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I’d like to extend a warm welcome and a gracious thank you to all the wonderful people I met at the New World Fair that expressed an interest in my newsletter/blog. The New World Fair was held this past Saturday and Sunday at the new exhibit hall in the Pasadena Convention Center. I’ve been doing these expos for five years now, and they take a lot of time and preparation as well as follow up. Not to mention the energy needed to be on your feet for two days greeting people and spreading the word about hypnotherapy. What makes it worth it is meeting and talking to some really fabulous and interesting people.

Being at these events allow me a glimpse into the perception the public has regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy. As a woman walked by my booth today and looked my way, I greeted her with a smile and asked if she would like to enter our raffle for a free hypnotherapy session valued at $125 dollars.   “I don’t think I would like that” she replied.                                                                                                                                                   “Why not?” I asked.                                                                                                                                                                                                        “I don’t know” she said and kept walking.

I found this exchange  quite telling. Remember, the reason I exhibit at these events is that I expect that the folks attending have some  interest in either tarot, channeling, biofeedback, palm reading, incense, Ascended Masters, hemp, chiropractic and other therapies including hypnotherapy.  Most of them, (including myself) are interested in ingesting various berries, juices, tonics, green tea, special salt, and various flavors of Clif Bars. In other words, the expectation is that there is some degree of exploration,  curiosity and open mindedness among most if not all of the attendees. Obviously, this is not the case. My cursed idealism!

Seriously though, what we’re dealing with is fear of the unknown, perhaps the greatest fear. Mix that in with a little misinformation and you end up with  people that can really be served by the  hypnotherapeutic process but who are unwilling to even consider it because they fear being controlled, or that they will  reveal their deepest darkest secrets,  or will make fools of themselves.

That’s why I do these events: to spread the word, educate, inform, and dispel misconceptions. It’s also about connection, maybe getting a few people in the recliner chair we had set up in our booth for the purpose of letting people experience hypnosis.  Which we did. And the best part of it is when you count them out of the trance and they open their eyes and look at you and smile and say “Thanks, that was great.”  Like I said, that pretty much makes it all worth it.

It’s after midnight and I need to get to bed. (Tomorrow’s my stay home dad day, tougher than any expo.) Next week we’ll continue Hypnosis 101 with a discussion about the power of suggestion using hypnosis.

Until then, have a beautiful week.

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  1. Stephanie Wright
    Stephanie Wright says:

    Hey Ted,

    It was great meeting you and yes the Expo was fun and very exhausting indeed. I was working a beverage booth and you came by and we chatted a bit about past life regressions. The book that I mentioned I was reading, which I couldn’t think of the title and author of at the time was, ‘A practical Guide To Past Life Memories’ by Richard Webster. The book is interesting as it speaks of personal accounts from his practice in hypnotherapy and it also talks about methods of self hypnosis. Still, I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some stronger authors with more knowledge on the subject. I’m not quite ready to explore this yet but I’m getting close and I’ll definitely be in touch when I am.



    • tedmoreno
      tedmoreno says:

      Yes, I remember you at the zenergize booth. Anything by Brian Wiess is good, probably his most popular book is “Many Lives, Many Masters”
      Clink on this link to check it out.
      Great meeting you!

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