a rubber pontoon raft in the middle of a rapid on the Colorado River in the Canyon. It’s in the process of flipping over, and inside are a bunch of folks about to go for a swim. Read more

The Rose

Rose - 'Bibi Mazioon' White to Pink

Todays post is by Jim Rohn. In “The Rose” Jim talks about creating magic with those around you with your own personal style, which has less to do with money than with imagination and care.

The Rose by Jim Rohn

Lifestyle is style over amount. And style is an art—the art of living. You can’t buy style with money. You can’t buy good taste with money. You can only buy more with money. Lifestyle is culture—the appreciation of good music, dance, art, sculpture, literature, plays and the art of living well. It’s a taste for the fine, the unique, the beautiful.

Lifestyle also means Read more

What You Know Won’t Help You.


Imagine:  You’re an extraterrestrial explorer speeding though an unknown galaxy. Your spacecraft malfunctions: you’re forced to make an emergency landing on a little blue planet. You survive the landing with a crippled craft. You’re stranded. You call the Galactic AAA. It’ll be awhile before they get there, so you begin to explore.

You step out of your craft, and the first thing you see is a shiny, metallic object. Read more

Feelings versus Commitment: Which Liberates, Which Imprisons?



A woman chewed me out once because I asked her (very nicely) not to park her car behind mine while Pep Boys repaired a tire on it. In a hurry, I didn’t want to be slowed down while they got her to move her car so I could leave. I got so angry, I thought about giving her the finger on my way out of the parking lot. I felt that she deserved it for being such a Read more