20 Ways to Free Your Mind


On Independence Day we celebrated our country’s freedom from the rule of the British empire. However, there are many other ways that our freedom can be curtailed besides being locked in a cell or ruled by a king.

True freedom is the ability to make a conscious choice. Freedom to think, to choose and to create your life in accordance with your most important values. True freedom is freedom of the mind, which no prison bars or national boundary can contain.

Free your mind from:

  1. the negative conditioning of the past.
  2. judgments you made about yourself which are no longer true or valid.
  3. judgments about others that are no longer true or valid.
  4. ancient resentments that poison your soul and erode your happiness.
  5. old beliefs that no longer work for you about work, such as that it should be painful or drudgery
  6. old beliefs that no longer work about how much you need to suffer.
  7. old beliefs about you needing to be deserving to have happiness, joy, love, abundance.
  8. any decisions you made that you should continue to be punished for past transgressions.
  9. religious beliefs that no longer work for you.
  10. a sense of obligation to anyone or anything that you do not feel in your heart.
  11. advertising that attempts to tell you what you should have or what you need to be happy or how you should act.
  12. brainwashing by news organizations that operate with a corporate agenda.
  13. media programming that by its content is aimed at influencing  how you spend your money.
  14. social conditioning that has you convinced that more is better.
  15. the hypnosis of the culture that attempts to convince you that you are powerless to change things.
  16. the hypnosis of the culture that already has you convinced that the purpose of your life is to accumulate stuff.
  17. the desire to spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need.
  18. the need to be right.
  19. any thoughts that you are small and insignificant, that life is a bitch then you die, that all you are is a body and a collection of thoughts, that your being here in this place, in this time, doesn’t matter.
  20. any attempt by anybody to shut you up.

Only you can free your mind.

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Your companion on the path to transformation,


5 replies
  1. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Thanks Ted. I agree too many of us hold on to past stuff and let it influence the present. We should just learn, let it go and move forward.

  2. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Sometimes it is a matter of balancing the negative lessons less they might be repeated for different reasons so we convince ourselves. Leading with positive moving forward thoughts and actions keeps life interesting and ever changing. Only you can prevent a negative thought or action. If we are wells of negativity our thrist is greater. Be a well of the positive and you can drink forever and Do not forget to share with a thristy person

  3. Cijo
    Cijo says:

    Hi Ted, excellent. U just made my mind free by writing this….”11.advertising that attempts to tell you what you should have or what you need to be happy or how you should act.”

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