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Step by Step: How to Start Exercising Regularly – Episode P447

Getting regular exercise is good for your body and good for your brain. It helps to release stress and tension, gives you a feeling of accomplishment, and gives you greater energy. Getting regular exercise will help you to have more energy, be happier, more focused and effective, less stressed, more confident, look better and live […]

Test Anxiety? 7 Tips to Prepare and Pass – Episode 446

According to the American Test Anxiety Association, 38 percent of students have high or moderately high test anxiety. Test anxiety is where the test taker feels severe distress before, during and after the test. Test anxiety can not only interfere with information recall but may also cause some people to give up taking the text […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Walking Can Change Your Life – Episode 445

Walking. So simple and so easy. Humans and their ancestors have been doing it for a million years. We are meant to walk. Our bodies are designed for upright, bipedal locomotion. Walking is a complex behavior that exercises our brains as well as our skeletal system. It is a harmonious integration of various body systems […]

Anticipatory Anxiety: How to Stop Fearing What Hasn’t Happened: Episode 444

Anticipatory anxiety is the anxiety we experience in anticipation of doing things that frighten us. Call it the fear of being afraid. If we perceive something will be fearful for us, or if we have found that situation fearful in the past, we can become so unwilling to go through that fear again that we […]

7 Steps to Change Scarcity Consciousness to an Abundance Mindset – Episode 443

Scarcity consciousness or a “lack” mentality is often the result of childhood programming and decisions that we make subconsciously. To shift into an abundance mindset requires an awareness of this programming and taking steps to counteract it and create a new way of looking at prosperity. In this episode, Ted shares his experience with having […]

The Privilege of Growing Older – Episode 442

There comes a point, somewhere in your late 40’s or early 50’s, where you look in the mirror and I becomes clear to you that you are not a kid anymore. What happened? Life happened the way it  should. The only powerful choice we can make in the face of aging is to accept our […]

5 Ways to Get Free from a Funk – Episode 441

Have  you ever been in a funk? You know: unmotivated, lethargic, something’s off, feeling deflated, sad and not right? We all have, and it’s not fun, so we want to get out of the funk as soon as possible. Ted Moreno, the Funkmeister himself, has spent more time in funks than you can imagine. In […]

The Link Between Pain and Anxiety– Episode 440

Chronic pain and anxiety have a strong relationship to each other. Anxiety can cause or increase pain and pain can cause anxiety. This can cause a “negative feedback loop” making life increasingly unbearable for those that suffer from pain and anxiety. Understanding the possibility of anxiety as the cause of unexplainable pain is the first […]

The Power of Asking for What You Want– Episode 439

I was speaking with a client last night and I told him the following story. It’s a great story, so I thought I would share it with you. In 1987 I had a sales job that involved going into people’s homes and trying to sell them stuff. It was a very tough gig. It was […]

5 Hidden Costs of Living with Chronic Anxiety – Episode 438

I’ve long realized that many people who have chronic anxiety aren’t aware that they have it. They will chalk it up to stress, or some other physical ailment. If they go to their doctor for, let’s say, digestive issues, they will be given a prescription that might be helpful but often times won’t address the […]