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about_tedHi, Ted Moreno, hypnotherapist here. I have finally launched my new website at tedmoreno.com. The new site integrates my website with my blog site. Please check it out, I welcome any comments or suggestions.

My goal is to soon offer downloadable mp3 hypnosis recordings as well as hypnosis and motivational CDs.


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Ted A. Moreno
Certified Hypnotherapist
Success Performance Coach

Want to Learn How to Hypnotize Yourself?



It’s easy to do! (Hint: you spend a certain amount of time each day in hypnosis.) You can learn the ins and outs of self hypnosis by taking my Self Hypnosis for Success Class at Pasadena City College on June 15th, 22nd and 29th. Click here to register!

Did you know that Einstein and Thomas Edison used self hypnosis regularly? Look where it got them! Sir Winston Churchill used hypnosis as well to handle the stress of WWII. (And you think you’ve got problems?)

Celebrities like Ben Affleck, Britney Spears, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher and Charlize Theron have all used hypnosis.

In fact, I guarantee you that anyone at the top of their game, whether in the field of sports, entertainment or business, has used some form of self hypnosis for focus, persistence and determination, goal achievement, creativity, or motivation. They may not have called it that. Other terms used to describe self hypnosis are “getting in the zone”, “psyching yourself up”, “autosuggestion”, “getting pumped up”, “mental rehearsal” and “visualization”. You can use self hypnosis for your own success. The class starts June 15th at 9 am.Click here to register! Read more

Getting Free from The Hypnosis of Your Mind


One of the most fun and common ways to get hypnotized is to go the movies. When we see a movie, we believe what we’re seeing is really happening. We get scared, feel happy, and maybe even cry.  We literally become hypnotized to the point that we forget that none of it is real. We are so caught up in the content of the movie, we forget about the context, which is the fact that we’re in a building, watching light projected onto a screen. (Hold that thought for a second…)

People that come to me really want only one thing: Liberation. Like all of us, they want to be liberated from thoughts, feelings, sensations or behaviors that don’t serve them.   I help them be aware that none of those things is who they really are. I help them see that the things they want to be free from exist as the content of the mind: the ongoing, always changing stuff of the mind. That’s what minds do: they produce content, and we are trained and conditioned to look for content. We’re attached to content.  If we can develop the awareness that as human beings we are hypnotized by the content of our minds, then we can see the truth of what’s going on, and see that we have a choice.

What’s the content of our lives? Beliefs, thoughts, feelings, everything we think we are: the past, our future goals, and the details of our life situations. So what’s the context?  Like the screen in a movie, it’s the awareness that all this content is projected onto. The content is always changing but the awareness of the content is always present, even if you are unaware that you’re aware. And most of us are unaware of our awareness.

This is where we can lose our power. Just like watching a movie, we get hypnotized by all of this content. We get involved in the drama, the story. We become attached to it. We identify with it and we say this is who I am, this is what I believe. And we can become so invested in this content, so invested in what we believe and feel, that we may be willing to die or even kill for it.

Take anger, for example. Nobody ever really makes us angry. We make ourselves angry by thinking “It/he/she/ shouldn’t be like that.” The divide between how it is and how we think it should be is what creates anger for us. But how we think it should be is not real. It doesn’t exist. But our tendency is to believe that everything we think is true. But I’ve got news for you. Most of what we think is true is simply theory, belief, opinion, generalizations and habitual patterns of thinking.

Take fear. When we say “I am afraid”, we’ve now become the fear. Then we might say “I shouldn’t be afraid. Why am I afraid? I hate being afraid. I hate that thing that makes me afraid.” This is just more content. All we’re doing now is keeping the fear alive because what you resist persists because you are putting energy into it. The truth is, “I am aware of the emotion of fear, which will soon pass or fade.” What’s even closer to the truth is “I am awareness”. This is the context out of which all this content arises.

So we can look at anger or fear or any other negative emotions from the context of awareness. We can acknowledge “I’m having the experience of fear.” As humans, we will experience fear, of course, as well as courage, hope, despair etc. But instead of saying “I should not feel afraid”, we can stop shoulding all over ourselves. We can say “OK right now, I’m feeling fear and that’s what is. It’s ok to feel fear because I’m only human. And just because I’m feeling fear doesn’t mean that it has to stop me.”

What happens when we feel fear and we keep on going? Fear changes and starts to become courage, then confidence, then competence. It’s always changing. Because content is transitory.

