A Simple and Effective Technique for Pain Relief.

If I showed you a simple and effective technique for pain relief, would you use it? How about if it worked for stress? Anxiety?

It’s called EFT or “tapping” and I’ve been teaching this to almost every one of my clients for years. I even posted a video demonstrating it. I use it, and it works for me.

When I was first introduced to this technique, I dismissed it. It looked weird.  But I kept hearing about it from other hypnotherapists, wellness practitioners, and thought leaders such as Joe Vitale, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. I decided to learn it, and the first person I taught it to came back and said “Wow, that really works.”

In fact, tapping has become so popular there is now a Tapping World Summit!  The video above was produced for the Tapping World Summit but has really good info about tapping.

Check it out, and if your curiosity is aroused, then check out the official EFT website. You can also type “tapping” or EFT into YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of videos on this very useful and effective tool.

Hope this info is helpful!


Ready for 2013? Let’s Start by Breathing Away Some Stress…


The holidays are over. What’s next? A brand new year brimming with possibility. Ready to start working on what you are going to create in 2013? Why don’t we start by letting go of any stress that we might have dragged into the New Year?

In other words, let’s get centered, grounded and clear in mind and body. Today’s post is written by Dr. Harrison Darling of Health Advantage Health and Wellness Center in Pasadena, CA. In this excellent article she gives us an effective technique for breathing away stress. 

It’s the middle of the night. You are all tucked up warm and safe in bed when the quiet is shattered by the explosive sound of breaking glass. You are awake instantly, heart pounding, acutely aware of your surroundings, and moving before you have the time to figure out where you are going. Read more

How to Be Free from Smoking in 2013


If you are a smoker and thinking about quitting, why not use the New Year as a reason to make it your goal? (If you are not a smoker, please forward this to someone who is.)

If you need convincing that quitting is the right thing to do now, here are three good reasons including a special offer:

1. Look at the chart above. On the left side are all the cancers linked to smoking. On the right, the chronic diseases. Smoking can damage every part of your body. If you are a woman, smoking during pregnancy may cause damage to children’s blood vessels. Here are a couple of links to articles based on this news: Smoking During Pregnancy May Damage Children’s BloodVessels Yet Another Reason Not to Smoke During Pregnancy

Kids of Prenatal Smokers Have Vascular Damage

2. Afraid you’ll be unhappy without the smokes? Think again: Smokers Who Quit Are Happier, Study Finds. “Our findings suggest that, over the long-term, individuals will be happier and more satisfied with their lives if they stop smoking than if they do not,” the researchers wrote. “This research provides substantial evidence that quitting smoking benefits well-being, compared to continuing smoking.”

3. This is the best reason to quit now: or a limited time only, I have a special offer to help you get free from smoking. Smoking cessation is the number one reason people go to a hypnotherapist. I’ve helped many people quit smoking permanently and many are surprised at how easy it is. Here’s what one person said:

Dear Ted, it’s been almost four years since I quit smoking.  There’s never been a “white-knuckle” moment, and I almost never even think of lighting up.  On the extremely rare occasion that I do think about it, all I need to do is take a deep breath of fresh air without coughing, and the thought goes away!  The good part is, whenever I see anyone smoking these days, I still think to myself, poor schmuck, why are you doing this to yourself, don’t you know how easy it is to quit!!! Thanks again.” B. Freiberger

My Freedom From Smoking Forever smoking cessation program is a proven method to help you quit permanently. Normally, it’s four sessions  designed to help you quit a lot easier than going cold turkey. I’ve been helping people to quit for 9 years and I’ve learned all the tips and tricks for helping you to be successful, including the number one secret that is essential for success in quitting. So here is what I want to do for you if you are ready to quit smoking:

If you call before January 5th and make an appointment to get started on your Freedom from Smoking Forever program I’ll give you:

  • Instead of four sessions, I’ll give you five sessions for really getting your mind on board with your goal of quitting. An extra session is added insurance that your non- smoking habit sticks even better!
  • A special care package with stop smoking aids that can help make quitting even easier! ( I learned about these from ex-smokers.)
  • Let’s say you are 3 months into your non smoking life and you decide to go see your family in Phoenix who all smoke like chimneys. Or a big project comes up at work and you’re feeling the stress. I’ll give you a booster session for 50% of what I charge for a regular session.
  • A lot of people worry about gaining weight after quitting. I’ll give you 15% off a package of three sessions for weight control.
  • I’ll even throw in a copy of my book “The Ultimate Guide to Letting Go of Negativity and Fear and Loving Life.” 

