Man Has Two Rotten Teeth Removed Using only Hypnosis as a Painkiller


Mr Mason faced a £400 bill for the procedure to be performed privately

Seems like hypnosis is much more widely used and accepted in the UK than it is here in the States.

A dental patient there underwent hypnosis to have two rotten teeth removed because he could not afford private treatment. The dentist said that the hypnosis was “100% effective.” Read more

Actress Jessica Alba Recommends Hypnobirthing Classes


Jessica Alba has been voted  number one on‘s list of “99 Most Desirable Women” in 2006, as well as “Sexiest Woman in the World” by FHM in 2007.

However, the 30 year old actress who hails from Pomona California is like most women: she’d like to have the upcoming birth of her baby be as relaxed as possible, so she recommends hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing involves the use of hypnosis during childbirth.

I don’t do hypnobirthing (after being present at the arrival of my two girls, I never want to see another kid being born) but it shows how powerful hypnosis can be as well as the many uses available.

Read all about it:

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Why You Always Do What You’ve Always Done

I’ve been trying to learn Message in a Bottle on guitar but it’s coming really slow. Since I’ve been wanting to post more videos on my blog, I thought I would do a short video explaining why sometimes your brain wants to do one thing but your body wants to do another. This was recorded in the “TManCave”, my home office and hideout.

Revisiting Toads and Deep Relaxation


Spadefoot Toad


This post was originally published in June 2009. The recent rain reminded me of it. I’ved added a current special offer at the end.

I was thinking about toads as I fell asleep the other night.  Spadefoot toads to be exact. You may be thinking: what do toads have to do with deep relaxation? Well, it started with the weather. Read more

Ready to Quit Smoking? Get Rid of Anxiety? You Need to Read This.


So here we are, 2011. Did you make any New Years Resolutions? Almost a silly question to ask; hardly anybody makes them anymore.

Did you “resolve” to make some changes last year?How’d that work for you? Are you still struggling with anxiety? Still smoking cigarettes? Did you  move closer to your goals or did your motivation and resolve slowly fizzle out like a bottle of champagne left open all night on New Years Eve? Read more

Are You A DIY? Attend my Self Hypnosis Class Starting 10/23 at PCC


If you are a DIY (Do It Yourselfer) then you might be interested in taking my Self Hypnosis for Success Class at PCC starting October 23rd and continuing for the next three Saturdays: October 30th and November 6th from 9 am to 10:30 am. Click here to register!

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, so in this class you’ll learn to use this valuable tool to address a variety of concerns including: overcoming bad habits such as procrastination, gaining confidence, increasing motivation, releasing limiting beliefs and business success. We’ll cover what hypnosis is and isn’t, how to do a hypnotic induction on yourself, crafting suggestions and how to put it all together to reprogram your subconsious mind for success in just a few minutes a day.

You’ll receive a course syllabus as well as my Guide to Self Hypnosis and my Self Hypnosis Conditioning CD, which also includes my studio produced “Peaceful Place” relaxation track as an added bonus.

This will be the third time I’m offering this class, and so far I’ve recieved great response. Here are some comments from the course evaluations I received from the  class held in January 2010:

  • Ted is very knowledgable and enthusiastic about his field. It really helped me a lot.”
  • “It actually works!”
  • “Professional, organized and informative. The instructor was engaging and knew his subject well. I’m glad I took the course!”
  • “Clear and easy guidelines to follow. Instructor is knowledgable and well experienced.”
  • “Ted is dynamic and makes an effort to engage the students. The content was well delivered.”

Remember, you’re being hypnotized daily, through advertising, the media, and the people you spend time with. In addition, you’ve been hypnotized throughout your life to believe things about yourself and the world that may or may not work for you anymore. The good news is, you can take control of your own positive programming. If you have habits of thinking and behaving that are holding you back from the success and happiness that you want, then you can learn to use the power of your own mind to change. Click here to register!

If you’re not interested in learning self-hypnosis but believe that hypnosis can be of help to you, give me a call and I’ll give you a free half hour consultation to discuss how you can benefit from working with me as your hypnotherapist or personal/small business coach. Call (626) 826-0612, email or click here.

A subconscious mind is a terrible thing to waste! Put it to work for you with self hypnosis. Click here to register.

Who Has Control of Your Mind?

It’s still surprising to me how many people out there are afraid of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It happens all the time, when I tell someone I’m a hypnotherapist,  they put their hand in front of their face and exclaim “Don’t look at me!” Believe it or not, I’ve actually had people ask me “Are you hypnotizing me now?” Other times, people say “I would never allow someone to control my mind.”  I have to chuckle inside. What they are telling me is that they would be an excellent hypnosis subject because they believe I can control their mind. Of course, that is simply not true.

