Go Back to School and Always Be Learning

Back to School

Welcome to another edition of “Scribblings from Close of the Ground”, wisdom from the mouths of babes, namely, Rocky and The Chick, my two daughters who are back to school.

Go Back to School!

C: We just started school, I’m in third grade now. Everyone says it’s going to be hard. They make us do a lot of math.

R: I’m starting first grade. I know how to read already.

C: I hate it when I don’t know how to figure something out, like a math problem.

R: She starts crying!! Like a baby!

C: Rocky!!! I just don’t like when it gets hard, I just want to just go watch tv.

R: She’s a couch tomato…

C: It was really hard going back to school. It was like my learning muscle was weak.

R: Dad says that when he went back to school it was hard for him.

C: Sometimes I don’t want to go to school but dad says if you aren’t choosing what to learn than the world will give you lessons you might not like.

R: Like the School of Hard Rocks!

C: It’s the school of Hard Knocks, Rock.

R: That’s what I said.

C: Dad says that learning is uncomfortable, and if you are comfortable, you’re not learning anything. You have to learn to learn. He says that learning is discovering, and that most people stop learning after they leave school, and if you learn to like learning, you will always be learning and growing.

R: But if you learn too much your head might explode…

C: Be quiet Rock, no it won’t. Dad says you should  always be learning something. This way you’re brain doesn’t rot.

R: Like a pumpkin after Halloween.

R: So you should always be learning.

C: I’m also learning piano and I’m getting better at math. That’s what my piano teacher said would happen.

R: So you should not waste your brain because if you don’t use it it shrivels up like a raisin, then you are a raisin brain.

C: Don’t be a raisin brain. Always be learning, even it is uncomfortable!

R: Go back to school! Always be learning!! Even if it makes your brain hurt!

 Rocky and the Chick

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