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Are You Looking for An Interior Designer?

Armida Baylon, Interior Designer, has been in business for 30 years and doing project management for the past 20.   She works in conjunction with contractors and architects to assist in helping her clients make selections and decisions on design implementation.    She also can help a prospective client save money on many aspects of their product selections.

 Here’s my testimonial: The landlord of my office complex mentioned to me that he wanted to update the library area which is along the wall of the walkway from our waiting room to the therapy room. At this point the shelves where dusty and disheveled. Some tenants wanted it removed. I gave the landlord Armida’s name and suggested he give her a call and he did.

Armida totally transformed the shelves of the library from an eyesore to a very pleasing and attractive area. By using art work, vases, and her eye for design, she completely changed the look and feel of the space.  The landlord was very happy and thanked me for the referral.

 Armida will offer a one hour complimentary, no obligation consultation to any of the readers of this blog. Just mention “I heard about you on “Ted’s Tips for Transformation”.   She can be reached at 626-390-3751.

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