 My job is not to control your mind but to help you get control of your own mind. I have to remind myself occasionally that there is still a lot of fear and misinformation out there about what hypnosis is and isn’t. As a hypnotherapist, it’s easy to assume that everyone is aware of the value of hypnotherapy. In fact, most people are not.

When I say controlling your mind I mean controlling your thoughts. That’s why people come to me: because  they are having trouble controlling their thoughts. Thoughts lead to behavior. Their thoughts and behaviors  are not getting them what they want. Make sense? I help people to have control over their minds so that they are thinking the thoughts and doing the things that help them get what they want  and feel the way they want to feel.

Do you use a washboard to wash your clothes? You might not even know what a washboard is. Yet there was a time when most folks used a washboard to wash their clothes.  Hardly anybody uses a washboard anymore because we now have a better tool: a washing machine.

Hypnosis is simply a tool, but a very effective and powerful tool. In my opinion, it’s the tool of the future when it comes to tapping your potential. It may be called auto-suggestion, reprogramming, or guided visualization, but the goal is the same: to de-hypnotize yourself from the control of limiting beliefs and bad habits that keep you from moving forward in your life.

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you nay have heard this before. But it bears repeating that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Here are some other points to remember if you are thinking about using hypnotherapy to help you  achieve your goals.

  • Hypnosis is based on science.
  • Hypnosis is a natural state we all go into, pretty much on a daily basis. If you’ve ever missed your off ramp because you were “spacing out” then you know what it feels like to be in trance state.
  • It’s about the power of suggestion.  I simply guide you into a state you’ve been in many times before, this time under controlled conditions where I give you  suggestions based on what you’ve told me you want to change or achieve. You are very open to suggestions (suggestible) when you are in hypnosis.
  • Since it’s a natural state, everyone can be hypnotized. The fact is, there’s a lot of people out there already walking around in a trance. 
  • Ever seen a stage hypnosis show? People ask me all the time if it’s real. It is real and yes, those people are really under hypnosis. How does the hypnotist get them to do wacky things? Well for starters, they volunteer! They know what to expect. The fact that they raise their hands to volunteer means they expect to get hypnotized. Still, some don’t really allow it to happen and they get sent back to their seats.
  • Here is something to ponder: you are already hypnotized to act and behave in certain ways, even if you don’t want to. It’s called social conditioning, or the hypnosis of the culture.


I’ve heard it said and I agree that the greatest skill you will ever learn is how to control your thinking. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for doing that. If you know someone who has tried over and over to change something in their life but have not succeeded, it might be time for them to get a better tool.

If you’re interested in finding out how hypnotherapy can help you, give me a call. I’ll give you a FREE phone consultation. As a bonus, just for calling, I’ll also send you my  “Peaceful Place” relaxation audio recording for free! ($25 value) This is my studio produced recording of 20 minutes of pure relaxation. (You can get it on an mp3 via email or I can send it to you on a CD for a small shipping and handling charge.) 

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p.s. If you feel really stressed out these days, my “Peaceful Place” Relaxation recording is the perfect antidote! Give me a call get it for free.

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I’m Grateful to YOU….

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to those readers who have recently referred clients to my hypnotherapy practice. I appreciate your confidence in me. 

I am never to busy for your referrals. If you have a friend, family member or co-worker who you feel can use my help, please give them my phone number (626.826.0612) or refer them to my website I see clients for hypnotherapy  in South Pasadena and I also see clients in the Glendora/Covina area. You don’t live in the area? I do hypnotherapy and coaching phone sessions.

I specialize in helping people with anxiety, fears and phobias including but not limited to: test anxiety, fear of flying, fear of freeway driving, social anxiety and fear of public speaking. I also help people to free themselves from cigarettes with my Freedom From Smoking Forever smoking cessation program.

In addition, I’m available as a speaker at your corporate or business meetings, service organization or non- profit organization.

Again, my sincere thanks to you for taking the time to read my blog or newsletter.



Go Ahead and Ask. I Dare You.


 A Job, A Yacht, and a Very Expensive Car

In 1987 I had a sales job that involved going into people’s homes and trying to sell them stuff. It was a very tough gig. It was the kind of deal where the managers of the business wore flashy jewelry, drove flashier cars and yelled a lot.

I decided that I wanted a Porsche. Now, at this point in my life I was barely able to make my $250 rent, and this sales job was not helping. But I had read some books about goal achievement, so I cut out a picture of a Porsche and hung it on my wall. I even knew enough to write it down, and it went something like this: “I’m driving a Porsche down I-10 listening to a Dire Straits cassette” (One of my favorite bands at the time). Now, please keep in mind that I was in my 20’s, single, naïve, and a bit of a knucklehead.

