Are You Off Track and Out of Whack? Call in the Experts.

 I looked out my window recently one morning and noticed  that my garage door was open. It was 6 a.m. so I knew it was open all night. We don’t park our car in the garage so we always keep it closed, especially at night.

I pressed the button in my house to close the garage door; it went down a few feet then went back up.  I went outside to take a look.  The wheels were off the tracks and the cables that pull the door up were off the pulleys. I tried to put things back, making a lot of racket in the process but I couldn’t figure out  how things worked. My wife came out in her bathrobe and slippers to see what was up, and we spent about an hour trying to fix it but could not.

I was  frustrated because now I had missed my 7 a.m. BNI meeting. What bothered me more is that I couldn’t figure out why it got screwed up in the first place. I pulled out the phone book, called a garage door repair guy, and within 2 hours my garage door was working perfectly. If I had done that first, I would’ve saved  a lot of time and aggravation.

What I didn’t know is that my garage door uses two big springs to pull the door up by the cables. Sometimes these springs get old and out of balance and one side of he door gets pulled up quicker than the other. That’s how it got out of whack and off the rails. It took the garage door expert a little more than a half hour to replace the springs and re-adjust the door.

When life gets out of balance, when you get off track and  are feeling down and can’t figure out how to pull yourself back up, then it might be time to call on your team of Experts

For example,  this past week I was feeling off track and out of whack  in regards to my hypnotherapy practice. There were some things I just couldn’t figure out on my own. So I called on my team of experts for support.

I started with a meeting with June Davidson, President of American Seminar Leaders and  President of Coaching Firm International. She is also a speaker and an author.  She helped me realize what aspects of my business I should be focusing on, helping me to be more clear about my direction as a coach and hypnotherapist.

I then called on my good friend Craig Valine, the local Independent Business Advisor with Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle. Craig is a Marketing Performance Strategist who helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals learn more effective ways to market their business and grow their income. Craig’s advice has been invaluable in helping me craft my marketing message.

Craig put me in touch with Scott Evans.  Scott is an inventor, educator and entrepreneur. You may have seen the movie “The Sandlot”, which was written and directed by Scott’s brother David and tells a story from their childhood. I’ve seen Scott speak and have attended one of his seminars. Scott sat down with me and helped me to realize that there were areas of my business that I was focusing on that were not in line with my passion, which is helping people move to the next level of success in their businesses and personal lives. To say that Scott shifted my perspective about my business would be putting it mildly. I walked away with more ideas than I’ve had in a long time.

Who is on your team that you can call on for support, direction and guidance? Maybe a valued friend or relative that will  give you the straight scoop. Perhaps you have a minister or priest that you respect that can guide you in your spiritual direction. A psychotherapist or hypnotherapist can be a great help. More and more folks are turning to business and life coaches for accountability and support. Your team might consist of  the collective wisdom of the authors and teachers contained in your book and audio library.

Nobody does it alone. If you feel that you’ve got no one in your corner  in your personal life or business then go out and find an expert and develop a relationship with them. You might think it’s corny but it’s true: TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

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p.s. When it comes to helping you blast past what is stopping you from getting what you want, I’m an expert. If you come in for a coaching or hypnotherapy session before Feb. 26th, I’ll give you my updated version of my Self Hypnosis for Success Guide, my Self hypnosis Conditioning CD,  and an hour coaching call to help you get started on using self-hypnosis. When would now be a good time to start?

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