How can we liberate ourselves from our mind stuff and identify more powerfully with the awareness of this content? (Which in my opinion is who we really are.) We can start by being the observer of our own process. We can notice when anger, worry or any other negative emotion, feeling or thought comes up. We can say “anger coming up” or “anxiety movie starting now”.  We can disengage from “I don’t want or like what is happening now” and just be with what is going on within us, without judgment or wishing it was something else. Now we are no longer reacting. Now we can be responsible which means “able to respond.” That’s freedom, the ability to choose a response instead of reacting.

Here’s something to try that is very simple. It will take 5 minutes and will give you the chance to see your content in all its glory.

Find 5 minutes where you won’t be disturbed, put a candle on a table, light it and set a timer for 5 minutes. Focus on the candle flame. Very quickly, you’ll notice your focus being taken off the flame and drawn towards your mind’s content. It might look like this: “I don’t have time for this…I’m tired…There was something I needed to do…This reminds me of…that candle smells good…that person is such a …”

Just observe what is happening. Watch the stuff just roll on by without getting attached to it.  This is the essence of meditation.

Let me ask you a question: what would happen if you were to do this every day for 5 minutes? I invite you to try it and see.

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Thomas Edison Did Self Hypnosis and So Can You

Thomas_Edison2That dour face in the photo above would be Thomas Edison, the most prolific inventor in history, holding 1093 patents in his name just in the U.S.

Thomas Edison used self hypnosis on a regular basis. You can too! Click here to register for Self Hypnosis for Success starting January 24th at Pasadena City College.

It’s said that many ideas for inventions came to him while he was in hypnosis. While he was in self hypnosis, he would hold marbles in his hand. If he went too deep and fell asleep, the marbles would fall on the ground and wake him up. Then he would put himself back into self hypnosis and invent more stuff…

If you are local to the Los Angeles/Pasadena area, there’s still time to register for my Self Hypnosis for Success.

Self Hypnosis for Success begins Saturday, January 24th from 9 am to 10:30 am at Pasadena City College and continues for the next two Saturdays (1/31 and 2/7) . To register, click here.  Learning self hypnosis might not turn you into an inventor but you just might sleep better, be more relaxed, and make more money. Click here to register!

All hypnosis is, is a state of focused concentration and heightened awareness. You are awake and aware. You are also very suggestible, which means you can give yourself suggestions that will go into you subconscious mind and allow you to change your behavior much easier.

Click here to register and you’ll learn

  • How to put yourself into hypnosis.
  • How to use the power of suggestion to get your subconscious mind in alignment with your goals and desires.
  • How to put it all together to create a mindset for success in just a few minutes a day.

Learn to use  self hypnosis to create a new mindset for 

  • Success in business and personal life.
  • Beating procrastination and taking action.
  • Feeling less self-conscious and more relaxed and confident in social and professional situations.
  • Relief from stress, anxiety and fear.

Give your mind the edge it needs to make 2015 your best year yet. You can create a success mindset: Reserve you spot: register for Self Hypnosis for Success starting on January 24th at 9 am at Pasadena City College.


How to Be Free from Smoking in 2013


If you are a smoker and thinking about quitting, why not use the New Year as a reason to make it your goal? (If you are not a smoker, please forward this to someone who is.)

If you need convincing that quitting is the right thing to do now, here are three good reasons including a special offer:

1. Look at the chart above. On the left side are all the cancers linked to smoking. On the right, the chronic diseases. Smoking can damage every part of your body. If you are a woman, smoking during pregnancy may cause damage to children’s blood vessels. Here are a couple of links to articles based on this news: Smoking During Pregnancy May Damage Children’s BloodVessels Yet Another Reason Not to Smoke During Pregnancy

Kids of Prenatal Smokers Have Vascular Damage

2. Afraid you’ll be unhappy without the smokes? Think again: Smokers Who Quit Are Happier, Study Finds. “Our findings suggest that, over the long-term, individuals will be happier and more satisfied with their lives if they stop smoking than if they do not,” the researchers wrote. “This research provides substantial evidence that quitting smoking benefits well-being, compared to continuing smoking.”

