Do You Have Anxiety About Money?

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Do you have anxiety about money or the lack thereof? If you don’t, you are in the minority. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 80% of Americans find the current financial crisis is a significant source of stress. We know that stress and axiety can have adverse effects on health, as people under stress turn to unhealthy coping behaviors such as drinking, smoking,  and overeating. Fretting about finances can create sleep disturbances, digestive imbalances and exacerbate any health conditions you may already be dealing with. So how do we deal with that feeling of free floating anxiety  about not having enough money? Some suggestions:
Get hypnotized. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that more folks are turning to hypnosis to  ease money worries. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of focused concentration in which new ideas or suggestions are given to the subject that can help a person take a more relaxed attitude towards money challenges. As a hypnotherapist, I highly recommend that you try this if you are feeling fearful or anxious about money.
Become intimate with your finances. It’s helpful to know exactly what is going on in your financial house. Do you have a budget? Do you know how/where your money is being spent? What do you need every month/week to meet your obligations? This sounds pretty basic, but if you can’t answer these questions, then you are not in control of your money.
Keep your perspective. I read an article not too long about  a wealthy man (thanks to my bro Ed for the link) who killed himself because he had lost a great deal of  money due to the economic downturn. He was still worth well over a  billion dollars when he died. Definite lack of perspective. Instead of scaring yourself with worst case scenarios, focus on your skills and rescources. What can you count on, inside of you?
Avoid the bad news. TV is the great hypnotizer. The purpose of newscasts is to sell advertising. They keep you watching by giving you the bad news. These are tough economic times, no doubt about it. However, it does not serve you to hear about all the terrible stories out there. Not a good way to keep a positive attitude.
Keep a positive attitude. It’s true that tough times don’t last but tough people do. You may not have control over financial or job markets, but you can control how you respond by getting in touch with your inner entrepreneur, realizing that your personal value as a person is not tied to your net worth, and looking for opportunities that are waiting to be found with the right mindset.
Stay focused on what you want. Are you doing everything you can to move yourself towards your goals? Remember, you are not defeated until you say you are. Believe in prosperity and abundance as your birthright.  Maintain an attitude of gratitude by focusing on where you do have abundance and prosperity in your life. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, and I do, then what you focus on will expand in your life.
Learn about how money works. Money is energy. Learn how to develop Money Consciousness. Read books or listen to audio programs regarding creating and attracting money and weatlth.  Some suggestions:

There’s a lot that can be said about the subject of making money, attracting wealth, etc. Many people have very disempowering associations with money. You can be concerned about money, but worry is unecessary as well as counterproductive. (Worry is the misuse of your imagination.) Just remember that you can change your beliefs about money, as well as any negative associations.

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