Who Has Control of Your Mind?

It’s still surprising to me how many people out there are afraid of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It happens all the time, when I tell someone I’m a hypnotherapist,  they put their hand in front of their face and exclaim “Don’t look at me!” Believe it or not, I’ve actually had people ask me “Are you hypnotizing me now?” Other times, people say “I would never allow someone to control my mind.”  I have to chuckle inside. What they are telling me is that they would be an excellent hypnosis subject because they believe I can control their mind. Of course, that is simply not true.

 My job is not to control your mind but to help you get control of your own mind. I have to remind myself occasionally that there is still a lot of fear and misinformation out there about what hypnosis is and isn’t. As a hypnotherapist, it’s easy to assume that everyone is aware of the value of hypnotherapy. In fact, most people are not.

When I say controlling your mind I mean controlling your thoughts. That’s why people come to me: because  they are having trouble controlling their thoughts. Thoughts lead to behavior. Their thoughts and behaviors  are not getting them what they want. Make sense? I help people to have control over their minds so that they are thinking the thoughts and doing the things that help them get what they want  and feel the way they want to feel.

Do you use a washboard to wash your clothes? You might not even know what a washboard is. Yet there was a time when most folks used a washboard to wash their clothes.  Hardly anybody uses a washboard anymore because we now have a better tool: a washing machine.

Hypnosis is simply a tool, but a very effective and powerful tool. In my opinion, it’s the tool of the future when it comes to tapping your potential. It may be called auto-suggestion, reprogramming, or guided visualization, but the goal is the same: to de-hypnotize yourself from the control of limiting beliefs and bad habits that keep you from moving forward in your life.

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you nay have heard this before. But it bears repeating that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Here are some other points to remember if you are thinking about using hypnotherapy to help you  achieve your goals.

  • Hypnosis is based on science.
  • Hypnosis is a natural state we all go into, pretty much on a daily basis. If you’ve ever missed your off ramp because you were “spacing out” then you know what it feels like to be in trance state.
  • It’s about the power of suggestion.  I simply guide you into a state you’ve been in many times before, this time under controlled conditions where I give you  suggestions based on what you’ve told me you want to change or achieve. You are very open to suggestions (suggestible) when you are in hypnosis.
  • Since it’s a natural state, everyone can be hypnotized. The fact is, there’s a lot of people out there already walking around in a trance. 
  • Ever seen a stage hypnosis show? People ask me all the time if it’s real. It is real and yes, those people are really under hypnosis. How does the hypnotist get them to do wacky things? Well for starters, they volunteer! They know what to expect. The fact that they raise their hands to volunteer means they expect to get hypnotized. Still, some don’t really allow it to happen and they get sent back to their seats.
  • Here is something to ponder: you are already hypnotized to act and behave in certain ways, even if you don’t want to. It’s called social conditioning, or the hypnosis of the culture.


I’ve heard it said and I agree that the greatest skill you will ever learn is how to control your thinking. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for doing that. If you know someone who has tried over and over to change something in their life but have not succeeded, it might be time for them to get a better tool.

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