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Self Hypnosis and the Stars

Celebrities have used hypnosis or self hypnosis for relaxation, career success and to quit smoking. Why not learn this valuable tool for yourself?

You can! Register for the Self Hypnosis for Success Class being offered again at Pasadena City College starting  Saturday, January 24th, and continuing for the next two Saturdays: January 31st and February 7th  from 9 am to 10:30 am. Click here to register!

You can use this valuable tool to:

  • Overcome bad habits such as procrastination
  • Gain confidence
  • Increase motivation
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Achieve business success
  • Release fear and anxiety
  • And much more!

Reserve your spot by clicking here.

In this class, you will learn:

  • What hypnosis is and isn’t
  • How to do a hypnotic induction on yourself
  • Crafting suggestions to put into your subconscious mind
  • How to put it all together to reprogram your subconscious mind for success in just a few minutes a day
  • Little known, yet powerful tips and techniques for keeping your mind sharp, powerful and positive! (Most of this valuable information I only share with clients paying me $137 a session.)

You’ll receive my Guide to Self Hypnosis and my Self Hypnosis Conditioning CD, which also includes my studio produced “Peaceful Place” relaxation track as an added bonus. In addition, you’ll get handouts at each class containing the material presented. Click here to register.

Here are some comments from the course evaluations I’ve received from previous classes:

  • “Has really motivated me  to improve from day one. Very well organized.”
  • “The whole class was wonderful!”
  • “…so much motivational talk -that was great!
  • “The class is perfect!”

Why do the rich and famous become rich and famous? Well, there are many reasons, but first and foremost, they knew what they wanted, they believed they could get it and they took ACTION. This is called a “success mindset” and you can have it too by using the powerful tool of self hypnosis.

A subconscious mind is a terrible thing to waste! Put it to work for you.  Click here to register for Self Hypnosis for Success.

How I Changed My Life, In Four Lines

HaarFager at en.wikipedia

HaarFager at en.wikipedia


(As a hypnotherapist interested in transformation, one of my favorite bloggers is guest author Leo Babauta. He writes about simplicity, getting things done and how to be happier, among other things. Today’s post is by Leo.)

Changing your life can seem an incredibly tough and complicated thing, especially if you’ve failed a great number of times (like I did), found it too hard, and resigned yourself to not changing.

But I found a way to change.

And I’m not any better than anyone else, not more disciplined, not more motivated. I just learned a few simple principles that changed my life.

I’ve written about them many times, but realized they’re spread out all over the site.

Here is how I changed my life, in a nutshell. Read more

25 Wonderful Things To Do First Thing in the Morning

First thing in the morning

I believe that what you do first thing in the morning will determine how the rest of the day goes.  For the first half hour after you wake up, you’re are in a state of hypnosis, so what you do gets impressed upon your mind and has an effect on your day.

Here’s some ideas for starting your day in a powerful way. Pick one or two that you think will work for you and try them out. You won’t believe the difference it makes when you choose what you’re going to do first thing in the morning.

