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In my hypnotherapy practice, I seem to attract many clients dealing with anxiety in one form or another. I can’t tell you whether that says something about me or that there are a lot of people challenged by anxiety out there. Probably a little of both.Some clients feel anxiety while driving, others in social situations. Some have an impending sense of doom. Others suffer from full blown panic attacks. Anxiety disorders are the number one mental health problem among American women and second only to substance abuse among men, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Almost a quarter of the adult population will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in their life, according to Edmund J. Bourne, author of The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. (2005, New Harbinger Publications)

Of course, anxiety is a part of life. There are numerous situations in which and anxiety reaction would be appropriate. But if the anxiety comes in the form of panic attacks, or persists for months after the stressful situation has passed or leads to phobias, then this can be an anxiety disorder. A few examples of anxiety disorders would be:

A complete discussion of anxiety disorders is not possible within the confines of a blog. But here are a few things you can do t0 lessen your anxiety level and start to gain control. You probably  know many of these.  Most of these fall into the category of stress reduction.

  1. According to Bourne, regular exercise has been found to be the single more effective strategy for the reduction of anxiety. In general, upgrading your level of health and wellness can have profound effects on your sense of well being.
  2. Practice deep breathing
  3. Do yoga
  4. Practice meditation or some type of mind fullness training
  5. Pay better attention to your diet, avoid sugary foods and simple carbohydrates
  6. Work on your self esteem and self worth
  7. Cut down of the use of stimulants such as coffee
  8. Have sex more often
  9. Learn how to express yourself powerfully and authentically
  10. Find a purpose or direction that gives your life meaning

My approach in helping clients deal with anxiety disorders is to help them look at all areas of their lives, and determine how to deal holistically with creating greater health and well being. A big part of the challenge  for people is to find the motivation to start an exercise program or yoga or meditation practice. Of course, I can help clients in these areas as well. Click on this link to hear an interview I did with Karen Muranko who hosts Straight Talk About Mental Health.

I would be happy to answer an questions about how hypnotherapy can assist you if you are challenged by anxiety. You can find my contact info on the About page of this blog.

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