Is Your Job a Path With a Heart?

 Trail in Temperate Rainforest

This post was originally posted in March of 2010.

Being a hypnotherapist and  small business coach is the longest job I’ve held, now going on 10 years and without a doubt, the most fulfilling job I’ve had.  My story is one where I’ve had a lot of jobs. I used to feel bad about moving from job to job so often, and for not being able to decide about what I wanted to do. I used to really beat myself up at times.

In my search for meaningful work, I have sold books door to door. I’ve cleaned up horse poop in stables. I have herded cattle in Montana. Read more

How You Can Make Difference in Any Job


I never really knew what I wanted to do as a kid growing up. I didn’t figure that out until I was in my 4os. Some have called me a late bloomer, others have told me that I had my head up my arse. But there’s one thing I did know: I knew what I didn’t want to do.

I didn’t want to work just to work. Becoming rich just to get stuff was never a goal, nor was becoming famous or powerful. I really only wanted one thing: Read more

Mastering Your Inner Game

MM900234752I’d  like to share a great article with you by Dan Kennedy. In my opinion, all success starts with mastering what goes on in your head. As a hypnotherapist, most of my work with students, athletes and business people involve helping them to master their inner game.

Thanks to my friend Craig Valine, Marketing Performance Coach & Strategist of the Los Angeles area Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle chapter (, of which I’m a member, for permission to share this article with you today.


By Dan Kennedy 

We’re going to talk about the inner game of building your business. I believe that the inner game is simply all-important. “The inner game” is a new term for a classic idea explained many different times, many different ways by virtually every success educator, and even philosophers.

In the book Think and Grow Rich, Read more

Radio Interview with Ted: Secrets To Effective And Powerful Leadership: Become A Student Of Human Motivation


Greeting and welcome to 2012!

January started off with a bang, the phone started ringing and hasn’t stopped. In addition to having a full roster at both of my locations, I’ve been doing a lot of hypnotherapy phone sessions and recently had my first international hypnotherapy phone session with someone from Canada. So, forgive me for a whole month without a post!

In my first blog of 2012 I invite you to listen to my interview by Dr. Ulwyn Pierre on her radio talk show “Leadership – Success – and You.” The topic is  Secrets To Effective and Powerful Leadership: Become A Student Of Human Motivation. Click here to listen to the interview which I think you’ll find interesting and thought-provoking. Even if you don’t consider yourself a leader, you are the leader of your life, and it never hurts to learn a few new people skills. You can listen to the first interview I did with her on the subject of how to develop powerful leaders by clicking here.

 From Dr. Ulwyn’s website:

Join host Dr. Ulwyn and guest Ted A. Moreno who will share with you a powerful leadership skill: the ability to motivate your team, clients, and others. He will teach you how to become a student of human motivation along with the five practical steps to understanding and developing those you lead. You will discover strategies to understand what makes others tick, and how you can get maximum performance from them. Ted is a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner and a Leading Success Performance Coach with more than fifteen years of mastery in the art of motivating people to take action. He teaches his proven techniques to business professionals so they excel as outstanding leaders. He’s a sought-after speaker and educator, teaching classes on hypnosis, self-hypnosis, motivation, and goal achievement. Be sure to get Dr. Ulwyn’s Success Guide for today’s show

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre is the Principal and CEO of Pierre & Associates, Inc., an international management consulting and executive coaching company. She’s an internationally recognized leader and an authority in the areas of Human Capital Development and Optimization, Organizational Development, and Change Management.

I hope the first month of 2012 is treating you well!

Your companion on your journey of transformation, 


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How to Memorize and Present in Public Powerfully and Effectively.

At some point most people will be asked to speak in public, whether it’s a wedding toast, funeral eulogy, or for business. Then there are those of us who actively seek out opportunities to speak for the purpose of communicating a message that we feel needs to be heard or that is necessary for our livelihood.

As a hypnotherapist and success performance coach, I’ve worked successfully with presenters to help them deliver their message much more powerfully and effectively. One such person is Libbe Halevy. (Libbe has graciously given me her permission to use her story and feature her video presentation.)

Libbe HaLevy is a Communications and Creativity expert, and dedicated anti-nuclear activist. She recently had the opportunity to speak at the recent TEDxPasadena conference. TEDx is a locally organized event licensed by TED that brings people together to share a TED-like experience. TED stands for Technology, Education and Development and is an internationally renowned platform for “Ideas Worth Spreading.” (Although Ms. HaLevy had a Ted hypnotherapy experience, neither TED nor TEDx is associated with Ted A. Moreno–aka, me.)

Libbe came to me with the goal of giving a top notch professional presentation that was dynamic, interesting and informative. She had compelling information, the speech was well written and she is an experience public speaker.  However, she needed to have the nearly 20-minute speech completely memorized, could not use notes, and had to deliver it within an allotted time frame. I worked with Libbe for one session. Watch the video to see the results.

One of the qualities of a top notch presenter is the ability to speak without notes. Memorization can be a daunting task to many, but it gets easier with practice. Here are some tips: Read more