Who Else is Ready to Stop Smoking with The Moreno Method™ for Freedom from Smoking?

If you are ready to quit smoking, Ted A. Moreno can help.Ted’s smoking cessation program, “The Moreno Method for Freedom from Smoking” can help free you from the bonds and chains of nicotine addiction and remain a permanent non-smoker for the rest of your life.

The reason it’s so hard to quit on your own is that your subconscious mind (88% of your mind!) will always pull you back towards your old habits, and if you’ve been a smoker for any length of time and tried to stop, you know how powerful that part of your mind can be. It wants you to keep smoking!

With The Moreno Method for Freedom from Smoking, your subconscious mind starts working for you, instead of against you. With 100% of your mind focused on quitting, you now have the power to break out of the prison of smoking addiction.   People who have gone through Ted’s program will tell you it’s a lot easier than quitting “cold turkey”. In addition, you’ll learn tips, tricks and techniques for staying in control and free from smoking for the rest of your life!

The Moreno Method for Freedom from Smoking is so successful because it involves four sessions, which research has shown is the optimal amount of sessions for cessation success. At a session a week, that’s thirty days, the time it takes to form a new habit. But more importantly, you will learn the #1 secret for staying free from smoking.

In 1 week, you can be free from:

  • The devastating cost to your health
  • The worry and fear
  • The smell
  • The expense
  • The social stigma
  • The difficulty in breathing
  • Not being able to live life with energy

If you are ready to live your life healthier and with more vitality and freedom, contact Ted by clicking here or call (626) 826-0612 or toll free (855) 837 -8447. NOW is the time to let go of this destructive and nasty habit.
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  • Guarantee: Ted guarantees that if you are not free from smoking by the 4th session, you are entitled to come for another three sessions at no additional charge.
  • Reinforcement sessions. As part of the program, you’ll get a discount on reinforcement sessions. These valuable sessions provide ongoing support to keep you in control and keep you from switching to another bad habit such as over eating, etc

There are many so called experts out there doing one-session stop smoking, group sessions, CD programs etc. They may work for you, but chances are that they won’t, because only a small percentage of people quit smoking using these methods and even less stay quit. Really what is at stake here is your healthy future, and isn’t that worth using a seasoned professional with a proven method based on research?

A Few Satisfied Clients of Ted A. Moreno say:

Dear Ted, it’s been almost four years since I quit smoking. There’s never been a “white-knuckle” moment, and I almost never even think of lighting up. On the extremely rare occasion that I do think about it, all I need to do is take a deep breath of fresh air without coughing, and the thought goes away!   The good part is, whenever I see anyone smoking these days, I still think to myself, poor schmuck, why are you doing this to yourself, don’t you know how easy it is to quit!!! -Thanks again. B. Freiberger

Thank you Ted for your assistance helping me quit smoking. You saved my life. I also want to thank you for your positive suggestions concerning the 3 1/2 hour dental procedure that coincided with my sessions with you You told me.everything was going to go smoothly and that my recovery would be quick and successful. Indeed all of the above was achieved with a calm peace of mind. Once again, thank you Ted, you’re the greatest. -Dominic S.

Dear Ted, Thank you so much for your help in giving me the tools to quit smoking- like most I have quit hundreds of times, but with your program I believe I will always be a permanent non-smoker. I tried hypnosis before for this and was not successful, your professionalism was very different than my previous experience, your knowledge of the struggles associated with quitting was obvious on the first visit- I followed your program as you laid it out and it made it much easier than expected. Again, thank you so much, and continued success on your mission to empower individuals like myself to succeed in life.  – Joseph P. Yarmolovich PT

Ted, I WAS a smoker for a good 35 years. I liked it, REALLY liked it. Then one day, near my 50th birthday, I became thoroughly disgusted with myself. Even though I smoked, I had a very athletic history – track, dance, martial arts. Well, on my ultimate “day of disgust” my daughter asked me to play a game of tether ball with her on the school yard. Two rounds (5 minutes?) later I was winded…done. Beyond not good. That night I got on-line and found Ted.

Thanks Ted. Our sessions helped me over the rough transition, giving me the mental context to do what I REALLY wanted to do – be free of the evil stinky sticks. I was also able to send a very important message to my family, the smokers AND non-smokers about change. And me, I’m damn happy and proud of myself. I’m back in to the martial arts and becoming the lean mean fighting machine of years gone by, only better! I’m ever amazed with how easy and relaxing the process was. – Tammy G.

Ted, I wanted to take this time to personally thank you for the tools you have given me to help me rid my life of smoking. I know it has only been a month, but again with your support I take a new step each day toward my goal of a lifetime non-smoker. If anyone wants a verbal recommendation for Mr. Moreno, I’d be more than happy to share my experience. – Scott

Ted, Just wanted to let you know, today is 6 months, no smoking, no trying to smoke, no holding a cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc. I feel real good. I am running three times a week and my long run is on Saturdays. I ran 12.5 miles this Saturday, nonstop. I have been adding every week and will stop this weekend at a 13 mile run.  – Thanks a Billion. Jim D.

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