Somehow, a few months later, I managed to win a sales contest during a period of “feast” in my sales (as opposed to famine). The prize was that the winners would get flown from Phoenix, Arizona, where I lived,  to Huntington Beach, where the owner of the company lived. We would sail with him on his yacht to Catalina Island where we would have a nice dinner then spend the night in a motel. Which we did. The next day, on the yacht while sailing back to the mainland,  the owner of the company and I were talking. “So Ted,” he asked me “What kind of car do you see yourself driving?”
I have no idea why he asked me that question as opposed to “What are your goals?” or “What do you want out of life?”, but I definitely had an answer. “I would like to drive a Porsche!”

So we made a deal. If I agreed to open a franchise in Tucson in the next few months, he would put me in a Porsche today. “Sure!” I replied, of course. He got on his boat phone and made a short call. “What color?” he asked. “Red” I said.

When we arrived at Huntington Harbor, there, sitting on the dock, was a  brand new, 1987 Porsche 930. Seventy five thousand dollars worth of the world’s finest driving machinery, red as the blood that flows through my veins.

The owner of the company handed me the keys, I got in, and immediately drove to my parents house in LA to show off. I asked my dad if he had any music for me to listen to, and he gave me a Dire Straits cassette. I drove back to Phoenix on I-10.

This is a true story. Looking back, what I find  interesting is that I wasn’t  amazed that someone had given me the keys to a Porsche 930 to drive as my own.  It didn’t occur to me that I had manifested what I wanted through the use of visualization. All I did was ask and I got what I asked for.  When I hung the picture of the Porsche on the wall, I wasn’t feeling anxious, or wondering how I was going to get it, or worried that I wouldn’t. I just hung it there, thinking that it was a cool thing to do, visualizing myself driving this car and having fun doing it.

There’s  more to the story. The car was not given to me. The owner (a multi-millionaire) leased it and gave it to me to drive. It was my responsiblity to come up with $1100 each month which included the insurance and the lease payment. That wasn’t easy.

Be Careful of What You Ask For

A few months later, in the parking lot of a pool hall where I was hanging out (a place few respectable Porsche owners would want to go), someone mangled the rear window wiper and kicked off the driver’s motorized side view mirror. I didn’t have the $350 deductible to replace them.

I was living in an apartment complex where I was parking a $75,000 car in the parking lot. One day someone smashed the side window in a failed attempt to steal the car stereo.   About a month later,  I got a flat tire, but I couldn’t afford to replace it so I drove around on the spare donut tire until I finally turned the car back in to the owner, a mere six months after I got it. It was in bad shape and I was glad to be done with it.

The Moral of The Story

What I should have asked for was an income that allowed me to own a Porsche. Instead, I asked to drive one down I-10 listening to a Dire Straits cassette, which I did. I got what I asked for.

Fast forward to this past Monday, January 25th. I’m looking at my hypnotherapy  appointments for the week and things are looking  slow. I’m feeling just bit of anxiety, to be honest with you. I check my email and someone I haven’t talked to in a  long time sends me a link to a Tony Robbins video. ( Yes, I know I mention Robbins a lot, keep reading and you’ll see why.) It’s a really good video where Robbins talks about the use of “incantations”, which are affirmations with lots of emotion. I wrote down verbatim one that he uses, and it goes like this: “The abundance of God’s wealth is circulating in my life. It’s wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs and desires and goals  are met instantaneously  by Infinite Intelligence where I am one with God and God is everything. “

After writing this down and tweaking it a bit to match my personal belief system, I proclaimed my version of this affirmation with all the passion and energy I could muster. I also added, “My passion is helping people. People that I can help are calling me for hypnotherapy appointments.”

Within two hours two people called me to book appointments.  A coincidence? Perhaps, but it didn’t feel like it.

I wondered why are we so afraid to ask for what we want and what we need?

As children we ask incessantely for what we want. Then we grow up, learn how we think the world really works, and stop asking because of disappointment, resignation, cynicism, fear of rejection and dissapointment. We are taught, “If someone offers to give you something you should politely decline.”

What if eveyone started asking, or even demanding, what they wanted, including: an end to poverty and war, quality schools, a working health care system, health, wealth, happiness, love?

Maybe it’s all true: Ask and you will recieve. Knock and the door will be opened. Think and grow rich. What you focus on expands. When you visualize you materialize. The how’s are the domain of the universe. Energy goes where attention flows. You become what you think about.