  1. Get up earlier. Getting up earlier gives you more day and  more peace and quiet. You also give yourself  more time to do some of the things you want to do. Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier. Then, drink a big glass of water.
  2. Have a daily ritual that creates awareness, peace and serenity. NOT watching/ listening to the news, reading the paper or Facebook. Pick a few things from this list and put them together to create your own ritual that you do first thing in the morning.
  3. Make your first thought of the day a positive thought. The night before, write down the positive thought that you want to have as the first thought of the day. “It’s going to be a good day!” or “Glad I’m alive!” or maybe a gratitude list. I have a list of affirmations that I read to focus my mind on what I want to create.
  4. Create your day. I got this from Dr. Joe Dispenza who was in the film “What The Bleep Do We Know!? Create your day first thing in the morning or the night before by imagining how you want your day to be. Say to yourself: “Today I will experience inspiration (or relaxation fun, etc.).  Today I will attract things that  inspire me. When they happen I will know that I created it.”  Believe you can affect the universe.
  5. Read and visualize your goals. Your mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is vividly imagined. The mind likes and moves toward what is known. Get your mind comfortable with your goals first thing in the morning by closing your eyes and seeing yourself doing what you want to do, having what you want to have and being who you want to be.
  6. Pray or meditate. Get in touch with the Infinite, whatever you consider that to be. It could be as simple as sitting in a chair and breathing, or in a lotus position or on your knees. Use a candle, beads, rosary,  incense or chanting. Take time to inquire within.
  7. Go outside. Let the sun shine it’s rays upon you. Breathe in the fresh morning air. Walk barefoot through the grass. Drink your coffee,  and eat your breakfast outside. If you do yoga in the living room floor, do it outside.
  8. Do something in the garden. Water, weed, plant or harvest. Pick a tomato or a bunch of flowers for a vase. Or just sit there in amazement and wonder.
  9. Do yoga or stretch. A flexible body means a flexible mind. You don’t want hardening of the attitudes. Stretching releases tension and toxins, and gets you in touch with your body.
  10. Read something inspiring. Religious books, your favorite inspirational authors, self help books, or a short quote to ponder for the day.
  11. Listen to music. Music stimulates the brain and awakens the emotions. Whatever makes you feel good, listen to it first thing in the morning.
  12. Write in your journal. Keep it positive. What have you learned recently? What is good in your life? Write a Gratitude list. Or, just quiet your mind and let it tell you what to write.
  13. Take a walk. Greet the world as it awakes while moving your body. Breathe deeply. Walk to Starbucks to get you out the door. Walk to someplace beautiful if possible. Walk the dog.
  14. Ride a bike. There’s something about riding a bike that is freeing and joyful. Maybe ’cause you did it as a kid.
  15. Get some exercise. Exercising first thing in the morning jump starts your metabolism, giving you a sense of relaxed energy. It could be walking, lifting weights, Pilates, going to the gym, push ups and/or pull ups. Make it work for you. I’ll repeat that: Make it work for you.
  16. Look at beautiful images. Fill your mind with beauty. Perhaps you have photos, or a great garden, or a picture book with incredible images. Give yourself a few minutes to take in the good stuff.
  17. Do the magic that you do. If you are a writer, write. If you are a painter, paint. If you are a musician, make music. If you’re a singer, sing. If you are a dancer, dance. If you are a photographer…
  18. Write a letter to someone you haven’t contacted for a while. Just say hi.
  19. Call someone you’ve been meaning to call or haven’t talked to in a while. “Hi, I know it’s first thing in the morning, and you’re probably getting ready for (work, school) but I just wanted to say that I really (miss you, love you, am thinking about you, remembering the good times, want to apologize, etc.) That’s all! Bye!”
  20. Treat yourself to breakfast. If you usually fix your own stuff, go out and eat, connect with the world.
  21. Fix your own breakfast. If you usually go out, then nurture yourself by feeding your own sweet self.
  22. Make a donation.Write a check or go online. Make your first act of the day one of generosity.
  23. Get in bed with your kids and smooch on them. I do this every morning.
  24. Wear something that’s comfortable that makes you feel good. Get it ready the night before ( ironing it or washing it).
  25. Call in well. Instead of calling in sick, call in well. Say  “Hi, I’m feeling too good to go to work today. Think I”ll hang out in the Rose Garden at the Huntington instead. See you tomorrow.” Or call in sick for a mental health day. Take the day off, you deserve it!

Step out of the insanity of the daily grind by getting in touch with what is true and meaningful on a daily basis. Making a “first thing in the morning habit” out of just of few of these things can change your life.

If you need help getting up earlier, or with a better attitude,  contact me and let’s talk about what we can do to help you start your day in a better way.  

Ted A. Moreno

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The Ultimate Freedom: Choosing Your Thoughts


When I was 11 years old I watched a TV movie that made a profound impression on me. I’ll never forget sitting down with my family in 1971 to watch the ABC Movie of the Week,  The Birdmen.

The Birdmen is based on the true story of British officers captured by Germany during World War II and imprisoned in the infamous Read more

Learn How to Control Your Thoughts with My Self Hypnosis for Success Class.


The most powerful skill you will ever learn is the ability to control your thoughts.

What you think becomes your life. If you think worrisome, fearful thoughts, you will be worried and fearful. Think thoughts of gratitude and success, and you’ll feel grateful and successful.

Do you feel like you are controlled by negative thinking? It’s possible that you learned to think that way, from your parents, early environment, or you could have learned it as a way to cope with failure and disappointment. The good news is, Read more

How To Have Lots of Energy


I’ll never forget the time that I found instant energy. For a while I’d been trying  to find the energy to get started on all the things I wanted to do.  I’d be sitting in front of the television thinking “If only I could find the energy to get off this couch, my life would be a lot better.” I felt depressed and  unmotivated.

