Persistence, Faith and the Chinese Bamboo Tree


Here is a parable of  persistence and faith: the story of the Chinese Bamboo tree.

This tree is like all trees in that it requires watering and feeding to make it grow.

What is unique about the Chinese Bamboo is that for the first year after the seed is planted, there in no apparent growth. In spite of all the watering and care, it seems as if nothing is happening.

After two years, there is is still not a shoot or a sprout.

After the third year of watering and feeding the tree, there still will be nothing to reward you for your efforts.

Even after the fourth year, after all those hours of care and attention,  still there would be nothing to show for your time and trouble.

However, in the fifth year, something will happen. Not only will the tree sprout, poking its head out of the ground, but in one growing season, the Chinese Bamboo tree can grow up to 80 feet!

You might ask: “Did it take four years to grow or one season?” The answer is obvious. Four years.

What was unapparent and invisible to you, was that the tree was developing a strong and deep root system, a foundation that would enable it to support 80 feet of upward growth.

Persistence, Taking Action and Having Faith

Sometimes it seems as if all our work is for naught. It’s easy to get discouraged if we don’t see results right away.

But even though we don’t see results doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. We must continue to have persistence, take action, and have faith in our dreams.

Through thick and thin. Through good times and bad. Through ridicule and praise. Through feast and famine.

Taking action might mean starting over. Changing or tweaking your plan. It might mean regrouping after a breakdown where you are on the floor crying bitterly in frustration. It’s during these times that your foundation is being built, if you persist. Every challenging experience you overcome gives you what it takes to reach a greater height.

Persistence and faith combined with intention and action communicates our desire to the universe in the only language it understands.

Continue to nurture your dream. Cultivate it every day. Feed it with affirmations and  inspirational material that you  listen to or read.  Find supportive people (such as yours truly) that will give you motivation and encouragement when you are discouraged.

Trust that you are affecting the universe in ways that you cannot know from your limited perspective. Have faith that there are unseen forces at work even when it seems nothing is happening. Continue to build your foundation and your persistence will be rewarded.

You cannot know the future or when the universe will reward your efforts.  Trust that it conspires in your favor.



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  1. Maleya Tran
    Maleya Tran says:

    You are so inspiring Ted. This really helped me to start off the day beautifully. Needed it. Thank you for these amazing posts!

  2. America Tang
    America Tang says:

    Dear Ted:

    I loved your Motivational story about the bamboo tree. I would like to ask your permission to use it in my next company Newsletter in January of 2014.
    Thank you for giving us such great motivational stories.

    • Ted A. Moreno
      Ted A. Moreno says:

      Yes, of course you have my permission. Please include my link as well as the following: “Ted A. Moreno is a hypnotherapist, success performance coach, published author, educator and sought-after speaker who helps his clients become free from fear and anxiety, procrastination and bad habits such as smoking.”
      thank you!

  3. Diego
    Diego says:

    Persistence and faith combined with intention and action – Great Line! Great Post! Thanks Ted! My life is a Chinese Bamboo Tree … I know my Season has come!

  4. Rosie Mares
    Rosie Mares says:

    Hi Ted,

    I love this posting! May I re-print it in my e-mailer to my Clients. As small business owners they can appreciate the effort and time it takes before reaping the benefits. I think this will bring them some encouragement.


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