A Simple and Effective Technique for Pain Relief.

If I showed you a simple and effective technique for pain relief, would you use it? How about if it worked for stress? Anxiety?

It’s called EFT or “tapping” and I’ve been teaching this to almost every one of my clients for years. I even posted a video demonstrating it. I use it, and it works for me.

When I was first introduced to this technique, I dismissed it. It looked weird.  But I kept hearing about it from other hypnotherapists, wellness practitioners, and thought leaders such as Joe Vitale, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. I decided to learn it, and the first person I taught it to came back and said “Wow, that really works.”

In fact, tapping has become so popular there is now a Tapping World Summit!  The video above was produced for the Tapping World Summit but has really good info about tapping.

Check it out, and if your curiosity is aroused, then check out the official EFT website. You can also type “tapping” or EFT into YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of videos on this very useful and effective tool.

Hope this info is helpful!


How to Release Negative Emotions Quickly and Easily

In an hour hypnosis session, the hypnosis part is only about 20 minutes. The remainder of the time I’m talking with my client, getting information, setting goals, and teaching them various techniques to add to their transformation toolbox.

One of the most valuable tools that I teach almost every client is EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is in my experience  quite effective for quickly letting go of negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, and sadness. It can also be used for physical problems as well.

In this short video I teach how to do EFT. It’s simple, easy and effective. To learn more about EFT go to www.emofree.com.


One Way to Handle Unwanted Emotions

I have two small children, little girls, ages 2 and 3 1/2. (For the purposes of this blog, they shall be referred to as Fingers and Matrix Chick.) Anyway, as many a parent can relate to, sometimes the whining, fits, insubordination, chant-like requests for “binky” and power struggles between the two can raise the blood pressure of any Zen Master ( which I am certainly not).

Sometimes, in fact, after a full day with them, vainly trying to accomplish something or at the very least, peace and quiet, I find myself in a state which, shall we say, is almost the opposite of loving, gentle and patient. Not wanting to be the subject of some future “Daddy Dearest” tome, I use one technique to cope that always releases me my from my anger and frustation, and that is EFT.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, is something that I teach to almost all of my clients at some point or another. EFT is one of many therapies under the umbrella of Energy Psychology. It’s easy to learn, simple to perform, and in my experience, very effective. There is some controversy surrounding the efficacy of EFT as there has not been much research conducted that has been accepted by the established medical/psychological community. However, there is enough anecdotal evidence (along with  my own experience using it on myself and my clients) to suggest that it’s worth the time to learn it and see if it works for you.

The philosophy behind EFT states that  negative emotions are a result of a disruption in the the body’s energy system. EFT involves tapping on various parts of the body that correspond to acupuncture points. The tapping is said to balance and neutralize these disruptions.  The first time I saw EFT demonstrated I had no interest whatsoever. It seemed too simple and frankly, looked a little silly when you did it. However, EFT started popping up everywhere in my experience, from seminars teaching it to Dr. Mercola’s site, to books by Kevin Trudeau, the “……they don’t want you to know about”  infomercial guy.

I figured Somebody was trying to tell me something so I learned EFT and taught it to one client, who came back the next week and said “Wow, that really works.” I started showing clients how to do EFT in session and started sending them home with a guide I downloaded from the EFT website. Now I teach this to all my clients at about the 2nd or 3rd session usually.  Not all clients are inclined to use this tool, but the ones that do tell me they get results.

Some would suggest that EFT is a panacea for whatever ails you. (http://www.tryitoneverything.com/) I use EFT with my clients mainly for intense emotions such as anxiety, anger, depression, fear and sometimes with pain. If you are interested in learning EFT, you can go to www.emofree.com and read more about it as well as download a free, detailed how-to-do-it manual.

Just a disclaimer here, I’m not suggesting you use EFT if a doctor would be more appropriate. EFT can be an helpful adjunct to medical and/or psychological intervention.

I hope this tool is a handy addition to your coping skills toolbox.

Stay cool and be calm,