One day while watching Family Guy and eating Captain Crunch, someone knocked at my door. Too tired to get up, I shouted “Come in!” The UPS guy ran in with a package and dropped it right in my lap.

I was too tired to get up and a get a knife, so during the commercial breaks I used my spoon to saw through the tape and open the package. I pulled out the packing peanuts to uncover a strange glow wrapped up in some paper. I unwrapped the paper and to  my surprise, it was some Energy! I finally had some!

I jumped right up and cleaned the house. Then I wrote up my resume and went out and found my dream job. The money started rolling in. I started working out regularly, got real buff, and started dating a model. I learned to play guitar and  joined a band. We made a record and went on a whirlwind European tour that included fine dining at…

 I awoke to the opening tune of SpongeBob SquarePants. My bowl of  Captain Crunch was all over my lap. It was just a dream. “God, I’m tired” I said. The minute I said that my eyes got real droopy. I thought about taking a nap right then and there but the thought of the Captain Crunch all dried and crumbly on my pants was more than I could bear. I jumped up and shouted “NO!” I’m 35 years old! When is my life going to start?”

Then I noticed something  interesting. Just standing up and shouting had given me some energy! I found some paper and a crayon and wrote down my discovery: “Movement = energy”

I realized something else: the minute I said “I’m tired”, I felt tired! I wrote down this realization as well. “Whatever I say, my mind will obey. Energetic language = energy.”

I have a confession. This was not the first time I had fallen asleep while eating sugery cereal. One time I awoke on the couch to find my mouth open with unchewed Cocoa Puffs. I swear I thought I saw a fly flying away. It seems every time I eat a lot of sugar I get sleepy. I got a pencil and wrote this down: Good nutrution = good energy.”

I was feeling a bit motivated now. I felt the stirring of energy inside me.  I decided to make a list of some things I would do with my bit of energy:

  1. change pants
  2. take all 12 cereal bowls off the coffee table and put them in sink.
  3. wash dishes while listening to Rush’s “Moving Pictures” really loud
  4. sort through three week-old pile of mail

Now I had some direction, some things I wanted to do. Curiously, this gave me even more energy. I had another insight and wrote this down: “Having a plan = energy.”

I was sorting through my mail  when I came across a letter from the landlord. “Ted, you are a month late on the rent. If you don’t pay the rent by this Friday I will evict you. Signed,  Your Landlord. (p.s. Judging by the overflowing garbage cans in your yard you obviously have enough money for a wide variety of cold cereal, cookies, and pastries. Suggestion: get a life.)”

The nerve! I was annoyed but also majorly freaked out. Eviction! How could I pay the rent on time if Wendy’s wouldn’t give me a raise?  I would have to find a better paying job and fast. I took the abandoned bird’s nest out of the spokes of my bike and rode down to the mall and collected a bunch of applications. When I got home, I wrote this down: Purpose = energy”

I filled out a bunch of applications to drop off the next morning. It had been a busy day so I was feeling stressed out and tired. I wanted to sit in front of the tube.  I played my guitar instead and that energized me. I practiced “Blackbird” for awhile. I felt relaxed and calm now. Before I went to bed at 10:30 I wrote  down two things: “Fun = energy” and “De-stress =  energy”

The next day I woke up at 6:30.  I felt refreshed.  I scribbled “Good Sleep = Good Energy”. Out of habit I turned on the news: The Economy. The War. Terrorists. Floods. Car Accidents. I turned off the television, unplugged it and stomped on the remote. It occurred to me that compared to most of the world, I had a pretty good life. I was healthy, I had a place to live, lots of expensive cold cereal, and I had opportunity and the freedom to take advantage of it if I chose to. There was nobody bombing my house or my city. I felt blessed and was moved by this feeling. I wrote down “Gratitude = energy”.

I eventually took all my insights and made a sign that I hung on my wall:

” I Am Energetic”

  • I have abundant energy because I move my body by walking daily.
  • I have abundant energy because I say that I do. I refuse to say the opposite.
  • I have abundant energy because I have an energy producing diet.
  • I have abundant energy because I have a plan.
  • I have abundant energy because I have a purpose.
  • I have abundant energy because I have a good balance of work, play and relaxation.
  • I have abundant energy because I manage my stress.
  • I have abundant energy because I get enough sleep.
  • I have abundant energy because I focus on what is right with my life and I am grateful.

