Responding Courageously

Today’s post is by guest author Jerry Brandt. Jerry is a good friend as well as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist practicing in South Pasadena.

Courage comes from knowing the necessity of responding to a thing.  Courage comes from facing reality.  Courage comes from responding to what is.

Fear is a fantasy.  Face fear and the fear dissipates.  Anxiety’s purpose is for preparation, not paralysis.  Anxiety is doing a mind job on yourself.  Anxiety is over analysis to the point of paralysis.  Psychological reactivity is overdoing a perception to the point of analysis.

Fear and anxiety are different.  Fear is an instinctual response.  Fear is natural and appropriate to the situation.  For example, if one sees what one takes to be a snake they may jump.  In this action there was no thought involved only an automatic response to a perceived danger.  However, if one later recognizes the snake was only a rope the fear leaves  and the next time when it will also be seen as a rope and there will be no fearful response.

This turns out to be an appropriate way to work with anxiety and neurotic fear.  When situations are seen to be the harmless reality that they truly are the fear will drop itself.  If the awareness is deep enough there will be such clarity that the fear will not return.

Courage is an appropriate response to present reality.  In truth, any perceived threat that has not yet hurt you is not a threat.  It is a situation.  Respond to the situation with courage and appropriateness and the fear will leave.  You will have performed a courageous act.  Be a little braver.  Come closer to the truth.

According to Jerry: “Jerry is a funny but deeply spiritual being from another dimension. His favorite activity is telling jokes. Jerry Brandt is the creator of Spiritual Psychology and Soul Psychotherapy. You can find out more about Jerry and read more of his thoughts at

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