I’m Grateful I’m Not A Turkey, 2011


Here’s my gratitude list for 2011, you can click here if you’re interested in reading my 2009 list.

I’m grateful:

  • that my feet aren’t any bigger than they are. (Give me a break, I’m just getting warmed up here…)
  • that my wife is a good cook.
  • that in spite of that I still look kind of skinny.
  • for my wife who loves me and has my back.
  • for my six year old who teaches me to walk the talk.
  • for my four year old who teaches me that every impatient thing I tell her she will eventually say back to me.
  • for my warm house and all the pretty flowers
  • that I don’t have a dog.
  • that in spite of how much success I get or how cool I get to thinking I am, I have 6 brothers and a sister to keep me humble (and they do.)
  • that my father taught me how to look a person in the eye when you shake their hand and say “pleased to meet you.”
  • that my mother taught me in 1971, at 11 years old, that it’s tragic when people die, even if they are communist Russians.
  • for my six brothers and sister, my sisters in law and brother in law, and my mom and dad, all healthy and doing well.
  • for red wine shared with family around a big table.
  • for the Annual Dude’s River Trip, dead or alive.
  • for my friends, the most interesting bunch of folks I have ever met.
  • for everyone that was ever straightforward and/or brutally honest with me, especially a college professor who once told me “Charm will only get you so far…”
  • also for the guy that told me “You think you’re so smart that you don’t let people contribute to you. How do you think that makes people feel? You don’t know? Ask them sometime. Oh, and by the way, you ain’t that smart…”
  • for the people in my life who believed in me when I could or would not believe in me.
  • that I learned how to play guitar, one of the best things I ever did.
  • that there are people that actually want and like to hear me play.
  • for music, for those who make it, as well as those who came before
  • for my trusty steed, aging but still able. (Mitsubishi Gallant 2003)
  • for my mancave and eveything in it, especially sweet solitude.
  • for Ben and Jerry’s.
  • for coffee, strong.
  • for dark chocolate.
  • for the french cafe I go to, where when they bring me my food, they always say “Voila! Bon appetit!”
  • for Jerry Whittaker (yo Jerry!)
  • to work out of a beautiful office.
  • for Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens.
  • for my legs, strong and patiently waiting for me to take them hiking again.
  • that I had the opportunity to raft down the length of the Grand Canyon more than a couple of times with my wife to be and my best friends.
  • for Mt. Wrightson, Madera Canyon, The Catalinas,  the Tucson Mountains and Gates Pass.
  • for cold, red sunsets, then Orion, pricking the winter sky.
  • for rain, dark short days, and trees bared of leaves.
  • that iritis (an eye condition) came around again recently to remind me to look and to see clearly. Once I did, it went away.
  • that you and I are waking up.
  • for all the blunders I’ve made, pain that I’ve caused, and pain that I’ve endured, because it’s all here for our enlightenment.
  • for the person that helped me to see that.
  • that I’m a man, and that I have a right to be here for no other reason than I am, and that I can choose to believe that that means something.
  • for you, that you chose to allow me to share with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Ted A. Moreno
Personal/Small Business Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist

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  1. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    And I am thankful for you Ted, for all the good you have brought into my life and the world!
    Happy Thanksgiving Brother!

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