New Monthly Feature: “Scribblings from Close to the Ground”

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This month I introduce a new monthly post called “Scribblings from Close to the Ground featuring my daughters, Rocky and the Chick. (The Chick is the one with glasses.)

Children have a lot to teach us. So along the lines of “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten“, I’ll let my kids loose once a month to share what they know. Since they’re always asking to play on the computer, I figured I’d put them to work.

It Gets Easier Every Time

R: Hi, this is Rocky, I’m four years old.

C: And this is the Chick. I’m six. We’re Ted’s daughters and we know some stuff.

R: Dad always calls us geniuses! Especially when he’s mad!

C: He’s usually pretty nice, but he gets mad when I don’t get out of bed up in time for school.

R: She wakes me up because she’s always whining!

C: Rocky!! Anyway, I always say that it’s too early or I’m too tired or I’m too cold and I don’t want to get up. Dad says that we all have to get up in the morning even if we don’t want to.

R: And she never wants to!

C: Rocky!! That’s not true anymore. It used to be hard, but every time I get up and get dressed it gets easier and easier. Now I can do it all on my own without complaining and making Dad’s hair more gray. Dad says that if we start doing something we’ve never done before, it’s really hard but it gets easier and easier the more we do it. He calls it practicing.

R: Like cleaning our room.

C: Dad is always saying he doesn’t want to be 65 and cleaning up after teenagers.

R: I don’t really know what that means.

C: Me neither, but when he started having us clean our own room, we didn’t want to and we whined and complained and didn’t want to do it. Now we do it all the time and I like when my room looks nice and neat. Dad really likes it too. Mom calls him “obsessive”. I guess that’s a person who likes neat stuff. Anyway, what I’ve learned is that whenever we learn to do something new, it’s hard at first but if we keep at it, it gets easier and easier.

R: So if you have trouble cleaning your room, getting up in the morning or trying to learn something new, just keep doing it even if you don’t want to and pretty soon you can do it better and better.

C: Yup. That’s what I say too. Dad says “Have faith in your ability to learn”

R: Whatever that means.

C: This is the Chick saying never ever give up! Bye!

R: This is Rocky saying try and try and try and try again! Bye!

Rocky and the Chick

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  1. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Thanks to the Chick and Rocky! Wise words. Time and repetition is a universal law that works for everything including healing. Never give up, keep moving forward!

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