Even before you come into my office, we’ll start with a phone interview to find out exactly how, when and why you smoke. Based on that interview, I’ll design a custom program specifically for for you. As always, you’ll leave each session with a recording of the hypnosis part of the session for you to listen to at home. Call me at 626-826-0612 or (909) 257-8260 for more information.

Remember, you have to call before January 5th to book the appointment to get started. Make your 2013 goal Freedom from Smoking Forever!

Here are some more testimonials from people who have achieved success with my program:

“I wanted to take this time to personally thank you Ted for the tools you have given me to help me rid my life of smoking. I know it has only been a month, but again with your support I take a new step each day toward my goal of a lifetime non-smoker. If anyone wants a verbal recommendation for Mr. Moreno, I’d be more than happy to share my experience.” Scott

“Thank you Ted for your assistance helping me quit smoking. You saved my life. I also want to thank you for your positive suggestions concerning the 3 1/2 hour dental procedure that coincided with my sessions with you. You told me everything was going to go smoothly and that my recovery would be quick and successful. Indeed all of the above was achieved with a calm peace of mind. Once again, thank you Ted, you’re the greatest.” Dominic S.

“Just wanted to let you know, today is 6 months, no smoking, no trying to smoke, no holding a cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc. I feel real good. I am running three times a week and my long run is on Saturdays. I ran 12.5 miles this Saturday, non-stop. I have been adding every week and will stop this weekend at a 13 mile run. Thanks a Billion.” Jim D.

“I WAS a smoker for a good 35 years.  I liked it, REALLY liked it.  Then one day, near my 50th birthday, I became thoroughly disgusted with myself.  Even though I smoked, I had a very athletic history – track, dance, martial arts.  Well, on my ultimate “day of disgust” my daughter asked me to play a game of tether ball with her on the school yard.   Two rounds (5 minutes?) later I was winded…done. That night I got on-line and found Ted. Thanks Ted! Our sessions helped me over the rough transition, giving me the mental context to do what I REALLY wanted to do – be free of the evil stinky sticks. I was also able to send a very important message to my family, the smokers AND non-smokers about change.  And me, I’m damn happy and proud of myself.  I’m back in to the martial arts and becoming the lean mean fighting machine of years gone by, only better!  I’m ever amazed with how easy and relaxing the process was. “ Tammy G.

“Ted, I used your tape and the process you taught me to successfully quit smoking for my alcohol control. It has been over two weeks since I had a glass of wine or anything.” Barb B.

“Dear Ted, Thank you so much for your help in giving me the tools to quit smoking- like most I have quit hundreds of times, but with your program I believe I will always be a permanent non-smoker. I tried hypnosis before for this and was not successful, your professionalism was very different than my previous experience, your knowledge of the struggles associated with quitting was obvious on the first visit- I followed your program as you laid it out and it made it much easier than expected. Again, thank you so much, and continued success on your mission to empower individuals like myself to succeed in life.” Joseph P. Yarmolovich PT

At my regular prices, just the value of five sessions, a recording of each session, and a phone interview would be well over $750.  But I’m going to bring all my expertise and experience to help you quit for only $497.  Call me at (626) 826-0612 or (909) 257-8260 and I’ll answer any questions. (If you’re a pack a day smoker, you’ll recoup your investment in about 3 months!) .

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Avoid falling asleep on hay bales.

Quality sleep is right up there with air, food and water as being necessary for a quality life. Getting a good night’s sleep, as I’m sure you know, can makethe difference between a day when you’re firing on all cylinders or a day when you’re limping along out of gas.

Your mind has a job to do at night. During the day your emotional and mental energy gets attached to everything that you experience. At night, your mind sifts through all the experiences you had that day, kind of like going through your mail. Some stuff gets filed away for later, and the junk gets thrown out. Your mind’s job is to get that mental and emotional energy back so that you have it for the next day.

Miss 10% of your normal sleep, and you’ll be 10% less effective the next day. What is normal and necessary is different for everybody. You want to have a really good idea of how much sleep you need.

If you are one of those people who want to sleep well but have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, here are some tips for you.

