Dear Ted, my life is changing because of the hypnosis sessions we have had. I feel confident in the tools you have provided to help me understand and control my fear and anxiety. It has given me the opportunity to look at situations in life differently with a quieter, calmer spirit.


Dear Ted, I can’t thank you enough! After nearly twenty years of anxiety and panic attacks, I thought my world was destined to remain “small”. You helped me see that there is life without anxiety. Thank you.


A friend and I took advantage of a 2 for 1 admission to the Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona yesterday and while there went into The Grotto (underground caves where you spend about 30-45 minutes). Prior to going in I asked about the size of the place and explained my claustrophobia. They said there were emergency exits if I panicked so we went in. There were a few times when I felt I might give in and run out but did the thumb/finger rubbing and silently repeated the mantra “I’m okay in any surroundings”…and was able to enjoy the underground experience! I also went into the steam room and whereas I’ll usually sit right by the door just in case; this time I went to the back of the room and was able to stay and enjoy the steam. So as you will surmise, you have definitely helped me.
I need to tell you, there have been a few instances where I could have really panicked and I immediately refer to your comments, questions, homework, and it has helped me immensely. I was on the elevator about a week ago and a few others got on as well. I spoke w/them, smiled and stayed away from negative thoughts … even when I thought maybe it had gotten stuck between floors (momentary lapse which I quickly pushed away) and then the door opened and I walked out smiling and proud that I’d remembered your advice. Again, thank you for how much you’ve helped me.

-R. Yáñez

Ted Moreno has the unique ability to listen carefully, offer appropriate feedback and suggestions that are helpful in getting to the heart of the situation. He is extremely perceptive, kind and understanding. I trust him completely. Without that trust, I would not have healed as quickly.
Truly, my work with him has been, and continues to be, transformative. Working with him one of the best things I have done in my life. I think he is the best and I’m very lucky to have worked with him.

-Marlene C.

Driving Anxiety

Ted, thanks for helping me enjoy driving. Even when a wrong turn happens, I recover without fear; it has been so freeing. But more than that, you’ve given me tools for my stated problems that have helped me in so many other areas. What you do is not a cure, but does help a person find a way to a better place within so the outside world is a much easier place to be.


Performance Anxiety

I came to Ted when I wanted help dealing with my performance anxiety. I ride Hunter/Jumper horses competitively and I would become so nervous at horse shows, and even sometimes in practice, that my mind would race, and I would start to rush my horse, make mistakes or even go off course … all of which does not win ribbons! After only a couple of sessions, I was definitely more relaxed and confident while I was riding! It was then that Ted made me realize that I should set my goals higher. Maybe my horse and I could not only place, but we could win! And win we did, our very next show we were Champion in our division. Eight sessions later, my riding has completely changed for the better, but more importantly, my life has changed. I am much more confident and I have a great positive attitude in every aspect of my life.
I have learned that I have the power to achieve greatness in anything that I want, and that is a wonderful gift. Thank you Ted, I am looking forward to the journey.”

-Donna C.

Business Success

Hello Ted, just wanted to thank you so much for your help during a time when I was struggling so much. My mind was in a fog and my self-confidence seemed to have hit rock bottom. Not only did you have great advice for me as the great coach that you are, but you also taught me techniques that I use to this day. I have now had six solid months at work, with great reviews from my superiors, and with new doors that have opened to me. Thank you so much for helping lift my spirits!


I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy. Since I was trying to take my business to the next level quickly, I decided to give it a try despite my skepticism. After my first session with Ted, I quickly became a believer! Ted takes his work seriously and is truly gifted. Since I started seeing Ted, my business has started growing much more quickly. I am attracting and retaining the type of people who will be integral to the long term success of my business. I attribute much of the growth to a change in my mindset, which was brought about by my work with Ted! I would recommend hypnotherapy with Ted to anyone looking to make a change in their life or business.

-M. Jackson

Fear of Flying

Thanks so much for your help. I had a few moments of panic up in the air, but made it through using some of your tips. But, I still made it!!! I’m even thinking of flying to San Jose for our next vacation–in about a month. It’s not as far and I think I can do it. I even felt some of the same excitement I used to feel when I was younger–part of that was I’m sure your therapy. Thanks again!


General Self Improvement

Ted is a professional dedicated to his craft and who consistently drives himself to a next level of learning to better help his clients by teaching, coaching and guiding with his knowledge and insight. Ted has perception and amazing patience, whether he is helping someone determined to quit smoking, or guiding someone else away from anxiety which doesn’t allow them to comfortably enjoy a flight or relax when anticipating an uncomfortable situation.

-Armida Baylon

Ted makes you feel very comfortable with the process of hypnotherapy, and he takes the time to really understand the areas his clients should focus on. I had a wonderful experience with Ted, and would recommend him to anyone looking to open up new possibilities in their life!

-Kelley H.

Booking a series with Ted is like adding a few more tools to my tool box. My most recent series of visits helped me get focused on the right path again. Thanks Ted for your techniques that work! My goal is now identified and easily within my reach. Blessings!

