5 Ways to Get Free from a Funk – Episode 441

Have  you ever been in a funk? You know: unmotivated, lethargic, something’s off, feeling deflated, sad and not right? We all have, and it’s not fun, so we want to get out of the funk as soon as possible.

Ted Moreno, the Funkmeister himself, has spent more time in funks than you can imagine. In this episode, Ted shares from his own experience,  5 ways to free yourself from the funk and get unstuck from the muck so you can move forward and get stuff done and have some fun. Don’t beat yourself up for being a funker, instead, listen to this episode!

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Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where you just feel stuck? Unable to act? Unmotivated, lethargic, not right? A bit burned out? If so, then you know how it feels to be in a funk.

I’m not talking about being funky, like funky music. I’m talking about feeling kind of down, deflated, sad, a little depressed, and melancholy, like you’ve got the blues. Feeling stuck.

Or maybe you wake up one day and you’re not feeling well rested; somethings off, something hurts, you’re not feeling well but it’s not really a cold or some kind of sickness, it’s just, you know, feeling stuck in a funk.

Well guess what, you are in good company, because everyone feels this way sometimes.

I used to be a real funkster, like, in a funk like all the time.

When I was in my teens and early 20s, I was the Funkmeister and not in a good way. I was kind of blue a lot of the time, just feeling funked up. (Read about it in my book.) That changed when I started to really work on myself using the following strategies that I’ll share with you here. I still find myself in a funk occasionally, but it never lasts more than a few hours now.

Being in a funk is no fun; it can stop us from doing what we need to do, feeling the way we want to feel and being who we want to be. So, here are 5 ways to get free from a funk and get unstuck from the muck.

1. Acknowledge, Accept and Ask. This first step is really important. You want to sit down, take a breath, and say to yourself “I am in a funk. I accept that I’m in this place, and I am asking my mind, what’s going on, and what can I do to get out of this.”

You don’t want to beat yourself up and make it worse by saying “I suck because I’m in this funk” or “I’m such a stupid funcker for feeling this way.” No, be nice to yourself.

You want to breathe, get connected to your body’s wisdom, and allow your mind and body to give you some information that might be helpful. You also want to give yourself some positive affirmations such as, “I’ll get through this, this is temporary, this too will pass.” Be there for yourself.

So for instance,

· You might realize that it’s the anniversary of losing someone you loved, as in a death or breakup.

· If you’re a woman, you might realize that you are going to start your period soon.

· Or maybe something happened. Somebody said or did something that is still stuck in your head, like a pebble in your shoe; you’re kind of ignoring it or repressing it.

· Perhaps you saw or heard something on the radio or social media that made you feel sad or fearful or insecure.

If you take the time to AAA, you might find that something bubbles up to the surface as to why you are feeling this way, and if that happens, you can address it consciously instead of letting it run you. If nothing bubbles up, it’s still ok. Sometimes it’s sunny and sometimes it’s gloomy and sometimes we don’t know why. That’s the way life is and that’s where acceptance comes in. Either way, move on to take step number 2.

2. Become Number 1. In other words, prioritize yourself and your self-care. Start by asking yourself: “Am I doing the things I know I need to do to feel my best?” If not, get back to doing those things by doing as many of them as you can even if you can’t do all of them.

· Basic stuff such as good sleep, good nutrition and moving your body. Are you drinking enough water? Dehydration can leave us feeling low on energy and achy and fatigued.

· How about supplementation? Have you fallen out of the habit of taking your supplements? If supplementation is not your habit, consider that it might help and be a good thing to do for a while. Consider getting more electrolytes, iron, vitamin B, or Vitamin D.

· Speaking of vitamin D, are you getting enough sunlight and fresh air? We tend to forgot how important these things are. If you live in a cold climate where you can’t go outside, consider getting a happy light, which is a full spectrum light that prompts your body’s natural energy enhancers to help you relax, focus and feel revitalized. This can be helpful if you are subject to SAD, seasonal affective disorder, which some people suffer from when there is a lack of sunlight due to the change in seasons.

· Moving your body is so important to get free from the funk. Don’t go crazy and hurt yourself or over-stress your body. If you are in a funk, you are in a bit of a weakened state so take it easy and don’t overdo it. Walking, jogging, yoga, whatever you can do, even if it’s not as much as you do, do something.

· And when it comes to taking good care of yourself when you are in a funk, you want to avoid alcohol and smoking marijuana which could make things worse because these are depressants and will add to your lethargy and lack of energy. Try not to medicate unless it’s over the counter stuff for cramps

and/or pain. Be aware and conscious of what your body is telling you. And avoid doom scrolling on social media.

3. Clear the deck. This means creating space by removing unnecessary things so that you are ready for action.

· For example, cleaning out a desk drawer or closet and getting rid of stuff or uncluttering. We think we own our stuff but often it owns us and has the tendency to create clutter in our homes and in our minds. Letting go of stuff allows flow to happen.

· You might need to clear engagements or appointments that you are not ready for or really don’t want to do.

· Maybe you need to let someone go in your life that is bringing you down, such as a partner, friend, or associate. This could potentially be a big decision so put some thought and consideration into it.

· Journaling can be a great way to create space in your mind. Getting all the head stuff and head trash out and onto paper can be a way of unburdening yourself. Explore thoughts, feelings, past experiences, and future expectations. Create or reinforce outcomes such as goals, dreams, and desires. Balance this with gratitude for the good fortune you now have in your life.

4. Open the curtains, let the light in and the funk out. What inspires you? What prompts you to be your best self? What makes you laugh and feel good?

· Is it going out with friends that are positive, encouraging, and supportive or maybe just lunch with your mentor or best friend? Don’t show up and throw up all your troubles, just hang out and be free from them for a while.

· Is it dancing, playing music, or making art?

· Getting out in nature has been a prescription for what ails you since recorded history. Even just sitting in a park with lots of trees. As you know, I walk around a lake most days of the week.

· How about your favorite feel-good movies that leave you feeling positive and upbeat? Or a good book?

· Bring in something new. A new class. A new project. Do something you haven’t done before. The key to burnout is novelty.

· Don’t forget the power of positive affirmations and self-talk including gratitude.

5. Hack a pathway out of the funk. Structure, planning, scheduling, and organizing sound boring but they are some of the keys to success. You might have to spend a

few hours or a day sitting around feeling funky but as soon as you can, make a plan to do something. Make a list before you go to bed at night, so you have something to reach for when you wake up. Give yourself some direction. Get an accountability partner to help you. Do what you can to take some action because when you are in a funk the best thing to do is something. Make it something good.

So there, do you feel that funk lifting just a bit? I hope so. If you need some help freeing yourself from feeling stuck in a funk, reach out to me at tedmoreno.com/contact and we’ll talk and see if hypnotherapy and high performance coaching is right for you.

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If you need some help freeing yourself from feeling stuck in a funk, reach out to Ted at TedMoreno.com/contact and request a complimentary consultation to talk and see if hypnotherapy and high performance coaching is right for you.

Here’s a quote:

“Never fear to deliberately walk through dark places, for that is how you reach the light on the other side.” — Vernon Howard

Thanks for reading this!