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Ted Moreno New Website

This week I'm honored to feature one of my favorite authors, Rob Brezsny. I've been following Rob's horoscope column since the 90's and now follow him online at His book "Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia" magically appeared in front of me one day as if  gifted by the universe (seriously!) and is now part of my daily … [Read more...]

Time to Get Rid of Your (Same Old) Story?

Ted Moreno New Website

 My life changed in 1990 when a relationship I was in fell apart like a castle made of sand. Parents had been met and plans made for the future, even though we had only been together less than four months. Perhaps you can relate to the feelings of devastation, shock, and loss that accompany the sudden end of  something into which much emotion has … [Read more...]

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