The Magic Thirty Minutes to Control Your Mind

Greetings! I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day festivities.

What is independence? Well, it’s freedom, isn’t it? Freedom to call your own shots, to be the master of your destiny, to have control over your life. In my opinion, the  place to start creating that  freedom is in our own minds. We all seek  freedom from our own bad habits. Often it feels that we’re not really free to create what we want in our lives because we can’t seem to get past  our own self limiting and self defeating behaviors.

In my work as a hypnotherapist, as well as my own personal life, I’m always on the lookout for ways to create habits that empower me and help me get closer to my goals. Although there are many different modalities and techniques, I find that affirmations such as I described in my last post seem a fairly simple and easy way point my mind in the direction I want it to go.

Remember, we are all in hypnosis on a daily basis; half an hour after we wake up, and half an hour before we go to sleep. Our subconscious minds are suggestible at these times so why not give ourselves some positive suggestions? These are the magic 30 minutes to take control of your mind. This is when you want to read motivational or positive material. This is the time to  read and say your affirmations. Your mind is open to suggestions at these times, be careful what you put into it!! The absolute last thing you want to do is to watch your local news before bed and hear about how many people were murdered or assaulted in your city. Make no mistake about it, this is often the leading story of the nightly news, and for good reason: to capture your attention and keep you watching. Read or listen to something that educates, motivates or inspires you instead.

Last week I talked about handwriting your affirmations. Handwriting is more of a right brain function, where as printing is more of a left brain function. We have a tendency to use our left brain function more often as this is the logical, linear side of the brain. However, it is the right side of the brain that is creative and intuitive. This is a  generalization as both types of functions can span hemispheres. The point is that by handwriting it is possible to stimulate the creative part of our brain to find solutions to challenges that stand in the way of our success.  We know from graphology, (handwriting analysis) that much of our personality comes out in our handwriting. I believe it goes the other way as well; what we write can affect our subconscious minds. Handwriting  what you want within half an hour before bed and half an hour of waking up can be a powerful way to affect your mind and program it for success. Try it for 30 days and see what happens, using the same affirmations each day.

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