How to prepare for a good night’s sleep:

  • Most people have trouble falling asleep because they can’t turn their minds off. Do not attempt to solve major life problems with your head in the pillow. This will create an  association between worry and stress and your bed.
  • Write in a journal before bed. Get all the concerns out of your head and onto paper.
  • Do things to focus your mind away from worries and concerns. For example, focus on deep breathing, count backwards from 100 to 1, imagine you are in your favorite vacation spot.
  • Plan the next day before you go to bed. Uncertainty and a list of “to dos” keep people up. Put things into time slots for the next day. This way, the coming day is handled and done.
  • Establish a regular sleep schedule. Condition your body to sleep at a regular time by going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time each day.
  • Create a relaxing nighttime routine. You can condition your body for sleep by doing the same routine every night, for example: Do some light stretching to release tension from the body. Wash your face and brush your teeth. Read a book or listen to relaxing music. Turn of the lights. Other relaxing things to do: bathe or shower, prepare for the next day.
  • Make sure your bed is comfortable. If you wake up with a back ache, it may be time to get a new mattress.
  • Eat a snack before bed. Some people wake up because their blood sugar gets to low in the middle of the night. Keep it light: cheese, almonds, hard-boiled egg, a bit of chicken or beef. Some people do better with a little fruit or granola.
  • Keep your room cool. Your body temperature lowers when you sleep. Having a cool room will help you fall asleep faster.
  • Keep your room dark. Use a sleep mask if necessary.
  • Cancel out noise. Barking dogs, noisy neighbors, or a snoring spouse can disturb sleep. Use earplugs or get a white noise generator.
  • Turn off the screens at least a half hour before bed. Television, computer and tablet or reader screens can stimulate the mind instead of relaxing it.
  • Know when to cut out caffeine. If I have coffee after 4 or so, I’ll have trouble sleeping. Some people sleep much better by eliminating caffeine completely. See what works best for you.
  • Avoid heavy meals before bed. Especially rich and spicy foods, which can keep you up.
  • Avoid alcohol right before bed. The sugar in alcoholic drinks can wake you up or lessen sleep quality.
  • Avoid watching the news. The local news tends to lead with who got murdered in your neighborhood or what killer is on the loose. Most of the time you don’t need to know this and it does not relax your mind nor help you sleep.
  • Avoid long naps during the day. Short naps are best if you need one; 20 minutes is good.
  • Don’t fall alseep on the couch. You won’t sleep well, you must wake up to get into bed, and that little bit of sleep might just keep you up.
  • Quit smoking. Nicotine is a stimulant.
  • Exercise daily. Releases stress and tension from the body.
  • Avoid drinking a lot of liquids before bed. Obvious.
  • Have night lights or a flashlight in case you do need to go to the bathroom. Bright lights will trigger your brain to wake up.

What to do if you wake up and can’t fall back asleep.

  • Try not to get emotional, angry, or worried about it. That will just make it worse. There is current research that suggests that sleeping continuously for 8 hours straight is not how humans have slept historically.
  • Avoid the tendency to start thinking about your problems. Stay out of your head.
  • Try to stay in a comfortable and still position. Do some calming techniques such as deep breathing, visualizing, meditating or even praying. Focus on relaxation.
  • If you do need to get up: keep the lights low, don’t turn on tv or computer, and do something quiet and relaxing such as read. Try laying down again in 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Avoid trying to be productive in the middle of the night. You may actually condition yourself to start waking up so that you can get stuff done.

Hope that helps! Sweet dreams!

Ted A. Moreno

16 Ways to Have Balance in Work and Family


My oldest daughter, whom I affectionately refer to as the Chick, recently learned how to ride her two wheel bike. It took a few miles of Dad huffing and puffing, running behind her while holding her bike. Then, one day, she got it. She got balance. Once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work that way with achieving balance in life. Lately, many folks have said to me :”I just can’t seem to get balance in my life.” Striking the perfect balance between work and play, solitude and relationship, and activity and rest seems to be elusive for many, yet most see a real need for balance.

Balance requires requires personal inventory. You actually have to sit down and ask yourself: “What do I need in my life to keep me feeling grounded, healthy and happy?” If you can get clear what those things are, then you can begin to create strategies to have them in your life more often.

Life is like a pendulum. There are times when you will have to spend more time at work, and other things will have be to put aside. There will be times when your regular workout schedule will be consistent, then something will happen to derail you. The key to balance is to keep the pendulum as close to the middle as possible, realizing that sometimes that will not be possible. When it’s not, you’ll want to swing it back to the other side as soon as you can. Balance is the difference between “I’m too busy now to exercise” and “I’m busy now but I have planned time in a week to get some exercise.” It requires awareness, intention and a plan.

