Do You Have a Fear of Driving?

driving anxiety

As a hypnotherapist who helps people with fears and phobias, one of the most common fears that people come to me for is fear of driving.

Here is a link to one of my articles published by the Hypnosis Motivation Institute College of Hypnotherapy. “How to Deal With Driving Anxiety”

I’m also featured as an expert in a book that has just been published: “How to Overcome Fear of Driving: The Road to Driving Confidence” by Joanne Mallon, available on in both paperback and kindle version. I’ll be getting the paperback version so that I can photocopy my comments, frame them and hang them on the wall. (Just kidding, I think…)

Joanne is interviewed in this article published in the UK: Fear of Driving and How to Overcome It.  No wonder they are afraid to drive, they are driving on the wrong side of the road! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

If you have a fear of driving, I can help and I have a special offer for you until Feb 1st. Call me at (626) 826-0612 or click here to contact me by email.

Safe Driving!


Ted’s Book Now Available on Kindle!


My book “The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Negativity and Fear and Loving Life” is now available in Kindle format from! Click here or on the image to order or to take a look inside to preview.  I’ve actually got three five star reviews.

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A subconscious mind is a terrible thing to waste, why not put it to work for you? Hope to see you there.


Ted A. Moreno on “Amazing Minds” on HMI Web TV

I had the bright idea of sending my book, “The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Negativity and Fear and Loving Life” to George Kappas, the director of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the hypnotherapy college I attended. Shortly after, I was invited to be on their web TV show “Amazing Minds.” HMI has streaming video 24/7 on HMI WebTV , if you are ever curious about hypnosis or what’s going on at HMI.


Ready to Quit Smoking? Get Rid of Anxiety? You Need to Read This.


So here we are, 2011. Did you make any New Years Resolutions? Almost a silly question to ask; hardly anybody makes them anymore.

Did you “resolve” to make some changes last year?How’d that work for you? Are you still struggling with anxiety? Still smoking cigarettes? Did you  move closer to your goals or did your motivation and resolve slowly fizzle out like a bottle of champagne left open all night on New Years Eve? Read more

HMI Video of Ted the Hypnotherapist

Here’s a video that the Hypnosis Motivation Institute made to promote its graduates as well as the school. Thanks to Brett Stumm (Pasadena Weekly’s Best Mortgage Broker 2010) for playing the part of the client.

Professionals I Trust and Recommend

I’ve been a member of BNI for five years now. BNI stands for Business Networking International and it’s the largest business networking organization in the world. BNI offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals.

In addition to my regular weekly posts, I’d like to feature one of my fellow BNI members and their business for those readers in the Los Angeles area who are looking for a recommendation to a professional in a particular field of expertise.

The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain”. By letting you know about these professionals that I trust and recommend, I hope to be able to refer more business to them.

If you read about a business in this blog whose services you are interested in, feel free to call or email me for questions or for a personal introduction.

Are You Looking for An Interior Designer?

Armida Baylon, Interior Designer, has been in business for 30 years and doing project management for the past 20.   She works in conjunction with contractors and architects to assist in helping her clients make selections and decisions on design implementation.    She also can help a prospective client save money on many aspects of their product selections.

Here’s my testimonial: The landlord of my office complex mentioned to me that he wanted to update the library area which is along the wall of the walkway from our waiting room to the therapy room. At this point the shelves where dusty and disheveled. Some tenants wanted it removed. I gave the landlord Armida’s name and suggested he give her a call and he did.

Armida totally transformed the shelves of the library from an eyesore to a very pleasing and attractive area. By using art work, vases, and her eye for design, she completely changed the look and feel of the space.  The landlord was very happy and thanked me for the referral.

Armida will offer a one hour complimentary, no obligation consultation to any of the readers of this blog. Just mention “I heard about you on “Ted’s Tips for Transformation”.   She can be reached at 626-390-3751.

A New Look, A New Name

You may have noticed that  I’ve changed the name of my newsletter and blog to “Ted’s Tips For Transformation.” A little more interesting than “Ted’s Hypnotherapy Blog.” Besides, it’s not all about hypnotherapy, but it is all about transformation. I adopted a new look for the  email newsletter, just to change things up a bit.

If you missed it,  make sure you read my Happy Halloween Special Offer blog for a nice little discount.

Special Offer For The Mom’s Out There

Mother, Mom,  Mommy, Mama, Ma, Mum. I call my mom Mom but my siblings call her Mumsy, I have no idea where that came from. My kids know her as Grandma Mumsy. I am blessed to have her in my life.

In my work I speak with many that have issues with their mothers. They don’t speak, or when they do it can be volatile and trigger resentments sometimes going way back. When I did the Landmark Forum, it was suggested that if you have parents, you will have issues with them and moving forward in life has a lot to do with resolving those issues.

So when I hear about people that don’t get along with their mothers, I feel all the more fortunate. My mom was the best. Thanks mom. And that’s all I have to say about that.

In honor of my mother, for the month of May, I am going to give every mother that comes in$25 off each hypnotherapy session, and $50 off my Smoking Cessation Program. If you know a mom that is stressed out,  overwhelmed, trying to quit smoking or lose weight, dealing with transitions such as childbirth or divorce, or having trouble dealing with whatever is going on in her life, please pass this along to her. And don’t forget to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.