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How to Memorize and Present in Public Powerfully and Effectively.

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At some point most people will be asked to speak in public, whether it's a wedding toast, funeral eulogy, or for business. Then there are those of us who actively seek out opportunities to speak for the purpose of communicating a message that we feel needs to be heard or that is necessary for our livelihood. As a hypnotherapist and success … [Read more...]

Can Someone Be Hypnotized Over the Phone? Have you ever had the experience of falling asleep while being on the phone? Maybe  with someone who has a monotonous voice? If so, then you've experienced phone hypnosis! Hypnosis is a state we all go into on a daily basis. When you’re getting hypnosis for hypnotherapy, you’re awake, aware and you hear everything … [Read more...]

Pulling the Weeds Out of Your Mind

Ted Moreno New Website There are beautiful rosebushes in front of my house, and when they bloom, we get a lot of compliments about the purple, red, orange, white and yellow roses. I try to make sure they get watered, trimmed and fertilized regularly. However, the weeds get watered regularly as well.Since I'm too cheap to hire someone to pull … [Read more...]

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out

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I'm taking a break from writing anything this week, but I had to post something! Here is a video from one of my favorite movies featuring one of my favorite songs. "Harold and Maude" featuring "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out" by Cat Stevens. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Ted in His Jammies Talking about RELAXATION.

Ted Moreno New Website Do you want to be productive, happy and healthy? Do you want to feel good while working or playing? Then you must take time to relax. Relaxation is the release of tension, and the return to equilibrium. Sleeping is part of relaxing but your sleep could  suffer if you don't take periods of down time during the day. … [Read more...]

Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly

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Using the song "Blackbird" to make the point that some things are made stronger after they are broken. … [Read more...]

Why You Always Do What You’ve Always Done

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I've been trying to learn Message in a Bottle on guitar but it's coming really slow. Since I've been wanting to post more videos on my blog, I thought I would do a short video explaining why sometimes your brain wants to do one thing but your body wants to do another. This was recorded in the "TManCave", my home office and … [Read more...]

Ted Is Off to See the Wizard

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See the TMan get hypnotized! Check out this video of my recent appearance on HMIWebTV's "Imagine That" with Cheryl O'Neil. I get a chance to hang out with the Wizard (and a few hundred newts.) … [Read more...]

Ted’s Musical Holiday Greeting

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Thanks to everyone who reads Ted's Tips for Transformation! I appreciate your support and comments. Wishing everyone a very warm (and dry) Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! Here's my version of "The Christmas Song" … [Read more...]

HMI Video of Ted the Hypnotherapist

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Here's a video that the Hypnosis Motivation Institute made to promote its graduates as well as the school. Thanks to Brett Stumm (Pasadena Weekly's Best Mortgage Broker 2010) for playing the part of the client. … [Read more...]

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