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The Futility of Comparing Yourself to Others

Today's post is by guest author Leo Babauta, creator of the blog zenhabits. I've found that one of the most pervasive ways that people disempower themselves is by comparing themselves to others. One of the biggest reasons we’re not content with ourselves and our lives is that we compare ourselves to other people. Picture it: you see photos of … [Read more...]

Are You and Your Body Friends?

Today's post is by guest author Tarnie Falloon, Licensed Physical Therapist and Transformational Healer. Tarnie emphasizes mindful movement as a way to health and wellness. Are you friends with your body?  Do you love, appreciate, and honor it just the way it is? Last week I was talking to a woman who hated her body. Her sense of self … [Read more...]

Learning to Be Assertive

Today's post is written by guest author Cristina Mardirossian, MFT. STEVEN’S STORY Steven has been with his girlfriend for almost two years and is tired of not getting his needs met. According to Steven, he has a difficult time in asking for what he wants and needs. A simple decision, for example, about where to eat dinner is challenging for … [Read more...]

Ready for 2013? Let’s Start by Breathing Away Some Stress…

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The holidays are over. What's next? A brand new year brimming with possibility. Ready to start working on what you are going to create in 2013? Why don't we start by letting go of any stress that we might have dragged into the New Year? In other words, let's get centered, grounded and clear in mind and body. Today's post is written by Dr. … [Read more...]

12 Laws of Life, Part 2

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Photo by James Allan Here is Part 2 of the 12 Laws of Life, an article by a man named Tom Hoobyar, who was an inventor and high tech CEO.  Tom Hoobyar died on September 25th, 2001. I really don't know much about him or his life, but I very much appreciate his wisdom. I hope you do too. To read part 1, click here. 12 Laws of Life (Part 2) by Tom … [Read more...]

12 Laws of Life, Part I

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  Recently I came across this article by a man named Tom Hoobyar, who was an inventor and high tech CEO.  It contains some of the wisest words I've ever read. Tom Hoobyar died on September 25th, 2001, but his words live on. Take some time to read one of my favorite guest posts. 12 Laws of Life by Tom Hoobyar 1. SELF-MANAGEMENT AND … [Read more...]

The Inner Critic: Listen Up

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Today's post is by guest author Craig Mollins, who writes about why your inner critic may have something valuable to tell you. In the process of personal transformation, we seek to be open to what our minds, as well as our bodies, are telling us, even if we don't want to hear. The inner critic gets a bad rap ever time. "Silence your inner … [Read more...]

Mastering Your Inner Game

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I'd  like to share a great article with you by Dan Kennedy. In my opinion, all success starts with mastering what goes on in your head. As a hypnotherapist, most of my work with students, athletes and business people involve helping them to master their inner game. Thanks to my friend Craig Valine, Marketing Performance Coach & Strategist of … [Read more...]

How I Changed My Life, In Four Lines

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[/caption] (As a hypnotherapist interested in transformation, one of my favorite bloggers is guest author Leo Babauta. He writes about simplicity, getting things done and how to be happier, among other things. Today's post is by Leo.) Changing your life can seem an incredibly tough and complicated thing, especially if you’ve failed a great … [Read more...]


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This week I'm honored to feature one of my favorite authors, Rob Brezsny. I've been following Rob's horoscope column since the 90's and now follow him online at His book "Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia" magically appeared in front of me one day as if  gifted by the universe (seriously!) and is now part of my daily … [Read more...]

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