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Integrity: The Glue That Holds Your Success Together

I built a model airplane when I was a kid. The instructions said to use modeling cement which we didn't have. I asked my mom if she could buy me some. She said sure, we'll go tomorrow. But I was impatient. I couldn't wait until tomorrow. I wanted to build the plane today. So I got the white Elmer's Glue, and that's how I built my plane. When … [Read more...]

What’s The Deal with Affirmations?

Many people think that the practice of saying affirmations is kind of a new agey, hokey thing. (Maybe they saw that affirmation guy on Saturday night live ...) However, I think they can be very powerful as a technique for programming your mind for achievement of your goals. I’m no biblical scholar or even an avid reader of the bible, but there … [Read more...]

Your Beautiful Life

Just look for it … [Read more...]

Scatpooy Epidemic

Are you infected ? … [Read more...]

The Ebb and Flow of Life

15 tips … [Read more...]

Feeling Alive

13 Ways … [Read more...]

Get Your Head on Straight for 2013 with Self Hypnosis for Success!

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Happy New Year! Did you make any resolutions or goals for 2013? Or, are you like most people that believe it's not worth the time or trouble because they'll be forgotten by March? Even if you didn't make any resolutions or goals, certainly there are things you want or desire in the coming year? Unless you are so incredibly happy with your life, … [Read more...]

What Will Happen on December 21st, 2012?

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Something happened on December 21st at 3:12 am, PST. The sun was at it's lowest point on the horizon, the point in the year where the the night is longest and the day is the shortest in the Northern Hemisphere. This is known as the winter solstice, and many people associate this with pagans, druids and Stonehenge.  However, it's a natural, … [Read more...]

Self Hypnosis for Success Class Starts Sept. 22nd

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You have been hypnotized. You are still being hypnotized.  You've been hypnotized all your life by parents, teachers, friends, and by your own thoughts! We are still influenced by the hypnosis of the culture which includes the media and advertising. We are all subject to this type programming. It's not all bad! That's how we learn. But some … [Read more...]

Happiness is Uncovering What You Already Have

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Today's excellent post is by guest author Leo Babauta, creator of the blog Zen Habits, one of the top 25 blogs in the world.  When I set out to convert my unhappiness with my life into happiness, about 7 years ago, I had some ideas about how to do it. I was going to get out of debt and lose weight and get a better job and declutter my house and … [Read more...]

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