I started reading this every morning out loud because it energized me.

Here’s the key: nothing can give you energy. YOU MUST LEARN TO GENERATE IT.  Today, at 50, I’m grateful that I have more energy than I’ve ever had. I’ve found a sleep schedule that works for me (11-6).  I try to walk every morning.  Two days a week I’m a stay home dad with my two daughters, so I work 12-16 hour days four days a week and a few hours early on sunday writing this blog. I’m a little busier than I like (we both have huge families that we visit often), but I admit it’s my choice. I’m very conscious of how valuable time is. I have a purpose, a plan, and written down goals. I rarely watch television. And I never, ever say I’m tired unless I’m ready to go to bed. There have been a couple of health issues recently that lowered my energy, but I got my butt to my doctor, my chiropractor, and my acupunturist, and got it back. While writing this, my wife, who had no idea of this week’s blog topic,  came into my office and said “I’ve figured out that having energy is mostly in your mind”.  You can say that again sweetheart!

(Disclaimer: With the exception of the last paragraph, the preceding story is for eduational purposes only and is mostly a work of fiction. To the best of my recollection, I have never fallen asleep with unchewed breakfast cereal of any brand in my mouth. However, I did once have to remove a bird’s nest from the spokes of my bike.)

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p.s. Need more energy and motivation? Call me before July 10th to book a coaching or hypnotherapy session and I’ll give you my “Energy Generation” audio recording  at your next paid session.

 Ted A. Moreno

Personal/Small Business Coach
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Don’t Let Them In! Five Steps for Keeping the Mental Mischief Makers Away.

I hate to admit this to you, but when I was younger and much more foolish, I used to open my door to some pretty unsavory characters.

They weren’t even very likable, I just got comfortable having them around. They were familiar and I knew what to expect from them. I didn’t realize until much later how much hanging around with them was holding me back from what I knew I could be.

One day, there was a knock on the door while I was reading a book by the first self-development author I ever read, Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I opened the door to find  Cynicism,  someone I knew very well, standing there. I was dismayed to see that he had brought  Negativity with him, who I really despised, especially since he was always wearing that dumb “I’m With Stupid” T-shirt.

“Hey dude. It’s another crappy day. Perfect day for getting messed up”, Cynicism said. I noticed he had brought along a sixer of his favorite beverage, Notwieser Light.

I don’t know why, maybe it was the Dyer book, but I said “Sorry guys, not today”.

Negativity stepped forward and whined “Don’t be like that, homey! Let’s throw back a few and complain about the system!”

I hate being called homey. “No”, I said. “You guys get outta here. Now. I’m busy”

They shuffled off,  Cynicism grumbling “Thinks he’s too good now…”

I sat back down and felt weird. This was uncomfortable for me. I’ve always been a “nice” guy. I pretty much let in whoever wanted to come in and let them stay as long as they wanted. Right then, there was another knock at the door. I got up, irritated. I threw open the door expecting Negativity and Cynicism but instead, Possibility was standing there. I’d seen him a couple of times, but didn’t really know him too well. “Hey”, he said.”I thought I would drop by since I was in the neighborhood. Mind if I come in?’

“Sure”, I replied. “So tell me, what kept you from coming by before?”

“I’ve tried” he said.  “But I make it a point not to hang out with those other two clowns who just left.”

Cynicism and Negativity still come by and knock , but most of the time I just don’t open the door and pretty soon they go away. The odd times that I do let them in because I’m too tired to say “Get lost”,  I make sure they don’t stay very long. I haven’t seen Resignation and Despair in a while. Fear must have a key but I’m in the process of changing the locks. More and more, I find myself entertaining Possibility, who is always welcome, along with Hope, Belief, and Courage. Needless to say, life is much better.

Here are five simple steps to keep those Mental Mischief Makers from messing with your mind.