3. This is the best reason to quit now: or a limited time only, I have a special offer to help you get free from smoking. Smoking cessation is the number one reason people go to a hypnotherapist. I’ve helped many people quit smoking permanently and many are surprised at how easy it is. Here’s what one person said:

Dear Ted, it’s been almost four years since I quit smoking.  There’s never been a “white-knuckle” moment, and I almost never even think of lighting up.  On the extremely rare occasion that I do think about it, all I need to do is take a deep breath of fresh air without coughing, and the thought goes away!  The good part is, whenever I see anyone smoking these days, I still think to myself, poor schmuck, why are you doing this to yourself, don’t you know how easy it is to quit!!! Thanks again.” B. Freiberger

My Freedom From Smoking Forever smoking cessation program is a proven method to help you quit permanently. Normally, it’s four sessions  designed to help you quit a lot easier than going cold turkey. I’ve been helping people to quit for 9 years and I’ve learned all the tips and tricks for helping you to be successful, including the number one secret that is essential for success in quitting. So here is what I want to do for you if you are ready to quit smoking:

If you call before January 5th and make an appointment to get started on your Freedom from Smoking Forever program I’ll give you:

  • Instead of four sessions, I’ll give you five sessions for really getting your mind on board with your goal of quitting. An extra session is added insurance that your non- smoking habit sticks even better!
  • A special care package with stop smoking aids that can help make quitting even easier! ( I learned about these from ex-smokers.)
  • Let’s say you are 3 months into your non smoking life and you decide to go see your family in Phoenix who all smoke like chimneys. Or a big project comes up at work and you’re feeling the stress. I’ll give you a booster session for 50% of what I charge for a regular session.
  • A lot of people worry about gaining weight after quitting. I’ll give you 15% off a package of three sessions for weight control.
  • I’ll even throw in a copy of my book “The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Negativity and Fear and Loving Life.” 

Even before you come into my office, we’ll start with a phone interview to find out exactly how, when and why you smoke. Based on that interview, I’ll design a custom program specifically for for you. As always, you’ll leave each session with a recording of the hypnosis part of the session for you to listen to at home. Call me at 626-826-0612 or (909) 257-8260 for more information.

Remember, you have to call before January 5th to book the appointment to get started. Make your 2013 goal Freedom from Smoking Forever!

Here are some more testimonials from people who have achieved success with my program:

“I wanted to take this time to personally thank you Ted for the tools you have given me to help me rid my life of smoking. I know it has only been a month, but again with your support I take a new step each day toward my goal of a lifetime non-smoker. If anyone wants a verbal recommendation for Mr. Moreno, I’d be more than happy to share my experience.” Scott

“Thank you Ted for your assistance helping me quit smoking. You saved my life. I also want to thank you for your positive suggestions concerning the 3 1/2 hour dental procedure that coincided with my sessions with you. You told me everything was going to go smoothly and that my recovery would be quick and successful. Indeed all of the above was achieved with a calm peace of mind. Once again, thank you Ted, you’re the greatest.” Dominic S.

“Just wanted to let you know, today is 6 months, no smoking, no trying to smoke, no holding a cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc. I feel real good. I am running three times a week and my long run is on Saturdays. I ran 12.5 miles this Saturday, non-stop. I have been adding every week and will stop this weekend at a 13 mile run. Thanks a Billion.” Jim D.

“I WAS a smoker for a good 35 years.  I liked it, REALLY liked it.  Then one day, near my 50th birthday, I became thoroughly disgusted with myself.  Even though I smoked, I had a very athletic history – track, dance, martial arts.  Well, on my ultimate “day of disgust” my daughter asked me to play a game of tether ball with her on the school yard.   Two rounds (5 minutes?) later I was winded…done. That night I got on-line and found Ted. Thanks Ted! Our sessions helped me over the rough transition, giving me the mental context to do what I REALLY wanted to do – be free of the evil stinky sticks. I was also able to send a very important message to my family, the smokers AND non-smokers about change.  And me, I’m damn happy and proud of myself.  I’m back in to the martial arts and becoming the lean mean fighting machine of years gone by, only better!  I’m ever amazed with how easy and relaxing the process was. “ Tammy G.

“Ted, I used your tape and the process you taught me to successfully quit smoking for my alcohol control. It has been over two weeks since I had a glass of wine or anything.” Barb B.

