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Back to School Challenges? These Special Offers Can Help.

  I remember some  back to school challenges when I started 3rd grade. I was pretty nervous. My teacher was going to be Mrs. O’Brian and I heard that she wasn't very nice.  My mom had taken me to school for the first day of 2nd grade at my new school, but since she now had 7 other kids to care for, I was on my own and I think I even had to … [Read more...]

Go Back to School and Always Be Learning

Welcome to another edition of “Scribblings from Close of the Ground”, wisdom from the mouths of babes, namely, Rocky and The Chick, my two daughters who are back to school. Go Back to School! C: We just started school, I'm in third grade now. Everyone says it's going to be hard. They make us do a lot of math. R: I'm starting first grade. I … [Read more...]

New Monthly Feature: “Scribblings from Close to the Ground”

Ted Moreno New Website

This month I introduce a new monthly post called "Scribblings from Close to the Ground featuring my daughters, Rocky and the Chick. (The Chick is the one with glasses.) Children have a lot to teach us. So along the lines of "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten", I'll let my kids loose once a month to share what they know. Since … [Read more...]

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