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Stop It! 43 Things To Stop Doing NOW

Stop saying "I hate _." That makes you a hater. Stop acting like you're the only one with problems. Stop complaining to people that can't do anything about it. They don't want to hear. Stop complaining if nothing can be done about it. Just stop complaining, already! Stop wishing that what is, isn't and that what isn't, is. Deal with what … [Read more...]

Being Grateful for the Things that Went Wrong

  As we approach Thanksgiving, much will be written this week about gratitude, how to give thanks, counting blessings, how not to stuff yourself like a tick, etc. I'd like to suggest being grateful for things in your life that went wrong. Things that didn't go according to plan. Now before I go any further let me say that, … [Read more...]

The Shackles of Shame

(Video 32 seconds) Shame. Say the word out loud and feel it's intense power. The root of the word shame is thought to come from an older word meaning to cover, as in covering oneself. When we feel shame, we cover ourselves, literally and figuratively. Eve was said to cover herself in the Garden of Eden when she realized she was naked. She … [Read more...]

Weight Loss is Seldom About Weight

Of all the things I help people with in my hypnotherapy practice, it seems that weight loss is the most difficult.  I don't really advertise it. When someone calls me for weight loss, I tell them that it is going to be a minimum of eight sessions.  I want to make sure they are serious. Because weight loss is rarely about food and weight. I … [Read more...]

Hypnosis and Fitness Today's post features a video, "Hypnosis 101" with me and Lauren Herrera, owner and head trainer of  Pilates Barbell Club in Pasadena. Lauren and I have teamed up and made a series of videos about the mental aspect of physical fitness and training. Each video is based on a … [Read more...]

12 Laws of Life, Part I

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  Recently I came across this article by a man named Tom Hoobyar, who was an inventor and high tech CEO.  It contains some of the wisest words I've ever read. Tom Hoobyar died on September 25th, 2001, but his words live on. Take some time to read one of my favorite guest posts. 12 Laws of Life by Tom Hoobyar 1. SELF-MANAGEMENT AND … [Read more...]

Might Be The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Learn

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[youtube=] Chris Whitley, one of my favorite musical artists, does a cover of an old standard that I really like. The name of the song is "Nature Boy".  (The video above is his version set to images of our soldiers serving overseas. It's quite moving.) The last line of the song goes like this: "The … [Read more...]

Life is Hard but That Doesn’t Mean That You Suck.

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One day many years ago, I was packing up my clothes to move out of a house that I had been renting with a girlfriend. We were breaking up and  I was deeply depressed. This scenario had happened all too often in my life, another failed relationship. The effort it took to pack up my stuff felt crushing and immense. At one point I sat on my bed, … [Read more...]

How Selfish Are You? Part II

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Something has come to my attention lately that I find quite astonishing and frankly, disturbing.  In fact, I'm not even sure how to write about this because it cuts pretty close to the bone for most people.  What is astounding to me is the number of people I come across, not just in my practice but in the outside world, who don't honor themselves. … [Read more...]

What Lies Dormant Within You?

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When I was living in Arizona, I tried to make it a point to come to Los Angeles every year at the holidays to see my family for three or four days. I'd stay at my parent's house; the house in which I grew up. During the day, both my folks would be at work, and since the other birds (my siblings) had long since flown the coop, there was just me … [Read more...]

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