“Dear Ted, Thank you so much for your help in giving me the tools to quit smoking- like most I have quit hundreds of times, but with your program I believe I will always be a permanent non-smoker. I tried hypnosis before for this and was not successful, your professionalism was very different than my previous experience, your knowledge of the struggles associated with quitting was obvious on the first visit- I followed your program as you laid it out and it made it much easier than expected. Again, thank you so much, and continued success on your mission to empower individuals like myself to succeed in life.” Joseph P. Yarmolovich PT

At my regular prices, just the value of five sessions, a recording of each session, and a phone interview would be well over $750.  But I’m going to bring all my expertise and experience to help you quit for only $497.  Call me at (626) 826-0612 or (909) 257-8260 and I’ll answer any questions. (If you’re a pack a day smoker, you’ll recoup your investment in about 3 months!) .

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Video: Success in Business with Hypnosis

I was recently featured again on HMI Web TV (HMI is the college of hypnotherapy that I attended) on the “Amazing Minds” segment. In the video, my client Robb talks about his experience with hypnotherapy and how it helped him move forward in his business venture.

In my opinion, the Amazing Mind is anyone who walks into my office with the courage to face their challenges head-on and invest time and money in their own personal development. Taking this step is indeed worthy of respect, and I feel very fortunate to be inspired by the people that I have the privilege to work with.

I’m very grateful to Robb for sharing his story.

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Your companion on the path to transformation,

Ted A. Moreno

Certified Hypnotherapist
Success Performance Coach

Ted A. Moreno on “Amazing Minds” on HMI Web TV

I had the bright idea of sending my book, “The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Negativity and Fear and Loving Life” to George Kappas, the director of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the hypnotherapy college I attended. Shortly after, I was invited to be on their web TV show “Amazing Minds.” HMI has streaming video 24/7 on HMI WebTV , if you are ever curious about hypnosis or what’s going on at HMI.


How to Memorize and Present in Public Powerfully and Effectively.

At some point most people will be asked to speak in public, whether it’s a wedding toast, funeral eulogy, or for business. Then there are those of us who actively seek out opportunities to speak for the purpose of communicating a message that we feel needs to be heard or that is necessary for our livelihood.

As a hypnotherapist and success performance coach, I’ve worked successfully with presenters to help them deliver their message much more powerfully and effectively. One such person is Libbe Halevy. (Libbe has graciously given me her permission to use her story and feature her video presentation.)

Libbe HaLevy is a Communications and Creativity expert, and dedicated anti-nuclear activist. She recently had the opportunity to speak at the recent TEDxPasadena conference. TEDx is a locally organized event licensed by TED that brings people together to share a TED-like experience. TED stands for Technology, Education and Development and is an internationally renowned platform for “Ideas Worth Spreading.” (Although Ms. HaLevy had a Ted hypnotherapy experience, neither TED nor TEDx is associated with Ted A. Moreno–aka, me.)

Libbe came to me with the goal of giving a top notch professional presentation that was dynamic, interesting and informative. She had compelling information, the speech was well written and she is an experience public speaker.  However, she needed to have the nearly 20-minute speech completely memorized, could not use notes, and had to deliver it within an allotted time frame. I worked with Libbe for one session. Watch the video to see the results.

One of the qualities of a top notch presenter is the ability to speak without notes. Memorization can be a daunting task to many, but it gets easier with practice. Here are some tips: Read more

Can Someone Be Hypnotized Over the Phone?

Have you ever had the experience of falling asleep while being on the phone? Maybe  with someone who has a monotonous voice? If so, then you’ve experienced phone hypnosis!

Hypnosis is a state we all go into on a daily basis. When you’re getting hypnosis for hypnotherapy, you’re awake, aware and you hear everything that’s being said. You don’t have to be in the same room as the hypnotherapist, or even the same state. It is language that creates a state of hypnosis, even over the phone.

Hypnotherapy phone sessions are an effective way to get the benefits of hypnosis over the phone.

In my hypnotherapy phone sessions, I’ll spend some time talking to the client about what they would like to accomplish or change. Then we’ll actually do phone  hypnosis for 15 to 20 minutes. I’ll  record the hypnosis part of the session so that they can listen to it on their own for reinforcement. The results of a few hypnotherapy phone sessions can be just as good as having a hypnotherapy session in person.

The advantage is that you don’t need to jump in your car and go to a hypnotherapist’s office. With hypnotherapy phone sessions, you can get the benefits of hypnosis from the comfort of your own home, where you feel safe and secure. In addition, some people feel more comfortable talking over the phone about their challenges rather than talking face to face. The benefits are deep relaxation and a profound sense of well being. All while putting the awesome power of your subconscious mind to work to create success, happiness and health. And I promise I won’t bore you to sleep in our hypnotherapy phone sessions.

