Little Changes Here and There

I’ve been diligently working on my blog site and adding cool new features such as share/save buttons under each post.

I’ve also added “Ted’s Most Excellent Links” as well as some new tabs on the main menu, including tabs for my website,, and my anxiety blog site, Overcome Anxiety with Hypnosis.

I’m especially excited to finally get my first product, my Peaceful Place Relaxation CD, online under the tab Hypnosis Audio CDs.

As always, I welcome any suggestions for products and/or content.

Happy Day!

Special Offer on Personalized Hypnosis or Motivational Recordings

Would you like to have more motivation and confidence? Is there something in your life that is really stressing you out? A personalized hypnosis CD or motivational CD can be a great tool to help you make those changes.

I am offering a discounted rate for personalized hypnosis or motivational recordings from now until March 30th. What I will do is record a 20 to 30 minute personalized hypnosis or motivational recording based on information I will get from you in a phone interview. I’ll email the recording to you or send you a CD within 1 week. The cost is $75 including  $5 shipping and handling if you’d like a CD sent to you.

As a special bonus, if you call or email before Feb 28th, I will discount the price an additional $10. This is really a great deal as most of these type of CDs go for well over $100 if you order them on the internet.

Note: Not all issues are appropriate for a hypnosis recording. Hypnosis recordings are not meant to be listened to while driving a car or in any other situation which requires your full conscious attention.

For more information call (626) 826-0612 or email