Here are 16 things to think about to bring more balance into two areas of life: work and  family.


  1. Plan the night before. Jim Rohn said “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” Start running the day the night before by making a list, prioritizing, and having a plan. Make sure there is gas in your car, your lunchbox is packed, you know what you’re going to  wear and the coffeepot is ready to rock and roll.
  2. Eat regularly. Nothing upsets balance like not having the proper nutrition in place. Don’t skip meals. Avoid the candy bowl or donut box.  If there is a fridge at your work, put healthy snacks in it.
  3. Take breaks. If you work for someone else you are entitled to breaks. Take them. If you work for yourself, work in increments such as an hour or two hours, then take a 10 minute break. If you sit at a desk all day: every hour get up and MOVE your body.
  4. Get to work on time, leave on time, if at all possible. It’s said that nobody on their death bed ever said they wish they’d spent more time at the office.
  5. Don’t let technology sabotage your productivity. If you can close email for periods of time, do it. Choose not to answer the phone if you don’t have to and close email when you need to focus. Designate blocks of time when you will check email and return phone calls, as well as allowing people to interrupt you. If you can, hang a sign such as: “Sorry! I’m not available to speak to you now but will be happy to do so at 2:30.”
  6. Steer clear of the drama queens and kings. Don’t sacrifice your peace of mind and blood pressure to knuckleheads that want to instigate, agitate or pontificate.
  7. Do whatever you can to find work that is enjoyable and fulfilling. Otherwise, there will never, ever be balance, nor satisfaction, nor fulfillment nor happiness. Life is too short to spend one third of your life doing something you hate.

Family (can mean you and your spouse and kids, or your parents and siblings, or extended family.)

  1. Have a goal as to what kind of parent, child or sibling you want to be. Write it down. Strive to live up to your goal or commitment and attempt to be clear when you are not.
  2. Express appreciation daily to those you love. We all feel taken for granted at times. Let those who are important to you know.
  3. Communicate. Let your family members know what you need for balance. Practice asking for what you want and need in a way that allows it to be heard and honored. Be authentic with your feelings: “I feel (hurt, happy, disappointed, sad etc.) when you say that.”
  4. Transition time. Give yourself transition time between work and home. I kiss my wife and kids when I get home then go straight to the bedroom to get into comfortable clothes and reset my mind for family time. Allow yourself some time to change hats or roles.
  5. Schedule family time to spend together. Have a night where everyone is present for dinner. Or designate one day a month when you take your mom out for lunch or call your parents or hang our with your brothers and sisters. Have a date night with your spouse. Aim to have fun with your family.
  6. Safeguard your family’s health. Take a stand for your health, as it can influence the health of your family. Are you taking care of you? Are you buying nutritious food for your family? Is your home safe and well protected? Smoking, heavy drinking, drama, complaining, or the need to let everyone know how unhappy you are is not healthy for you or your family.
  7. Take time away from the kids with your spouse, take time away by yourself. Schedule alone time.
  8. Manage your time. There are only so many hours in a day and only so many things you can do. You may be wearing many different hats: parent, child, spouse, in-law, brother or sister. Try to get balance between what you have to do and what you want to do.
  9. Ask for help. The days when it was shameful to seek counseling are thankfully fading into the past. No one does it on their own. We all need help sometime.

You may not always be able to have balance, but like riding a bike, once you know what you need to do to get back in balance and practice that, you’ll never forget!

Learn to Love the Fool in You

Hotei, god of happiness. Photo by Andrea Schaffer

Hotei, god of happiness. Photo by Andrea Schaffer

Don’t be a fool. You need to Look Good. It’s all about looking good and not looking foolish.

Here in Southern California, looking good is paramount. Not only in how you dress, but what you do, what you say, how you say it, who you hang out with, what you have, and how you have it. It’s gotta look good.

Chances are, especially here in So Cal, most of us don’t even realize the time and effort we put into looking good. God forbid that we come across looking like a fool.

But in fact, we are all fools. Deep down inside us, there is something about us that is potentially embarrassing; even thinking about makes us cringe.

It might be something you did long ago, or last year. Some major screw-up, or failure; some perceived missing of the mark (the meaning of the word sin, by the way). We got our heart broken, got taken advantage of, fell on our face. Perhaps it was something we failed to do. It might be something we do now, that we try to hide with the utmost effort. There are things we want to do, but dare not, for fear of looking like a fool. There is probably more than one that comes to mind.

