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Back to School Challenges? These Special Offers Can Help.

  I remember some  back to school challenges when I started 3rd grade. I was pretty nervous. My teacher was going to be Mrs. O’Brian and I heard that she wasn't very nice.  My mom had taken me to school for the first day of 2nd grade at my new school, but since she now had 7 other kids to care for, I was on my own and I think I even had to … [Read more...]

Test Anxiety: How to Deal With It.

At the end of July all over the country, thousands of people will take the bar exam and fail due to test anxiety. The failure rate in California in 2004 was 56 percent. Although some will fail because they are not worried enough, many will fail because they are worried to the point of test anxiety. Test anxiety can show up as early as first … [Read more...]

How To Beat Test Anxiety

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Been a hot  summer here in Southern California.  It's still hot even though today, 6 days into fall,  mornings are cooler and days are getting shorter.  One thing I've noticed,  traffic is heavier because everyone is back to school. When I was in school,  I pretty much skated by, hardly studied, and did pretty good. It was the same in high school. … [Read more...]

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