  • Stop Complaining. The MMMs are attracted to complaining like ants to sugar. They seem to have some special radar to help them find complainers. First they’ll allow  you to feel justified, then they’ll move in and take over the place.
  • Plant gratitude outside your front door. You know how some animals will not come into your garden if you have the right herbs  planted to keep them from eating your veggies? Gratitude is repellent to Negativity and in large enough amounts does a great job of keeping the  other jokers away too.
  • Take regular Inspiration Vacations. Read, hear, see things that inspire you. There’s no way that you will even hear those troublemakers knock if you’re involved in something that lifts you up and inspires you. Keep your mind in that place where your highest ideals reside.
  • Use Incantations. This is the magic that really acts like a spell to keep Negativity, Resignation, Fear, Cynicism, Doubt, and Despair away. Incantations are what you say to yourself to create what you want. Examples: I can do this, I have what it takes, I am up to this challenge, I am attracting money now, creativity flows through me. To make them really powerful, write them down and put them near a candle and light it. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Say these things a hundred times a day. Really.
  • Always be up to something. If you are up to stuff, making stuff happen, dreaming, hoping, planning, taking action, then you will be too busy for these those pesky MMMs when they come to visit.  You’ll see them for what they are: a distraction and a diversion from making your unique contribution to life.

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 Ted A. Moreno
Personal/Small Business Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist
 (626) 826-0612

Are You Haunted by Ghosts?

Halloween is a big thing around our house. My wife is  a Halloween nut, so consequently my two daughters, Matrix Chick and Fingers ( who from here on will be referred to as  The Rock ) have been frothing at the mouth about getting dressed up and trick or treating. One was a fairy and the other was Minnie Mouse. We were going to take them trick or treating but didn’t because they were having too much fun handing out candy to other trick or treaters.

January 2009 042

The Fairy and Minnie Mouse

With all this Halloween Hoopla and stuff on TV,  The Chick has been seeing ghosts lately. “Dad, there’s a ghost in my room”  or “I think there’s a ghost outside.”  Of course, I tell her that there’s no such things as ghosts, even though I know that there are.

I was watching Larry King interview a couple of guys that have this ghost lab that investigates paranormal occurences. One of the guys suggested that a ghost is the residual energy of a deceased person that won’t go away because there is unfinished business.

I wonder if you are  haunted by the energy of unfinished business? Are you aware of spectres from your past that keep you stuck in fear and trepidation? For some people, these demons are very real.

It’s said that ghosts, if indeed they do exist, don’t know they are dead or don’t want to be dead. They try to stay among the living, caught in a netherland of not alive but not dead.

How true that can be for many of us that are haunted by past tragedies, traumas, mistakes, and failures. Did  events happen in your life that should have stayed buried  that you continue to resurrect from the grave of  the past? Oftentimes these memories can take possession of us and keep us from moving forward.

Failed businesses, painful relationships, bitter divorces, the loss of a loved one, letting someone down big-time,  stupid yet costly mistakes, times when we felt we did not measure up to our ideal self. All can become goblin-like, so scary  that we never even try again or make judgements about ourselves which are no longer (perhaps never were) true. So we stay inside, windows shuttered, doors locked, afraid to venture out into possibility.

We all have a tendency to look to the  past for information about how to act in the future. But the future does not have to equal the past. What’s also true is that we are human, and as such, we will make mistakes, suffer loss, hurt people, and fail, perhaps many times before we get it right.  You are human, are you cool with that?

I’m no ghostbuster, but I think that  to allow these ghosts to rest in peace, you may need to:

  • Forgive yourself
  • Forgive someone else
  • Apologize to someone
  • Make it up so someone
  • Reconnect with someone
  • Write a letter but don’t mail it
  • See the experience from a different perspective
  • Recommit to our ideal self
  • Find the wisdom and learning from the experience and move on.
  • Change something major in your life (it’s said that those ghosts don’t like remodeling)

If you need a little technique to release the past, try this:

Close your eyes and get comfortable, taking some deep breaths. When you feel centered and grounded, See, feel or get a sense of the situation, person, or experience you want to release. Imagine cords of light connecting you to this situation, person, etc. See, feel or get a sense of a magic or special knife or sword or scissors in your hand and begin to cut the cords connecting you. When you are done, reattach the cords back to your self and imagine the cords of the person or situation reattaching themselves back to it or them. Imagine the situation or person fading away or getting smaller or smaller until they disappear. Imagining a grave where the situation/person is buried can be helpful to some people.

This is a good time to talk about letting these ghosts rest in peace; today is Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead. Honor what came before and what is no more, taking the legacy of knowledge and wisdom and moving courageously into tomorrow.

How Selfish are You? (Part 1 of 2)

You would not believe the bad luck I’ve had lately. Can hardly believe it myself.