Think about the incredible energy that goes into looking good in an attempt to hide the fool inside. More importantly, think about what it is costing you. The obsession to look good keeps us from

  • taking risks
  • playing full out
  • being fully self expressed in our words
  • displaying our passion ( you gotta be cool)
  • falling in love and loving
  • displaying our true emotions
  • being authentic

Sometime I meet people that I think are so cool and real and genuine, I want to blurt out “Wow, I just met you but I can tell that you are a totally awesome person and I really like you!” Of course, I don’t, because it wouldn’t look good and I would come across looking childish and foolish, at least to most people. But it’s the fool in me that wants to say it.

The image above is the Fool card from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. It is a young man, standing on a precipice, seemingly oblivious, his head in the clouds. He’s got a rose in one hand and his worldly possessions in the other.

According to Wikipedia:

The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool’s wisdom and exuberance, holy madness or ‘crazy wisdom‘.

 We are all on the Fool’s Journey, and it is our “holy madness’ that makes us do things we may consider foolish or unreasonable in the name of love, hope, inspiration, creativity and idealism. Our looking good is what stands in the way of our bliss, found in the unrestrained desire to experience this fleeting life. The inner workings of the world, the mysterious forces that moves us to inexplicable action,  do not follow a protocol, rules, social mores or conventional behavior. They flow through us and from us, like Yoda’s Force, and allow us to tap into the power of our own divine nature.

How do we come to love the fool inside? What can we do to integrate our desire for acceptance with our sometimes foolish nature?

  • Forgive your fool. Cut it some slack. Are there good things that came out of your foolish behavior? Wisdom, at the very least?
  • Be aware of the pervasive desire to look good at all costs. Just open your eyes to see it on a daily basis. Then be ok with it: it’s the design of human being.
  • Let your fool out to play. It might be trying your hand at karaoke, telling a silly joke, revealing a vulnerability or expressing a long held feeling or emotion. Take a risk.
  • Make a distinction between being child like and childish. The Fool revels in child like abandon and wonder, in marveling at the awesome mystery of the world.
  • Everybody plays the fool sometime. There’s no exception to the rule. Get over it and accept this essential part of you.

Bless the fool within you, without it you are less human, a robot following the programming that seeks to control you. It’s there for a reason; be confident enough, courageous enough, and big enough to celebrate it.

To listen to a podcast of this blog, go to the Ted in Your Head podcast, episode 31.

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How to Release Negative Emotions Quickly and Easily

In an hour hypnosis session, the hypnosis part is only about 20 minutes. The remainder of the time I’m talking with my client, getting information, setting goals, and teaching them various techniques to add to their transformation toolbox.

One of the most valuable tools that I teach almost every client is EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is in my experience  quite effective for quickly letting go of negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, and sadness. It can also be used for physical problems as well.

In this short video I teach how to do EFT. It’s simple, easy and effective. To learn more about EFT go to www.emofree.com.


Ted in His Jammies Talking about RELAXATION.

Do you want to be productive, happy and healthy? Do you want to feel good while working or playing? Then you must take time to relax. Relaxation is the release of tension, and the return to equilibrium. Sleeping is part of relaxing but your sleep could  suffer if you don’t take periods of down time during the day. Relaxation involves the conscious choice to release tension that comes from emotions such as fear, anger and anxiety.

Taking time to relax may involve:

  • regular breaks at work
  • vacation time
  • naps during the day
  • any activity that takes your mind off of problems and challenges such as reading, watching tv or listening to soothing music
  • art: music, drawing, painting, singing, dancing
  • low stress exercise such as walking
  • mindfulness techniques such as yoga, meditation, chi gong, tai chi.
  • eating mindfully

You may have some tapes or “programming” in your head that says that you should never relax and that you should always be productive. How is that working for you?

Night moves into day. Warm moves to cold. There is growth, then hibernation. Activity and rest is the natural order of things. You are part of that natural order. Give yourself a break if you are not in the habit of doing so.

One 20 minute hypnotherapy session can be like a three hour refreshing nap. If you have trouble relaxing and it’s taking it’s toll on your health or sanity, give me a call or use the contact Ted tab.

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Your companion on the journey to transformation,


Ted A. Moreno
Personal/Small Business Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist

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Scatpooy Epidemic


SCATPOOY seems to be present in quite a few people these days. Although not quite an epidemic, you want to make sure you don’t catch it.  The best thing to do is to immunize yourself now. However, if you notice any symptoms, you’ll want to deal with them immediately.

