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Back to School Challenges? These Special Offers Can Help.

  I remember some  back to school challenges when I started 3rd grade. I was pretty nervous. My teacher was going to be Mrs. O’Brian and I heard that she wasn't very nice.  My mom had taken me to school for the first day of 2nd grade at my new school, but since she now had 7 other kids to care for, I was on my own and I think I even had to … [Read more...]

How to Be Free from Smoking in 2013

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If you are a smoker and thinking about quitting, why not use the New Year as a reason to make it your goal? (If you are not a smoker, please forward this to someone who is.) If you need convincing that quitting is the right thing to do now, here are three good reasons including a special offer: 1. Look at the chart above. On the left side are … [Read more...]

But I Don’t Want to Go Back to School!

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My oldest daughter, the Chick, starts first grade Monday.Sheesh, seems like only last month she was starting kindergarten. I vividly remember my first day of first grade. Since my mom had 5 kids to care for and my dad was working, I hitched a ride to the first day of school with the kid down the block, Arthur. His parents dropped us off in front … [Read more...]

Revisiting Toads and Deep Relaxation

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    This post was originally published in June 2009. The recent rain reminded me of it. I'ved added a current special offer at the end. I was thinking about toads as I fell asleep the other night.  Spadefoot toads to be exact. You may be thinking: what do toads have to do with deep relaxation? Well, it started with the weather. … [Read more...]

Feelings versus Commitment: Which Liberates, Which Imprisons?

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A woman chewed me out once because I asked her (very nicely) not to park her car behind mine while Pep Boys repaired a tire on it. In a hurry, I didn't want to be slowed down while they got her to move her car so I could leave. I got so angry, I thought about giving her the finger on my way out of the parking lot. I felt that she deserved it for … [Read more...]

Ready to Quit Smoking? Get Rid of Anxiety? You Need to Read This.

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So here we are, 2011. Did you make any New Years Resolutions? Almost a silly question to ask; hardly anybody makes them anymore. Did you "resolve" to make some changes last year?How'd that work for you? Are you still struggling with anxiety? Still smoking cigarettes? Did you  move closer to your goals or did your motivation and resolve slowly … [Read more...]

For The First Five New Clients of 2010..

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For the first five new clients of 2010 I will give a free session after two paid sessions. For Smoking cessation packages I'll give you $75 off. Two requirements: first, you must mention this blog. Second, you must come in with three goals written down on a piece of paper. If you are thinking about changing things up for the new year, NOW is the … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween Special Offer!

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The ghosts,  ghouls and goblins are out, but what's really scary is that so many businesses do so little to thank and reward their customers, especially since customers are hard to come by these days! Since we are on our way to Thanksgiving, I would like to show my appreciation to all my previous clients reading this by making the following offer: … [Read more...]

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