I think I’m going  back to being naive. I’m going to start to consider the following, not as truths, yet, but as possiblities:

  • I can get what I want /need even though I might not deserve it.
  • I can ask over and over again for what I want / need because I might just get it.
  • I can get what I want / need even if I don’t have the money for it.
  • I might not have to work hard for what I want and need. Maybe I’ll get it just because I asked nicely for it.
  • I can take action to get what I want/need even if I don’t do it perfect.
  • The Universe, God, Infinite Intelligence, whatever you want to call it, wants to help me get what I want and need.
  • Maybe, just maybe, I am the Creative Power in the flesh. Maybe I do have the power to manifest whatever I want quickly, possibly instantaneously and I just don’t know it.
  • Maybe I don’t have to worry. Maybe I just need to ask and believe.  Maybe worry and anxiety is the problem when I perceive that I’m not getting what I want.

It’s not easy to train your mind to have faith in your ability to create what you want when it looks like it’s not going to happen for you. But I’m in training. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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P.S Want to hear a podcast of this post? Go to

Ted A. Moreno
Certified Hypnotherapist
Goal Achievement Specialist                                                                       

Insomnia: Are You Just Looking For A Little Deep Sleep?

I’m a pretty lucky guy, or so I’ve been told. I fall asleep quickly and easily and stay asleep unless Matrix Chick or Fingers (my 4 and 2 year old daughters) come crawling into bed us. It’s been suggested to me that I have a clear conscience. (True!) However, in my hypnotherapy practice, many of my hypnotherapy clients tell me that they have problems sleeping even if they are not coming to me for that issue.

Included in the definition of insomnia are sleep problems involving difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or having poor quality sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic, more than one-third of adults have insomnia at some time, while 10 to 15 percent report long-term (chronic) insomnia.

There are many possible reaons for insomnia. Some may be due to other heath related issues, such:

  • prescription medication
  • pain
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • acid reflux (GERD)
  • pregnancy
  • menopause

Other causes of insomnia can be

  • Stress
  • eating too late before bed
  • drinking or smoking
  • a change in work hours
  • jet lag

Also, keep in mind that aging can cause sleep that is less deep, causing you to wake more often.

If you suffer from insomnia, then you know the toll it can exact. Irritability, anxiety, weight gain, poor immune function, poor work performance, even falling asleep while driving are some of the side effects of inadequate sleep.

So what can you do to improve your sleep? First off,  many people that come to me for hypnotherapy for issues not related to insomnia report getting a very good nights sleep the night of their first session. Better sleep is a by product of being hypnotized. This means of course that hypnosis and hypnotherpy can be very effective for dealing with insomnia.

Here are some other things you might try that can get you back into the habit of deep and restful sleep.

In my experience, the most common reason that people give me for not being able to fall asleep is the inability to turn off their brain.  Anyway that you can create mental relaxation can be helpful. This can be as simple as taking deep breaths before sleep or a regular practice of meditation or yoga. Working out before bed can actually stimulate you and keep you awake, so keep it slow and gentle. Regular exercise can help you sleep better, just try to be done 3-4 hours before bedtime. Writing down your thoughts in a journal can be helpful too. This can help to identify  challenges in your life or things bothering you in the background of your mind that you may not even be aware of. 

Be aware of dietary habits that can interfere with sleep. If I drink red wine before bed, I’ll won’t sleep as deeply. If I have coffee later than about 3:30 or 4, I’ll notice it in my quality of sleep. Sometimes a sleep diary can be helpful in identifying how your daytime diet on any particular day  can  create sleep disturbances. Eating to close to bedtime can challenge sleep. Again, 3 hours before is better. On the other hand, some folks have blood sugar imbalances that wake them up in the middle of the night. Some people sleep better by having a little protein before bed. By little,  I mean some cheese, milk, yogurt, etc, not a huge steak.

Try to have a regular schedule for sleeping.  Sleep is not only a physiological need that should be taking care of itself, but your relationship to sleep can either a good habit or bad habit. Oftentimes simply sticking to a regular sleeping schedule can result in better sleep relatively quickly. It helps to be aware of how much sleep you need. Most adults need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

Be aware of associations that you are creating in your bedroom. Do you have a television in your bedroom to watch the news at night while lying in bed? Umm…try not to do that. Do you discuss heavy issues/marital challenges or financial problems with your partner while lying in bed? Go do that in another room. Paying bills in  bed, or similar types of activites? Ditto. If you find you can’t sleep in 15-20 minutes, get out of bed until you feel a little drowsy again.

Create a relaxing environment in which to sleep. Make sure it feels  comfortable to be in your bedroom, including mattress and pillow. Temperature, humidity, and noise level can all affect how you sleep. Insure that these work for you instead of against you. Use eye pillows, ear plugs, humidifiers or white noise generators to help.

Sleep is one of the basic requirements for life, yes? Doing what you can to make sure it is of good quality can add quality to your life. If you need help sleeping, give me a call and I’ll give you 20% off my regular fee for one hypnotherapy session for better sleep.

Good night!