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Special Offer For The Mom’s Out There

Mother, Mom,  Mommy, … ...

New World Fair is this Saturday and Sunday

It's been a busy week as … ...

Welcome New World Fair Subscribers!

I'd like to extend a warm … ...

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Change (Hypnosis 101, Part 2)

"There's a part of me … ...

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  • Avoiding the Fog Of Overwhelm Part I

    An example of overwhelm: driving in the worst fog I've ever encountered, many years ago. I couldn't see anything except the two red brake lights of the car ahead of me. I couldn't see the lines of the road, and I dared not pull over to the side of the road for fear of being hit by another car. All I … Read More+

  • Liberation from You

    Liberation. The word is inspiring and filled with history and meaning. Look up the phrase "independence"  on Wikipedia and you'll get a definition about countries, nations and states and self government. Look up the word liberation, and you won't get much. As a definition, three words, … Read More+

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