Why You Always Do What You’ve Always Done

I’ve been trying to learn Message in a Bottle on guitar but it’s coming really slow. Since I’ve been wanting to post more videos on my blog, I thought I would do a short video explaining why sometimes your brain wants to do one thing but your body wants to do another. This was recorded in the “TManCave”, my home office and hideout.

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  1. Rebecca Booth
    Rebecca Booth says:

    So re-thinking/re-learning appears to be tough on all of us…. What I have been doing is telling myself before attempting to do an old thing in a new way is state clearly how I want it to end. Also try some of these make words like VISTA into Valuable, Intelligent, Successful, Talented, Abundant. Then try the old thing with the new focus it really works…. You might find a new talent hidden in an old way of thinking/doing. rb


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