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Do You Have a Fear of Driving?

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As a hypnotherapist who helps people with fears and phobias, one of the most common fears that people come to me for is fear of driving. Here is a link to one of my articles published by the Hypnosis Motivation Institute College of Hypnotherapy. "How to Deal With Driving Anxiety" I'm also featured as an expert in a book that has just been … [Read more...]

Ted’s Book Now Available on Kindle!

Ted Moreno New Website

My book "The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Negativity and Fear and Loving Life" is now available in Kindle format from! Click here or on the image to order or to take a look inside to preview.  I've actually got three five star reviews. Also, don't forget, my Self Hypnosis for Success class starts this Saturday (June 30th) from 9 am … [Read more...]

Ted A. Moreno on “Amazing Minds” on HMI Web TV I had the bright idea of sending my book, "The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Negativity and Fear and Loving Life" to George Kappas, the director of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the hypnotherapy college I attended. Shortly after, I was invited to be on their web TV show "Amazing Minds." HMI has streaming video … [Read more...]

Ready to Quit Smoking? Get Rid of Anxiety? You Need to Read This.

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So here we are, 2011. Did you make any New Years Resolutions? Almost a silly question to ask; hardly anybody makes them anymore. Did you "resolve" to make some changes last year?How'd that work for you? Are you still struggling with anxiety? Still smoking cigarettes? Did you  move closer to your goals or did your motivation and resolve slowly … [Read more...]

HMI Video of Ted the Hypnotherapist

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Here's a video that the Hypnosis Motivation Institute made to promote its graduates as well as the school. Thanks to Brett Stumm (Pasadena Weekly's Best Mortgage Broker 2010) for playing the part of the client. … [Read more...]

Professionals I Trust and Recommend

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I've been a member of BNI for five years now. BNI stands for Business Networking International and it's the largest business networking organization in the world. BNI offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals. In addition to my regular weekly posts, I'd like to feature one of my fellow BNI … [Read more...]

Are You Looking for An Interior Designer?

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Armida Baylon, Interior Designer, has been in business for 30 years and doing project management for the past 20.   She works in conjunction with contractors and architects to assist in helping her clients make selections and decisions on design implementation.    She also can help a prospective client save money on many aspects of their product … [Read more...]

A New Look, A New Name

Ted Moreno New Website

You may have noticed that  I've changed the name of my newsletter and blog to "Ted's Tips For Transformation." A little more interesting than "Ted's Hypnotherapy Blog." Besides, it's not all about hypnotherapy, but it is all about transformation. I adopted a new look for the  email newsletter, just to change things up a bit. If you missed it, … [Read more...]

Special Offer For The Mom’s Out There

Ted Moreno New Website

Mother, Mom,  Mommy, Mama, Ma, Mum. I call my mom Mom but my siblings call her Mumsy, I have no idea where that came from. My kids know her as Grandma Mumsy. I am blessed to have her in my life. In my work I speak with many that have issues with their mothers. They don't speak, or when they do it can be volatile and trigger resentments sometimes … [Read more...]

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