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Mastering Your Inner Game

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I'd  like to share a great article with you by Dan Kennedy. In my opinion, all success starts with mastering what goes on in your head. As a hypnotherapist, most of my work with students, athletes and business people involve helping them to master their inner game. Thanks to my friend Craig Valine, Marketing Performance Coach & Strategist of … [Read more...]

Radio Interview with Ted: Secrets To Effective And Powerful Leadership: Become A Student Of Human Motivation

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Greeting and welcome to 2012! January started off with a bang, the phone started ringing and hasn't stopped. In addition to having a full roster at both of my locations, I've been doing a lot of hypnotherapy phone sessions and recently had my first international hypnotherapy phone session with someone from Canada. So, forgive me for a whole … [Read more...]

Radio Interview with Ted: How to Develop Other Powerful Leaders Like Yourself

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I invite you to listen to my interview by Dr. Ulwyn Pierre on her radio talk show “Leadership – Success – and You." Here is the link to that interview. Dr. Ulwyn Pierre is the Principal and CEO of Pierre & Associates, Inc., an international management consulting and executive coaching company. She’s an internationally recognized leader and … [Read more...]

Feelings versus Commitment: Which Liberates, Which Imprisons?

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A woman chewed me out once because I asked her (very nicely) not to park her car behind mine while Pep Boys repaired a tire on it. In a hurry, I didn't want to be slowed down while they got her to move her car so I could leave. I got so angry, I thought about giving her the finger on my way out of the parking lot. I felt that she deserved it for … [Read more...]

Are You A DIY? Attend my Self Hypnosis Class Starting 10/23 at PCC

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  If you are a DIY (Do It Yourselfer) then you might be interested in taking my Self Hypnosis for Success Class at PCC starting October 23rd and continuing for the next three Saturdays: October 30th and November 6th from 9 am to 10:30 am. Click here to register! All hypnosis is self hypnosis, so in this class you'll learn to use this valuable … [Read more...]

Is Your Job or Business a Path with a Heart?

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  Thinking of changing your profession or business? Maybe you're one of those who is forced to consider such a change because you no longer have a job. I know at least one person who was glad that she was laid off. "God, I hated that job" she said, "but I never had the guts to quit." Although times are tough for her now, she feels that she … [Read more...]

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