One night last week I was watching television. It got later and later but I just kept watching it, even though I knew I should go to bed. I watched TV until 5:30 am, then I slept for an hour and a half. When my daughter Matrix Chick tried to wake me I snarled at her and she started crying.  Boy was I tired and grumpy!

Since I woke up late I didn’t get to eat breakfast before work. By the time I was done with my first client I was starving! There was some Halloween candy in the lobby of my building so I ate a bunch of candy corn, Tootsie Rolls and mini Three Musketeers.  If I thought I felt bad  before, I had another thing coming – I developed a horrible stomach ache!  Can you believe that!?

During my session with my next client, she actually got up and said, “I’m leaving because you keep falling asleep while I’m talking to you.  And why don’t you wipe that chocolate off of your chin?” What nerve! Can you believe the bad luck?

It seemed as if I was doomed to have a wretched day so I cancelled the rest of my appointments and went home determined to force myself to work like a dog on computer stuff that’s been piling up. I worked all afternoon. My wife came home with the kids but I kept on working. She said that dinner was ready but I kept on working. She said that dinner’s done would I help clean the kitchen but I kept on working. She asked if I would help put the kids to bed but I just had too much to do! Then she got really angry with me and we had a big fight. Can you believe the rotten luck I had that day?

If you know me then by now you may have guessed  that none of that really happened (I don’t like candy corn.)  But if it was true you might be saying “You didn’t have bad luck, you were just being irresponsible!” And that would be true.

In the imaginary scenario I just described, it can be summed up like this: I was not being responsible for my own self care. Taken to that extreme, I would say that I was being negligent; neglecting my own basic needs, therefore, I ended up neglecting  the needs of those I love.

I’ve come to the conclusion that self-care is vitally important and necessary to leading a happy and fulfilling life.

How is your basic self-care? Are you getting enough sleep? Eating right? Taking care of your health? If you are neglecting any one of these, chances are that you are seeing the consequences in some part of your life.

But let me suggest that self-care doesn’t end there. There is another level:  Are you learning? Growing, spiritually, mentally, emotionally? Are you having fun, experiencing joy, and giving yourself opportunities to become the best you can be? Paying attention to your loved ones?

 Jim Rohn said “The greatest gift you can give to somebody is your own personal development. I used to say, ‘If you will take care of me, I will take care of you.’ Now I say, ‘I will take care of me for you if you will take care of you for me.'” –

For many, the idea of being good to yourself or taking care of yourself flies in the face of everything we have been taught about being selfish. “Don’t think about yourself, think about others. Help others. Care for others. Don’t be selfish by focusing or thinking  too much about yourself.

We are all selfish on a most basic level. Everything we do we do, we do because we get something out of it. This is one of our drives as human beings. I’m not advocating living your life totally for your own pleasure and amusement, I’m suggesting that living your life for everyone else may leave you wasted, burned out and resentful and no good to anyone, least of all you! After all, you’re no good to your child on an airplane if you are passed out because you put their oxygen mask on first. You’ve got to take care of yourself first.

I think that much of life is about balance. And the hard cold truth is, it’s not easy to do. In fact, for some of us, it may be easier to live for everybody else because it gives us an excuse to shirk responsibility for our selves and our needs, especially if that was your model growing up. If that is the case, it can be really hard to do something else.

More next week, and please view my Happy Halloween post.

Special Offer For The Mom’s Out There

Mother, Mom,  Mommy, Mama, Ma, Mum. I call my mom Mom but my siblings call her Mumsy, I have no idea where that came from. My kids know her as Grandma Mumsy. I am blessed to have her in my life.

In my work I speak with many that have issues with their mothers. They don’t speak, or when they do it can be volatile and trigger resentments sometimes going way back. When I did the Landmark Forum, it was suggested that if you have parents, you will have issues with them and moving forward in life has a lot to do with resolving those issues.

So when I hear about people that don’t get along with their mothers, I feel all the more fortunate. My mom was the best. Thanks mom. And that’s all I have to say about that.

In honor of my mother, for the month of May, I am going to give every mother that comes in$25 off each hypnotherapy session, and $50 off my Smoking Cessation Program. If you know a mom that is stressed out,  overwhelmed, trying to quit smoking or lose weight, dealing with transitions such as childbirth or divorce, or having trouble dealing with whatever is going on in her life, please pass this along to her. And don’t forget to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.