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What are some misconceptions about hypnosis?

Movies, television and the media have created many myths about hypnosis, such as the belief that you are under the control of the hypnotist or that you can be made to do something against your will. Other false myths are the belief that you will reveal information that you don’t want to reveal or that you won’t remember anything that happened during a hypnosis session.
Furthermore, stage hypnotists have contributed to these myths through entertaining shows where people do crazy things under the command of the hypnotist. The truth is that the people that raise their hands to volunteer at a stage hypnotist show are already willing and ready to do what the hypnotist asks them to do. If they aren’t, the hypnotist will send them back into the audience so that he ends up with the most suggestible and cooperative members of the audience on stage.
Although the idea that you can be controlled and subject to the commands of a hypnotist makes great Hollywood entertainment, nothing can be farther from the truth.

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