How To Use Your Dreams to Let Go of Blocks

One time many years ago I awoke from a most interesting dream. The dream involved a romantic relationship that had ended several months earlier. In the dream, I was on a trip with this person. We were having a wonderful time. In the dream, it felt very natural to be with the person, when in fact, in reality, I had never felt completely comfortable.

When I awoke, I felt that the dream was a sign that I should contact this person again. I called her, but the number was disconnected. (I knew she had been thinking about moving.) Instead of feeling disappointed, I was relieved. I realized that in spite of my dream, I really had no desire to ever speak to this person again.

Years later, while in training to be a hypnotherapist, I realized that this dream had been what is called a “venting dream”. These types of dreams happen in the early mornings which is why it’s easy to remember them. In these dreams, the mind releases what is no longer relevant to your life. In my dream, I was letting go of the attachment I had to this relationship; my mind was ready to move forward.

Think of the mind like a clam that is tightly closed, not allowing anything in or out. When a person is in hypnosis, this clam opens slightly which allows a hypnotherapist to give the client suggestions that are able to get into the mind.  Since these suggestions will be in line with what the client wants, they might be at odds with what is already in the client’s mind. They will be irritants to the “clam”.

For example, take the suggestion “You are confident and feel good about your ability to communicate with people”. If this suggestion is given to a client that does not feel confident and doubts their ability to communicate with people, then there will be a conflict between what is suggested and what has been the client’s experience. However,  suppose the client  comes back for more sessions and gets the same suggestion again. Or listens everyday to the recording of the hypnosis part of the session. (I give my clients a recording of the hypnosis part of each session.) Soon, the new suggestion becomes more comfortable to the “clam” and the old way of being now becomes the irritant. In the venting dreams, the “clam” will open up and release the old belief that involves lack of confidence and doubts about the ability to communicate. In with the good, out with the bad.

At the end of most  hypnotherapy sessions  that I have with clients, I give them a suggestion that they will vent out in their early morning dreams what is holding them back from what they want. I’ll have them write their dreams down and this way we can see how they are responding to the suggestions given in hypnotherapy.

How can you use this to let go of whatever is blocking you or holding you back from success? Try this:

  • Identify a problem in your life that is keeping you from what you want to have, do or be. For example, let’s say you are a salesperson and you are afraid to make phone calls to prospects to make appointments.
  • The problem is fear. So before you go to bed, handwrite out two sentences. One which is an affirmation of what you want to do, and the other, a suggestion that you will vent out or release what is holding you back. For example: “I am easily making many phone calls each day that result in appointments with prospects that will increase my sales.” Say this out loud a couple of times. Then write this: “Tonight in my dreams I will vent out and release the fear of calling prospects.”
  • Keep some paper or a journal next to your bed. If you persist with the exercise described above, you should start to remember more of your dreams. Write them down as soon as you wake up.

You may have a dream that goes something like this: you call a prospect on the phone and the prospect yells at you and tells you not to call anymore. You call and call and everyone tells you the same thing. You  end up losing your sales job.

This dream would suggest that you are letting go of the fear of making the calls. You will begin to find that calling prospects becomes less and less scary.

This is a simple tool that you can use that can be really effective. However, for best results, make sure you are taking other actions as well to move forward in the area that your are working on.

Sweet Dreams!

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  1. june davidson
    june davidson says:

    How beautifully put! I love dreaming as we use to do in the summer time lying on our backs in the field looking up at the clouds. We would see things in the clouds, in fact whole scenes of things, close our eyes and dream. Thank you for sharing.


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