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Book Review: “Choices and Illusions”

There is an allegedly factual account that when the Spanish galleons approached the New World, they were invisible to the Aztec people. When the conquistadors approached the shore with helmets on their heads, they were perceived by Montezuma and his people as gods walking on water. One of the Aztec sages was able to see the ships only after several … [Read more...]

Five Steps to Finding Your Life’s Purpose (Guaranteed!)

There seem to be a lot of people these days looking for their life's purpose. I googled "How to find your life's purpose" and came up with 94 million results. I searched a few of the 94 million results and found that most involved writing stuff down, going back to childhood, what brings you joy, etc. When I was looking for my life's purpose, none … [Read more...]

Time to Get Rid of Your (Same Old) Story?

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 My life changed in 1990 when a relationship I was in fell apart like a castle made of sand. Parents had been met and plans made for the future, even though we had only been together less than four months. Perhaps you can relate to the feelings of devastation, shock, and loss that accompany the sudden end of  something into which much emotion has … [Read more...]

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