-Pamela Scott

I received your CD a couple of weeks ago, I have listened to it twice this week and I LOVE it!!!! Thank you very much, it is wonderful!!! I will really enjoy listening to it.
Friday will be the 90-day mark of my early morning walking regimen. That is truly a significant accomplishment for me, and I have you to thank for it!
After many years of struggling to get a plan of self improvement in place, I now feel that it has happened. I have some great tools to work with and I have a partner in the journey….YOU!!

-Chris F.

Ted, you are truly gifted at what you do. This stuff is life changing for me, it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself for a while! Thanks again.

-J. Lau

I wanted to see for myself how Ted worked and went to him twice for hypnotherapy. I have to admit that I was skeptical, but after just one visit my life changed. Ted was 100% professional during our sessions and afterwards I walked out of his office feeling completely balanced. I have recommended him to several friends and will continue to recommend him because I believe in him fully.

-K. Erickson

Ted is a very professional and caring hypnotherapist. He demonstrates knowledge and expertise in his field and knows how to get to the root of an issue to produce quick positive results. I referred several people and all have spoken highly of him. I would highly recommend Ted to help you overcome any issues that you may want to transform and change.

-J. Singer

Ted Moreno is a gifted Hypnotherapist who lives up to the highest ethical standards of his profession. I have experienced Ted’s innate ability to help others achieve control over their lives. He employs his gift with empathy, skill and a generous spirit to provide real help. I enthusiastically recommend Ted Moreno.

-R. Idels

Most of my life has been spent in self-hatred, fear, and sadness. Ted has helped me see beyond what I have always known. Ted is an excellent hypnotherapist and has also been a great teacher and mentor in helping me face my fears. I have grown so much from our work together.
Thank you Ted for helping me see that the possibility of living a free and peaceful life does exist. I can see that it is right in front of me. All I need to do is declare it powerfully. Thank you Ted for always believing in me.


Health and Wellness

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Dear Ted, I just wanted to thank you again for all you have done for me. Removing the “cloud” of IBS from my life has lifted my spirits and enabled me to enjoy life.

-Karen W.


Thank you so much for the hypnosis CD for insomnia. I played it last night, no TV either last night. I don’t think I went through the whole CD, I was asleep. Ted your voice is a gift, it is so soothing to me. I woke up once last night but right back to sleep until 7am this morning; I usually wake up at 4 or 4:30am every morn. THANK YOU AGAIN TED!


Life Changes

Ted is truly a master of his art. I cannot begin to thank him enough for providing me with the guidance, understanding and necessary tools to keep myself healthy & afloat during an extremely stressful time of my life ~ my dear father’s end of life journey. He was a pleasure to work with and without hesitation I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ted to conquer life’s challenges.

-J. Van Til

It’s been crazy, overwhelming and confusing since I left California. I don’t think I would have been capable to have made such a smooth transition, if I hadn’t had the chance to work with you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, truthfulness and time with me. I will forever be deeply grateful.

-J. Lopez

Public Speaking

IT (my talk) WAS PHENOMENAL! I NAILED IT! The feedback I’ve gotten showed me how much I’m on the right track.
You were an invaluable boost to my success. I listened to the recording of our session as many as five times in a single 24 hour period, including the morning of the event. You helped to “spackle” over the doubts and fears that were creeping into my preparation process and allowed me to get on with the necessary memorization and rehearsal without the limiting expectations I’d started defaulting to — a lifelong pattern. Your confidence in me and professional skill helped me take the stage and own it. After the event was over, many hours after I spoke, one man came up to me and broke down in tears, telling me my speech was the most powerful thing he’d ever heard.
I’ve come out of this experience empowered, emboldened, and deeply content with the job I did. My gratitude to you and my ongoing respect for your skills and gifts in your chosen profession. I consider myself fortunate to have you as such an important part of my support team.


(The talk) went very well even though it truly was extemporaneous. Several people came up to me after and, as you use in your talk to me, shook my hand and congratulated me on what they said was a very good talk. I do feel my work with you had some positive effect. Thanks.

-K. Kortchmar

Wow, wow, wow! I have let go of the fear. Once I got up and got started, it was fun. I remained calm, remembered almost everything and actually was able to inject humor with genuine laughter as the response. The applause was rewarding. Thank you for helping me.

-J. Diaz


The trip back to North Carolina over the holidays to visit with my parents went very well. Despite a few days at my parents’ dealing with a snowstorm and subsequent power outage, it was relatively stress-free. When my mother would bring up topics that I did not wish to discuss, I would immediately tell her that we would not be having that conversation, and the topics were quickly dropped. The hypnosis session clearly helped, and I felt the nudge to move away from the old “parent-child” pattern of behavior that invariably would cause an argument. I greatly appreciate your help and am looking forward to working with you on future challenges.

-Jason B.