Symptoms may include paralysis, insomnia, and loose bowels, but will always include overwhelming  worry, fear and anxiety.

SCATPOOY (SCAring The Poop Out Of Yourself) won’t kill you, but if left untreated, it can cripple you by leaving you overwhelmed, fearful, and hiding out in the bathroom or stuck in bed.

I experienced this debilitating disease myself, shortly after I bought my house in the middle of the recession in 2009. My business was really slow. Like a parasite, a scary thought started to bore through my brain. It went like this: “I’m going to lose my house and I just bought it.” This thought grew in intensity and fear as I continued to feed the virus with negative scenarios, such as imagining me and my wife packing up our stuff and moving back into an apartment, feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

I found myself expecting something bad to happen. Because of the negative vibes I was sending out, my business phone stopped ringing almost completely, which made the situation worse. I was nervous as a snail crossing the highway.

One night I was lying in bed freaking out, thinking about all the past pickles I’d found myself in. It then occured to me that I had been in situations much more dire, and had managed to make it through.  I’d never been homeless, always had enough to eat, and always had people willing to help me out.  I realized that I had been creating frightening images that had not taken place. Yes, I had been infected with SCATPOOY.  I was scaring the crap out of myself.

I knew immediately where I had been infected, so I stopped watching and listening to the news about everybody losing their homes. It’s not that I didn’t care, I just didn’t need to hear all the sad stories. I needed to take action and make sure that that didn’t happen to me. That night, I swore an oath: “This is our house, and here we will stay.”

The truth was, I was not even close to losing my house. Yet, I was acting as if it was already happening. That night, I stopped focusing on what I didn’t want, and started to focus and think about what I did want.

It’s good to be concerned, and to plan for eventualities. It’s smart to see the writing on the wall and be prepared with a contingency plan. It’s another thing entirely to create fear and worry over something that doesn’t exist or that hasn’t happened yet. That’s called Scaring The Poop Out of Yourself, and it will not help you. If you feel that you have some symptoms of this malady, then you need to start now to cure yourself.

First of all, remove yourself from possible sources of infection: the negative news, negative people who get off on Scaring The Poop Out Of You, and information that only gives you the worse case scenario instead of what actions you can take.

Second, try to see reality clearly. SCATPOOY can cloud your vision. Try to see what’s happening now, instead of the disaster that you think will happen. Then deal with what is in front of you; it’s probably not as bad as the horror film in your head.

Next, change your language. In the cold fever of fear, what are you deliriously babbling about to yourself? Does it sound like “Oh my god, I just know that this is going to be terrible?” Take a chill pill, then stop and ask yourself: “How do I know that? Can I predict the future? I don’t know that it’s going to be terrible.” Even if it has been that way before, the past does not have to equal the future.

Be sure of the cure. Get clear about the outcome you want. Create it in your mind along with all the feelings that will come from having it. Start to shift your focus away from your symptoms and onto wellness. Use positive affirmations such as “I’m going to be OK.”

Write yourself a prescription. Determine what actions you can take now to prepare, remedy, or plan for the situation that’s worrying you. Realize that for every problem, there is a solution. It may not be the ideal solution, but try something. Doing nothing leaves you even more paralyzed.

Trust in your ability to overcome the infection of fear.  I can assure you of this: you have no idea how resilient you can be. Sometimes we need to be put to the test to force us to reach deep down inside for courage, resourcefullness and plain ole grit. Tell yourself, “I’m up for this challenge, it may not go my way but I won’t let it take me down.”

Lastly, immunize yourself. Vaccinate your brain with daily positive affirmations. Supplement with mind vitamins from those who have overcome major challenges and have left a record of their experiences. Have a support team of positive spin doctors give you daily doses of inspiration. Exercise your right to choose and control your thoughts and create your own reality.

SCATPOOY may be a chronic condition that you’ve been living with for some time, or it may be a new condition caused by the stress of something happening in your life that is out of your comfort zone. Which ever it is, don’t beat yourself up. Like they say, poop happens. Just come on out of the bathroom or out from under the covers and give me a call, I can help.

Next month we’ll discuss a condition many people suffer from that is the opposite of  SCATPOOY. It’s known as NCI-Burp. (Negative Crap Inside- Building Up and Ready to Pop) I hope you don’t have it…

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