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Are You a Single Professional Woman with Money Anxiety?

According to a recent survey by a multinational financial services company, 49% of woman that responded, including high income earners, have money anxiety. They fear becoming broke and homeless. A professional woman that becomes suddenly single due to death, divorce, or separation can find herself overwhelmed with fear and money anxiety. It can … [Read more...]

Self Hypnosis Kept Me From Wiping Out

Self hypnosis is a valuable tool that is really quite easy to use. Here's an example of how I used self hypnosis in a very unlikely place. I was camping out on Lake Mohave one summer with my brothers. One morning the lake was so smooth, we decided to go water skiing. Now, I'm not the best water skier. I find it difficult to get up on the skis … [Read more...]

Want to Learn How to Hypnotize Yourself?

It's easy to do! (Hint: you spend a certain amount of time each day in hypnosis.) You can learn the ins and outs of self hypnosis by taking my Self Hypnosis for Success Class at Pasadena City College on June 15th, 22nd and 29th. Click here to register! Did you know that Einstein and Thomas Edison used self hypnosis regularly? Look where it got … [Read more...]

Event: Here’s to Having Healthy Holidays!

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In conjunction with Dr. Gina Travis and the Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Center, I'll be holding an event called "Here's to Having Healthy Holidays".   Do all your good habits go out the window at the first holiday party?  Do you suffer from the holiday blues?  Tired of starting the New Year burned out and overweight?  Does the stress … [Read more...]

Self Hypnosis and the Stars

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Celebrities have used hypnosis or self hypnosis for relaxation, career success and to quit smoking. Why not learn this valuable tool for yourself? You can! Register for the Self Hypnosis for Success Class being offered again at Pasadena City College starting  Saturday, January 24th, and continuing for the next two Saturdays: January 31st and … [Read more...]

Learn How to Control Your Thoughts with My Self Hypnosis for Success Class.

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  The most powerful skill you will ever learn is the ability to control your thoughts. What you think becomes your life. If you think worrisome, fearful thoughts, you will be worried and fearful. Think thoughts of gratitude and success, and you'll feel grateful and successful. Do you feel like you are controlled by negative thinking? It's … [Read more...]

Are You A DIY? Attend my Self Hypnosis Class Starting 10/23 at PCC

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  If you are a DIY (Do It Yourselfer) then you might be interested in taking my Self Hypnosis for Success Class at PCC starting October 23rd and continuing for the next three Saturdays: October 30th and November 6th from 9 am to 10:30 am. Click here to register! All hypnosis is self hypnosis, so in this class you'll learn to use this valuable … [Read more...]

“Self Hypnosis For Success” class at PCC coming soon…

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I'll be offering my Self Hypnosis for Success class again at Pasadena City College for  three consecutive Saturdays on October 23rd, October 30th and November 6th from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. This is the third time I'll be offering the class and it's received really good reviews. In this fascinating course, students will learn how to use self … [Read more...]

Another Chance for “Self Hypnosis for Success” Class at Pasadena City College

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Pasadena City College will be offering my Self Hypnosis for Success class again for three Saturdays starting June 5, 2010, and continuing on June 12th and 19th from 9 to 10:30 a.m. I'm not sure if I will hold this class again at PCC. So if you're interested, act now!  Go to this link Hypnosis For Success for class registration and information. Here … [Read more...]

My Self Hypnosis Class offered at PCC

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I'll be teaching "Self Hypnosis for Success" at Pasadena City College through the Extended Learning program. It starts on January 23rd and continues for the next two Saturdays. In this course, you will learn how to use self hypnosis for a variety of concerns including weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence building, anxiety lessening, public … [Read more...]

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