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7 Things to Do to Have a More Peaceful Holiday Season.

Ted Moreno New Website I find it ironic that that during the holiday season the word peace is often used, but for many of us, this is the most hectic and stressful time of year.  In addition to life becoming very busy with shopping, parties, and events, it is also a time when emotions can be close to the surface. Many recall and feel the loss … [Read more...]

Great Words for the End of the Year

Ted Moreno New Website

The words "go placidly amid the noise and haste" have been in my head recently. I googled them and discovered they are from a poem called the Desiderata (Latin: "desired things") by Max Ehrmann. I was surprised to read on Wikipedia that when Adlai Stevenson died in 1965, this poem was found by his bedside, and that he had planned to use it in his … [Read more...]

I’m Grateful I’m Not A Turkey, 2011

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Here's my gratitude list for 2011, you can click here if you're interested in reading my 2009 list. I'm grateful: that my feet aren't any bigger than they are. (Give me a break, I'm just getting warmed up here...) that my wife is a good cook. that in spite of that I still look kind of skinny. for my wife who loves me and has my … [Read more...]

29 Cool Ways to Welcome and Celebrate Summer

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June 21st was the Summer Solstice, the first day of Summer and the longest day of the year. Throughout history, people the world over have observed this event with various celebrations in the month of June.  For ancient people, there was a good cause for celebration, as well as relief: the snow had disappeared, warm temperatures had returned, … [Read more...]

What Being A Father Has Taught Me About Me

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I've been a father now for five and half years. I have two daughters that I  refer to as Chick and the Rock. Two days a week I'm a stay home dad. I'll say this much, life is interesting. For most of my life I had no interest in being a father. … [Read more...]

A New Years Message

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The Greatest Gifts May we break down boundaries, tear down walls, and build on the foundation of goodness inside each of us. May we look past differences, gain understanding and embrace acceptance. May we reach out to each other, rather than resist. May we be better stewards of the earth, protecting, nurturing, and replenishing the beauties of … [Read more...]

Ted’s Musical Holiday Greeting

Ted Moreno New Website

Thanks to everyone who reads Ted's Tips for Transformation! I appreciate your support and comments. Wishing everyone a very warm (and dry) Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! Here's my version of "The Christmas Song" … [Read more...]

Season of Darkness, Season of Light

Ted Moreno New Website

Something happened on December 21st at 3:38 pm, PST. The sun was at it's lowest point on the horizon, the point in the year where the the night is longest and the day is the shortest in the Northern Hemisphere. This is known as the … [Read more...]

Do Space Aliens Feel Alienated?

Ted Moreno New Website

I was standing in my back yard one night looking up at the Orion Constellation. It was cold and quiet. Suddenly, without any warning, I was blasted with an intensly blinding light, causing me to shut my eyes and fall to the ground! The light quickly diminished, and when I was able to open my eyes, I found myself not in my backyard anymore, but … [Read more...]

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