Ready to Quit Smoking? Get Rid of Anxiety? You Need to Read This.


So here we are, 2011. Did you make any New Years Resolutions? Almost a silly question to ask; hardly anybody makes them anymore.

Did you “resolve” to make some changes last year?How’d that work for you? Are you still struggling with anxiety? Still smoking cigarettes? Did you  move closer to your goals or did your motivation and resolve slowly fizzle out like a bottle of champagne left open all night on New Years Eve?

If you kept your resolutions, good for you! If you didn’t – don’t feel bad, very few people do. Which is why half of all Americans don’t make New Years Resolutions anymore: they just don’t work. For most people, nothing changes on New Years day except the calendar hanging on the wall. Are you ready to do something different?

You need more than just a resolution to make permanent changes happen. Let’s face it, change is hard. Everything about you wants to stay the same. Especially that part of you known as your subconscious mind. It’s main job is to protect you, and anything new and different, such as change, it considers very scary.

So what does it take to change? Well, for starters, a clearly defined goal is imperative. Being able to connect with what it will feel like, taste like, sound like, and look like when you achieve your goal. A plan of action helps too. A deadline is good. Finally, some support and encouragement can make all the difference in the world. I can help you with that!

I’m going to make it my mission to help you get a head start on achieving your goals for 2011. If you really want to quit smoking, lose weight, gain confidence, start releasing anxiety or get better at what your already good at, I’m going to make it easy for you by offering you six reasons to get started now.

1.  I’m going to offer you three weekly hypnotherapy sessions at my current rate before I increase my rates in February. You’ll come in, tell me what you want to change in 2011, and we’ll start working on it right then and there. The minute you walk in the door, I’ll give you a copy of my studio produced relaxation CD “Peaceful Place”.

We’ll talk about what’s holding you back, what you’re afraid of, and what it’s going to take for you to get what you want. Then, using the power of suggestion, we’ll start to retrain your brain with hypnosis. You’ll be awake, aware, in full control, and will not bark like a dog or quack like a duck unless that’s what you want. (I charge extra for working with animals…)

2. I’ll give you a digital or tape recording of the session for you to listen to at home.This is the key to all change: repetition and reinforcement!

3. After the third session, I’ll give you two coaching calls to encourage you and motivate you and keep you on track. After three sessions, you’ll be on your way. But I don’t want to just say adios and leave you out in the cold!  We can talk about your ongoing challenges, work out some solutions, and you can get some helpful advice and support.

4. I’ll give you an additional  20 minute hypnosis recording on CD and mail it to you after three sessions. A custom made CD just for you that gives further suggestions regarding your goal or what you want to change. These 15-20 minute recordings are invaluable and clients from years back tell me they are still listening to them and that they are still working!

5. I’ll give you a fourth session for 40% off! It takes 30 days to make a new habit, and that’s what hypnotherapy is all about: habit reconditioning. At a session a week, that’s four sessions, so I’ll give you an incredibly discounted session to keep you on track.  I haven’t charged that for an hour hypnotherapy session since before my hair had grey! (That would be 2005, the year my first kid was born.)

6.  I’ll give you both my Self Hypnosis for Success Conditioning CD as well as my Guide to Self Hypnosis for taking advantage of the fourth session at 40% off.  As an added bonus after the fourth session,  I’ll give you this CD and Guide so that you can learn to do self hypnosis on your own for any other goals you may want to conquer. (If you take my upcoming Self Hypnosis Class at PCC for more in depth education, I’ll waive the $25 materials fee because you already have them! How cool is that!)

Ready to get started? Click here and enter you name, email and READY! in the subject box, or call me at (626) 826-0612. Don’t wait another year!

Let’s go over that again, shall we? I’ll give you:

  • Three hypnotherapy sessions lasting at least one hour. (Value $375)
  • Copy of my “Peaceful Place” relaxation CD
  • Recording of the hypnosis portion of each session for you to take home. (Value $37)
  • Two telephone coaching calls. (Value $200)
  • Additional 20 minute hypnosis recording mailed to you on CD. (Value $85)

I think you’ll agree that with all this motivation and support you’d have some real traction in becoming healthier, smoke free or free from anxiety! Call now! (626) 826-0612. or email me by clicking here.

And of course, you get all the value that I offer to every single client that walks through my door:

  • Prompt appointments that start on time
  • Convenient day, evening and Saturday appointments
  • Reminder calls for your appointments
  • Follow up call after your first session
  • A beautiful and peaceful office setting
  • Proven strategies for change

For all of the above, I’m only asking $375, paid up front. That’s a value of $697 dollars for $375.00.

But wait, there’s more! (I always wanted to say that.)

  • If you want a fourth session, (which I highly recommend) you get it for 40% off. ($125 -40% =$75, that’s a $50 discount of my regular rate)
  • I’ll give you my Self Hypnosis for Success Conditioning CD plus my Guide to Self Hypnosis after the fourth session. In addition, should you decide to take any upcoming Self Hypnosis for Success class, I’ll waive the $25 dollar materials fee. (And believe me, that’s not even close to what this material is worth.)

If you want to hit the ground running in 2011, this is a great way to start!

Here’s the fine print:

  • This offer expires on Friday, January 28th. Pay by cash, check or credit card by this date and you can schedule your sessions whenever is convenient for you.
  • I accept credit cards!
  • This offer is for my South Pasadena location only.
  • You don’t live in So Cal? Call me and we can work out an even better deal for phone sessions.
  • This offer can’t be combined with any other offers I may have floating around out there.

Why wait? You are the person you’ve been waiting for. Now is the time, and this is your year. Click here to contact me for any questions as well as to get started. You can also call me at (626) 826-0612.

Happy 2011!!

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Dedicated to helping you move to your next level of greatness,


Ted A. Moreno 

Personal/Small Business Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist                                                                       
 (626) 826-0612
5 replies
  1. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    An irresistible offer! Call Ted & start making your life better today. Your best investment is in yourself! Thanks for making this possible Ted.

  2. Zafer
    Zafer says:

    For God sake. Do you think naming all the iriendgents will help people quit smoking?I’ll tell you smokers what helped me quit (it may not help you, but its worth a try): When you smoke, you are inhaling small amounts of cancer, and disease. It’s only a question of how much your body can take. It took a lot to stop me smoking. I smoked since I was 12/13, I regret it to this day. Simply stopping isn’t the key. Self confidence, self belief, and the drive to stop is what it takes. Good luck.

  3. moorpark plumbing
    moorpark plumbing says:

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web site before but after going through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

  4. hypnotherapy nj directory
    hypnotherapy nj directory says:

    If you are able to get on a plane but feel you will panic,
    let the flight attendant know when you board. Speaking to The Yorkshire Evening
    Post, the 49-year-old was full of praise for the local
    cancer support centre who suggested she tried hypnosis.
    A lot of what we teach on our NLP and Hypnotherapy courses is about changing
    what we are each doing in their heads.


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