Smoking Cessation

Dear Ted, Thank you so much for your help in giving me the tools to quit smoking- like most I have quit hundreds of times, but with your program I believe I will always be a permanent non-smoker. I tried hypnosis before for this and was not successful, your professionalism was very different than my previous experience, your knowledge of the struggles associated with quitting was obvious on the first visit- I followed your program as you laid it out and it made it much easier than expected. Again, thank you so much, and continued success on your mission to empower individuals like myself to succeed in life.

-Joseph P. Yarmolovich PT

Ted, I used your tape and the process you taught me to successfully quit smoking for my alcohol control. It has been over two weeks since I had a glass of wine or anything.

-Barb B.

I WAS a smoker for a good 35 years. I liked it, REALLY liked it. Then one day, near my 50th birthday, I became thoroughly disgusted with myself. Even though I smoked, I had a very athletic history – track, dance, martial arts. Well, on my ultimate “day of disgust” my daughter asked me to play a game of tether ball with her on the school yard. Two rounds (5 minutes?) later I was winded…done. That night I got on-line and found Ted.

Thanks Ted. Our sessions helped me over the rough transition, giving me the mental context to do what I REALLY wanted to do – be free of the evil stinky sticks. I was also able to send a very important message to my family, the smokers AND non-smokers about change. And me, I’m damn happy and proud of myself. I’m back in to the martial arts and becoming the lean mean fighting machine of years gone by, only better! I’m ever amazed with how easy and relaxing the process was. Tally Ho!

-Tammy G.

Just wanted to let you know, today is 6 months, no smoking, no trying to smoke, no holding a cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc. I feel real good. I am running three times a week and my long run is on Saturdays. I ran 12.5 miles this Saturday, non-stop. I have been adding every week and will stop this weekend at a 13 mile run. Thanks a Billion.

-Jim D.

Thank you Ted for your assistance helping me quit smoking. You saved my life. I also want to thank you for your positive suggestions concerning the 3 1/2 hour dental procedure that coincided with my sessions with you. You told me everything was going to go smoothly and that my recovery would be quick and successful. Indeed all of the above was achieved with a calm peace of mind. Once again, thank you Ted, you’re the greatest.

-Dominic S.

Dear Ted, it’s been almost four years since I quit smoking. There’s never been a “white-knuckle” moment, and I almost never even think of lighting up. On the extremely rare occasion that I do think about it, all I need to do is take a deep breath of fresh air without coughing, and the thought goes away! The good part is, whenever I see anyone smoking these days, I still think to myself, poor schmuck, why are you doing this to yourself, don’t you know how easy it is to quit!!! Thanks again.

-B. Freiberger

I wanted to take this time to personally thank you Ted for the tools you have given me to help me rid my life of smoking. I know it has only been a month, but again with your support I take a new step each day toward my goal of a lifetime non-smoker. If anyone wants a verbal recommendation for Mr. Moreno, I’d be more than happy to share my experience.


Test Taking

Ted can be of amazing assistance to someone who has a difficult time preparing for tests. He provides tools for absorbing information and for releasing the anxiety which holds a person back from going through the door which will allow them to take and pass the exam. Thank you for the opportunity to put down some words in recommendation of Ted’s services.

-Armida Baylon

Dear Ted, I just wanted to thank you for your time and involvement, which has enabled me to further progress my dream of become a United States Marine Corps Aviator. You helped me restore my confidence and give me the clarity of mind that was need to succeed on the ASTB.


Ted Moreno has been a tremendous help and comfort to our daughter over the past two years. The anxiety and fears that grip a young teen were paralyzing her and making it impossible for her to function in school and increasingly in her social life. Ted was able to gain her trust over time and give her coping techniques that helped her overcome those worries that were gripping her. Since her sessions, she has tackled challenges with confidence and is living a much happier life. I know she will continue to grow and thrive in the future.

-T. Sterling

Apparently, I did real well, according to confidential sources. I felt good that day and was able to contain my nerves. I feel that what we did definitely contributed. Thanks for all of your help.

-Dave V.


Dear Ted: I cannot thank you enough for the improvements you have made in my life. I came to you for weight loss, and within 5 months I had lost 50 pounds with no dieting,only eating healthy. Aside from weight loss, your counseling has helped me make positive changes in my life. Other hypnotists only provide hypnotism. Ted provides an excellentcounseling session along with hypnotic therapy. Thank you again Ted for all you have done to improve my life.

-D. Canzoneri

I had the pleasure of working with Ted a few years ago to fundamentally change my internal thinking and subsequent behaviors around eating. As a person who has struggled for a lifetime with weight, I felt it time to work on the change from within. Ted is a masterful hypnotherapist and Certified Therapeutic Image Facilitator. Not only did I reach my desired weight, I have been able to maintain the weight level for several years now. I feel as if a fundamental change in my behavior has finally occurred.
Through a series of sessions that helped me create memory cues for myself, I often reach back mentally to regain the connections I established with the help of Ted. His work will always be a part of my life. Ted is a highly dedicated professional, with the utmost integrity. He is warm and personable and will assist you in a comfortable and relaxing setting. I highly recommend Ted Moreno as a helpmate in the attainment of your goals.

-Kathy Van Tassell