Many of my clients, happy with the results of hypnotherapy, want to refer their family and friends to me. However, sometimes they live too far away to come to my locations in South Pasadena or Covina.  Hypnotherapy phone sessions are the perfect solution.

Are you interested in finding out more about hypnotherapy phone sessions?

Do you know somebody in another state or country who would like to be more confident and motivated in their business or personal life? Do you know someone that would like to relieve anxiety when flying, driving or speaking in public?

Just click here to contact me or pass along this link to my contact page: www.tedmoreno.com/contact-us/

And if you call them on the phone to tell them about me, don’t talk to long or you might be the one hypnotizing them!

Your companion on the journey to transformation,

Ted A. Moreno

Personal/Small Business Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist

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Ted A. Moreno is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Success Performance Coach. Ted empowers his clients to transform their lives by helping them reach their goals of success, abundance, personal development, health and happiness. To learn more, visit www.TedMoreno.com/blog


But I Don’t Want to Go Back to School!


My oldest daughter, the Chick, starts first grade Monday.Sheesh, seems like only last month she was starting kindergarten.

I vividly remember my first day of first grade. Since my mom had 5 kids to care for and my dad was working, I hitched a ride to the first day of school with the kid down the block, Arthur. His parents dropped us off in front of the school, but I had no clue where to go, so I just followed Arthur  into a classroom. As I sat down at a desk and waited for whatever was going to happen, I noticed a snotty-nosed kid in the next seat over staring at me.  “You’re not in this class!!” he blurted out.

That rattled me a little but I ignored him. When class started, the first thing the teacher said was “Pull out a pencil and some paper.” As one, the whole class went sideways to retrieve paper and pencils  from some hidden compartment underneath the desks. I bent over to look in mine but found only empty space…?

I started to get the feeling something was horribly wrong.I couldn’t make heads or tales of what the teacher was saying or even what the heck I was supposed to be doing. Eventually and to my great relief we went out for recess and lined up at the water fountain. I noticed a women with a clipboard coming down the line asking each kid “Are you Theodore Moreno?” Uh oh. Finally she got to me. “Are you Theodore Moreno?” I gulped and answered feebly “Yes?” “Come with me,” she said, “you’re in the wrong classroom!”

Turns out that I followed Arthur into the second grade classroom. What did I know? I was 6 friggin’ years old. When I didn’t show up in first grade they called my mom. “Is Teddy coming to school?” It was about then that they sent out the search party. After that, my first grade teacher called me “the boy who couldn’t find his classroom.” I call her “the teacher with the big mouth.” Ah, the joys of childhood.

Back to school time can be a time of stress for both parents and children, as well as adult students returning to school. Once again, I’m going to have to get used to getting myself up, getting a couple of little kids up, dressing them, feeding them, then making sure they get where they need to go, while trying to slip a little Ted time in there like stretching or reading or God forbid, exercise.

In my hypnotherapy practice, I work with kids from age 12 on up. I can help with general anxiety regarding transitioning into the next grade level or new school, as well as test anxiety, focus and concentration, and sleep problems.

I also work with adult students, mostly with text anxiety and focus and concentration.In addition, I can help with time management, procrastination and motivation.

I also assist parents like myself, people who remember fondly and yearn for the days when mornings were peaceful and quiet, and there was plenty of time for yoga, coffee, and reading Esquire magazine. I can’t bring those days back, but I can help them create a more peaceful and calm mind, which leads to more peaceful and calm mornings (afternoons, evenings, etc.)

Like Macy’s, Sears, and Target, I’m offering a back to school special, just for the readers of Ted’s Tips for Transformation. For new clients, 15% off your first session. For returning clients, 20% off regular price for your next session. For both, 15% off of a four session package. (You’ve got to call and book your appointment by Wednesday, August 31st, and this offer can’t be combined with any other juicy offers that may be floating around out there.)

Well, I’ve got to go do some self hypnosis, I feel myself already starting to freak out about the prospect of changing my summer morning routine which I finally got a handle on about two days ago.

Oh, and I’m going to personally escort my kid into her first grade classroom. Then maybe I’ll escort myself into Starbucks for a little T-time…

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Your companion on the journey to transformation,


 Ted A. Moreno
Personal/Small Business Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist